Monday, August 17, 2015

A post-prandial headline check reveals sundry headless chooks in poetic featherless flight motion ...

Sometimes all the pond needs is the headlines ...

He overlooked?

What sort of a doofus is he?

One that doesn't have a clue... and a cooked goose walking.

No need to breach the reptile paywall for that one.

And what about Morrison declaring war on big Mal.

And what about the Poodle declaring war on Morrison's nonsense?

And what about Morrison declaring war on women?

And what about the dog botherer declaring war on the ABC?

For the umpteenth time.

Sigh. The dog botherer makes a cracked 78 look like it's really swinging and in the groove.

And they put gold bars on this steaming pile of crap?

All that's needed now is for the Pope to return, but in his papal absence, here's a bit of a First Dog, and more First Dog here.


  1. I am not insinuating connivance in any form between Abbott and Heydon but just to let you know, Dorothy, that Dyson Heydon was on the panel that awarded Tony Abbott his prized Rhodes Scholarship.

    As David Marr wrote, there was a jibe at the time that considered Abbott to be a 'second-grade footballer, third-rate academic and fourth-class politician". I graduated from Syd Uni a few years prior to Abbott's arrival so I am unsure of the first, nor the second, but I agree wholeheartedly with the third.

    1. Do you know if Heydon is a Catholic? I know he went to Shore, but has more recently been strident in defending the Catholics. Abbott was much more politically Catholic than Liberal when he was at Uni. You've got to wonder whether it could have been a shared religious politics that got Abbott the Rhodes guernsey. It certainly wasn't talent,

  2. In other news, Mark Latham just got the flick from the AFR... Considering he and Tone are two sides to the same sort of coin, perhaps it may be a bit of an omen.

  3. Hi Dorothy you have been really busy of late your output is very much appreciated, Keep up the great work in exposing the right wing who seem to think they can say and do as they like and will be protected from scrutiny by the interference of old Murdoch and his grovelling underlings.

  4. As for Heydon having "overlooked" the detail, that's consistent with the phenomenon of 'cognitive ease', I believe. The invitation, and its setting and the people with which it was associated, would've flown by any bias detector in Heydon's brain, because it was all so ... comfortable. Like sinking back into the personal fauteuil confortable at the Club with a choice Madeira in hand. No need to strain the brain looking for problems, the good ol' boys would have taken care of that.
    That's not to suggest a brain like Heydon's would not be on hair-trigger alert for cues that delivered certain types in to the undesirable bin. Things like rainbows and dreadlocks would be instantly alarmed by Heydon, without an actual thought as to whether or not they were acceptable in civil society. After all, Heydon was master of his Court and the righteous judge of all who dared step in to his domain. A sound man, entirely trustworthy to uphold standards.

    1. A barking loon, muttering to himself from the humus of the dissenting opinion. Quite the legal monocle.

    2. Why is it, UC, that a salaried Judge must retire at 72, but a commissioned Royalist can go on and on? Is it not a strained distinction between "ol' boys" and "ye olde" brains?

      AB, quite the phrase :)

    3. oops, I meant at 70, before the clever vacuum's 72.

  5. The internet is a wondrous thing. One can find an article in the SMH of March 27, 1986, titled "Murdoch to appear at broadcasting tribunal inquiry".

    And who is the legal counsel for Murdoch? None other than Dyson Heydon.

  6. Hi Dorothy,

    We no longer have even have the semblance of a government anymore;

    All that's left is a room full of people with nothing to say to each other. What is this rabble going to do for the next twelve months?


  7. Royal commissioner Dyson Heydon gives ACTU until Friday to bring him down

    Another intriguing week.

  8. grim reaper

  9. Dyson Heydon was on panel that awarded Tony Abbott his prized Rhodes Scholarship

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