Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In which the dog botherer sends a valiant despatch from the bunker ...

Fear and loathing grows strong in the bunker:

What a relief then that the dog botherer is on hand to save the day with a fearless exposé.

Shocking. Being attacked for giving a lecture to his mates. How unfair is that?

Let's look at what's really going on here, and who better a guide than the dog botherer?

It's true he's better known for rabbiting on about the ABC at interminable, mind-blowing length, but he's not just a one trick pony dog, he's a multi-stringed feast of insights;

No claim at all? Even though the pond can't stand Bill and the Billistas, more than a few people noted the way Heydon addressed Shorten, which was more than a trifle short.

More sneering and condescending and lordly, in fact.

But let's not let a little matter of balance get in the road, do go on, because we're really interested to discover what's really going on here:

Yes, it was being bunged on by Liberal lawyers, but they're not political, no, not at all, and yes, it was a fundraiser, but being lawyers, they're pretty useless fundraisers and are much better at screwing their clients.

But it was that last exuberant line that made the pond sit up and realise that at last we now know what's really going on here, behind all that jibber jabber about a high falutin', artsy, highbrow, poncy, legal lecture.

QED, the RC was all about union power, and destroying unions, and it was succeeding, destroying them, or at least smiting them mightily, and  hopefully the ALP with it, so that Liberals might rule unchallenged for a thousand years, or at least until the twelfth of never ...

And now the nakedly political point of the exercise has been rooned, rooned the dog botherer tells ya, and now we're all gunna have to join a union, because it's been rooned, rooned ...

Well Kenny has always struck the pond as being a building site short of a plank, a chimney short of a brick, and clearly logic isn't his strength, because what sort of goose would make plain the political intent of the commission while claiming that the commission had no political intent?

If Heydon does go, will Kenny be remembered for his folly, because (a) the more the kool aid sippers write about it, and stick it top of the digital page, the longer the controversy runs; and (b) the more they run hysterical over the top lines like we'll all have to join a union, the more untenable Heydon's position becomes.

With supporters like Kenny, Heydon must be in total despair, but praise be to the long absent lord, it's columns like this that make the pond's day ... though perhaps it should have been saved for a post-prandial feast of folly ...

And so to a Wilcox and a couple of Moirs because these end days are manna for cartoonist heaven, and more Fairfax cartoons here.


  1. The links between Abbott, Jones, Rivkin and Fr Emmet Costello.


  2. This journal might be useful source of information for News Corp management:


  3. You could write everything I know about both the Law and journalism on the back of a bus ticket and still have free space. However....... if, as Kenny himself states, the Beak has "yet to make his findings", than how can he say with such certainty that the commission has "uncovered serious malpractice in the union movement", etc? I find his seeming ability to foresee the contents of the TURC final report somewhat puzzling, although I suppose that large doses of Kool-Aid might induce mystic visions among imbibers.

  4. Does Bolt realise what a completely gormless he sounds, and most people believe him th be.

    On the Dyson Heydon saga being a concocted fury of wicked lefties. "All this is done to the cheers of much of the press - and the near silence of the bar associations and law societies, now largely captured by the Left. It seems all the institutions in this country are ruled by the left."

    Not engaging in any wild over-generalisations then Andrew.

    1. Well Tony Abbott is a Santa nat socialist and the Nats are a bunch of agrarian socialists, so that explains why the federal government, the major political institution in this country, is ruled by the left ... at least if you're a barking mad paranoid with a weird understanding of the world ...

  5. I read the Royal Commission interim report. Except for the CFMEU most of the findings are trivial. Total amounts of money involved would add to less than the $30m compensation ANZ has so far agreed to pay for dodgy financial advice but we don't have a Royal Commission into the finance industry. Wage growth low, industrial disputation low, labour productivity rising, only 17% of workers in unions. Why is this such a major problem that a RC is needed - politics.

  6. Why Terry - because it's the UNIONS, of course! The source of all evil in our society - apart from the terrorists, who are probably in charge of the unions anyway.

  7. If you don't mind, DP, a sideways hat-tip to Nic Stuart's Getting beyond the front page. Nic knows all about the long struggle back from traumatic brain injury, as he told for Norman Swan in Health Report 21 December 1998.
    One gem in that story is On the day that Bob Carr was elected I went in to the State Parliament. I was there, standing in the background, watching my wife work when he, in the midst of the throng said, 'There's Nick Stuart.' Then he was swept away and I haven't seen him since, but I remember that moment.

  8. Christine Milne ‏@ChristineMilne 10h10 hours ago

    Did Heydon know Abbott wasn't eligible for Rhodes when it was awarded in 1980? Didn't apply for citizenship until June '81, granted July 81.

    Shaft of Bread
    M Peters
    lydia daye
    Ric Rufio
    Chris Lemoh
    E.V. Grin
    Derek Chung
    James Brown
    Christine Hauer

    3:34 PM - 17 Aug 2015 · Details

    Heydon probably "overlooked" it.


  9. And the plot thickens

    Royal commissioner Dyson Heydon and a Liberal Party member who invited him to speak at a dinner were both on a committee advising Tony Abbott on the move to a republic.

    When Mr Abbott was executive director of Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy in 1993, Mr Heydon and barrister Greg Burton were appointed to a legal advisory committee to ACM.

    Mr Burton is the NSW Liberal identity who invited Mr Heydon, now heading the unions royal commission, to address a party-organised event later this month.



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