Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In which the Caterists suggest that the growth in tedium is the best way to produce growth in general ...

The pond is deeply remorseful.

It can't work out what came over it, with all that fluffer fluffing, all those cartoons and memes. Why it was worse than a twitter feed. Mocking the Malband.

And to offer Rowan Dean as the substance of the piece?

It was shameless, shocking, outrageous, mortifying.

So let's get some real shellgrit at the bottom of the cockie's cage. Let us turn to the hand-wringing reptiles as they scan the runes:

Hmm, silly and chaotic. Ah well, better luck tomorrow.

Meanwhile, today, it should go without saying, is Caterist day.

Flitting in and out of the room last night the pond caught the Caterist on TV, and it has to be said, he looked remarkably glum. Despondent, lugubrious, morose, sepulchral, saturnine, dour ...

The body language was even more stiff, wooden, and puppet-like than usual.

Perhaps it was the attempt to explain how the government should look to cutting government spending and its largesse directed at useless enterprises, and an inner awareness - no one dared mention the funding elephant in the room - that the Menzies Research Centre had copped a bucketload of government funding.

A quango-led recovery as it were. Growth by way of funding Canberra talk fests and ponces like the Caterists.

Had a hint of awareness of hypocrisy pierced the well-funded elephant hide?

Such a gloomy, forlorn sad sack.

Perhaps it was just because he was up against an uppity woman wearing glasses. Perhaps he was tired of turning up at the barricades to defend the indefensible, as the baying hounds nipped at his heels and pointed out the sheer sublime absurdity of being a Caterist in these troubled times.

You can judge for yourself at The Drum here, if you have a strong stomach, but let's now turn to the deepest thoughts of the Caterists:

This will lead subtle readers to the arcane distinction between consensus and common ground. The common ground is that the rich are suffering. Oh how they suffer!

Ah, the long suffering rich, how they suffer:

So there you go.

You endured all that guff for a supreme, over-arching, amazingly tedious cliche. Can't we all just affirm, or get along, or agree, or something?

Oh, and remove taxes from the long suffering rich, and remember it's coal, coal, coal for Australia and the wooorrrld ...

Sadly the only thing the pond can confidently predict is that we can all look forward to a growth in Caterist tedium and banality.

But hey, the pond has a common interest in growth. The growth of memes and cartoons ...

It's growth, growth, growth all the way ...

The pond doesn't even mind about growth in certain forms of unemployment:

And let atheists continue to recycle and grow the blessings that routinely irritate the faithful flock:

Grow the meme and then re-distribute the wealth arising from the growth:

And remember growth in handshakes will lead to a growth in insights.

NBN will provide 'plenty of bandwidth' for rural customers fed up with congested service, says the liar Malband ...

And so the growth in bullshit grows ...


  1. Alan Kohler is not very charitable to Hockey. Pick up his Hockey’s tax speech was truly awful from @AlanKohler.
    If an individual moves into a higher tax bracket because they get a promotion or because they work longer hours or work harder, that is NOT bracket creep.

  2. Funny how there has been no discussion about PaulKelly's claim that Abbott me-too request to the Americans that Oz bombers should join action in Syria.

    On other occasions Kelly's revelations/comments have been treated like holy writ.

    1. I am replying to myself now.

      I guess there has been no further discussion because few of us would be surprised.

      That is the startling part.

    2. We could go back to Ming the Merciless in Vietnam, or Hawkie, or little Johnnie, but how depressed do you want to get in a single day?

  3. True, as best I can see Anon. Buried.

  4. Damn! Cater looks as ugly as his pithy soul. Makes Keith Richards look like Rudolph Valentino.

  5. The poor man needs a chin.

  6. Biggest thing on twitter today is TonyLovesAnal. In part due to the RWNJ's outrage and constant retweeting. Haven't they heard of the Streisand effect?

    A viral PR coup for the ABC.

  7. Leigh Rubens continues the fine tradition of Larson cartoons.



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