Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In which, despite many other distractions and temptations, the pond remains true to the Caterists and listens to their whining, whinging, moaning, keening, sackcloth and ashes claim to victimhood ...

The prime Papist in the land is back and you can find more Papal follies here, and so a really tremendous week just got even better ...

The pond feels like a squirrel or a rat trapped on an exercise wheel, spinning so fast there's only giddiness and a gasping for air ...

Did anyone catch grumpy Kev in 'Policy seems to have fallen off the table in Canberra': Macquarie Group chairman Kevin McCann?

What about Former top government adviser slams Poodle's University Reforms, which inter alia, included this delicious opener:

A former senior Canberra bureaucrat who helped craft the Abbott government's higher education reforms says they don't fix any of the major problems in the system and potentially make them worse.

And that's before the pond got on to today's requisite reptile reading, where the escaped convict is digging in his heels:

Oh dear, and it's front and centre of the digital edition too:

No wonder the unions are in such a delicious pickle. Take the perceived bias to court, or let the goose simmer and stew in juice, basting every so often with astonishing tales of the learned judge's many lengthy connections to Tony Abbott and the Liberal party ...

Why even the meritorious Merritt seems to have forgotten what he scribbled yesterday, as he came up with a new angle today:

Indeed, indeed, and never mind that a chap who can't actually read his emails must be either dissembling or a blithering idiot:

Oh dear, the dog ate my email and I quite forgot what it said.

The hapless reptile editorialist was sounding quite forlorn:

No, indeed, let the loon keep running. Which Catholic hasn't lapsed into a little pre-marital sex, and no disrespect to the grand union of marriage intended, even if there might be unintended consequences when it comes to who spawned which child. Why, everyone knows that's a venial, rather than a mortal sin, and such fine hair-splitting is the difference between indulgences, purgatory and hell ...

And there was a fine, sterling, quisling, fellow travelling, forelock-tugging effort from Stirling:

There's so many things going on, so many angles, so many firework flashes that it quite pushed pond favourite, the Caterist, right down the page, yet he had a splendid, rich cry for help, headed Mental tyranny of reading Murdoch publications and minions of Ming the Merciless suffocates students.

Oh well maybe it didn't say that, even if it should have:

Talk about a vacuum head scribbling in a vacuum while all around the war zone erupts with fresh tidbits of joy.

But it's the pond's tawdry, pathetic lot to observe the Caterists in action, and so we must put nose to grindstone, and once more get it out of joint, and listen to the litany of whinges, whines, moans and festering mugwump sense of persecution:

Now did you get the irony already on view? Yep, there's the prime goose complaining about victimhood ... in a way that really does qualify the eminent goose for the medical condition of victimhood.

Let's examine in forensic detail the many ways the prime victim feels he's a prime candidate for victimhood:

Oh the pond almost shed tears for this tragic victim of persecution.

Bring back homophobia. What's wrong with calling a wog a wog and a Chink a chink, when that's surely what they are ...

Why don't they go back to where they came from? Especially those Poms, always whining and moaning.

Fancy diminishing the grand language of insulting English by showing the rectal politeness of the English ...

Yes, cotton-wool kids. They need to harden the fuck up, so that when they walk down the streets, or sit in a picture theatre, they can get blown away, in style, by a cop with a Gluck or a crazy with a long arm.

But enough of the endless, mindless, victimhood of the Caterists.

The hackers are out on the course, hacking away, and surely today the crowd-pleasing duffers will bring fresh hacks, and much playing from GUR and out of bounds, and as always Rowe will be there to ensure that a one stroke penalty applies ... or could it be more in Canning?

Why it's huge buffer, but the pond always found there was no point in a quadruple bogey,  not when it was always possible to hack away to 10 or 11 ... (And as always, more Rowe here).


  1. Question: Which Catholic hasn't lapsed into a little pre-marital sex
    Answer: ME. I tried and tried but just kept getting knockbacks!!!

  2. Re Dyson Heydon, one conclusion is that the poor sap accepted the invitation to speak in April 2014, well before Abbott decided to extend the witch-hunt that is TURC. At that time TURC was expected to wrap up in December 2014 and Dyso would have been able to deliver the address, possibly after the release of "guilty" verdicts on Gillard and Shorten.

    Poor Dyso didn't check all his bookings after TURC was extended to December 2015. Silly boy.

    1. Oh, a foreshadowing stroll around the precinct on more or less approachable matters, before doing the dutiful deed, might but add to any acclaimed accreditation in the fulnesses of time.

    2. Another way of putting it, Anon.

  3. … and on SSM, it's clear to me what Abbott's strategy is: push the decision to a referendum (to insert the words 'two people of any gender' after the words 'marriage is the union between' and slip it into the constitution).

    And that is doomed to fail. QED.

    1. I think it's more than that, Anon. Freedom Boy hints as much.

      If it goes to referendum, the right will try to insert constitutional protection for religions to continue to discriminate against SSM.

      Which would effectively be a rollback of current anti-discrimination laws.

  4. Interesting - Dyson gave advice to Rupert Murdoch on tax avoidance.


    1. Great link Anon. Most interested in this particular article on Murdoch/Rothschild/Cheney holdings on the Syrian border. i.e Genie. Pricked my ears some years ago when first announced.

    2. Oops.Genie.

    3. Hi Anon 2/3,

      thanks for the excellent Chenoweth link always interesting to get a glimpse into Rupert's world view, where one hand washes the other.


  5. Ms Pond
    It is a Glock, not a Gluck.
    Haven't you been paying attention to your GTA 5?

    1. Oh sorry, that was a comedy routine left over from mocking Paul Barry. Gluck, schmuck, ruck, fuck, duck, loose goose, spruce goose, you know how it goes ...

  6. Hey sldfr36-0. A cop with a Gluck sounds a lot more reassuring. Maybe Orfeo and Euridice?



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