Sunday, August 02, 2015

And the winner is ... weasel words ...

And the winner for the best file photo and headline in Murdoch la la land is:

Hmm, a certain lack of imagination in the entries ...

And the winner of the best and most disingenuous excuse category?

Sorry, only a couple of contenders and one clear, easy winner:

"We have a situation where spending is arguably inside the rules but plainly outside community expectations," he said.

That weasel word "arguably" makes it a clear winner.

There was another contender:

"In this game you start throwing rocks and there won't be a person left in the Parliament because everyone will have some issue somewhere in the past that is difficult to explain. But, but believe you me, I don't think there was any maliciousness in how it happened."

Translation: better not start throwing stones because we're all thieves ... not malicious thieves of course, just good hearted, well meaning thieves ...

A brave and noble try, but it's Barners and he won the perpetual trophy for silly gaffes and is no longer eligible to compete.

And that, as they say, is that.


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    She's gone! It's a shame really as we will miss out on the theatre of having parliament vote her out with a motion of no confidence.

    The first question must be, is how much immunity has Abbott given Bishop from future prosecution in order to secure her resignation?

    The second question is who will be the next Speaker and how pliable and partisan will that person be. This is a very poor government which has benefited disproportionately from having Bishop shut down debate. A more balanced Speaker may make life very difficult for Abbott and his front bench.

    The third question is will this be enough to quench public anger over politicians rorting the system and screwing the taxpayer for their entitlements. Abbott hopes to kick this into the long grass by calling for a whole scale review (it will probably take years before a report is released and therefore will occur well outside the election cycle).

    The fourth question is how much this undermines Abbott's position. He has looked very weak and has gone to ground over the last week. The Murdochian press has shown how damaging it can be when it decides to run with a political scandal and this is evidently giving Abbott a lesson as to who is control. Credlin's position may again be back under pressure and Abbott may have to let his squeeze go in order to save his own hide. No matter what, Turnbull, Hockey, Bishop and Morrison will be feeling that the precious may be within their grasp.

    The last three weeks have been fun but the potential for major political fall out is very high. Interesting times!


    1. Yes DW, the Murdochians cracked the Driving Miss Bronnie whip and Abbott folded like a pack of cards. We do indeed know who's in charge. So long as the reptiles went soft on the saga, and the running was left to the Fairfaxians - and it was for weeks - Abbott and co thought they might be able to brazen it out. Once the tap on the shoulder came, she was gone within the weekend... and now on to the interesting times ...

    2. Abbott is dead in the water, any apparent movement is just the twitching of sea lice devouring his carcass.

  2. Credlin for Speaker??

    1. Nooo! Lets have Barnaby. I'll take comedy gold over vindictive greed any day. Plus,think of the light show,all that facial red,pink,white,red,pink,white,etc,etc.

    2. I think it'll be old Ruddock, to follow Liberal tradition and go out on the job. But now, looking at Bronnie's end, could he bill Snedden perks up?

  3. Nailed it in one there DP.


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