Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A nation of wimps, hypocrites and fools, or perhaps just a confederacy of dunces scribbling for Murdoch ...

Oh indeed.

For shame, for shame.

Where's the harm in the odd spray and the odd casual use of fuck and cunt? Healthy bodily parts and functions after all ...

Shocking, a nation of whining, craven wimps frightened of own shadows and terrified of our own thoughts.

Worse, we have become a nation of hypocrites.

Oh indeed, shocking, it's not just a question of bias but of brutality.

Anal is probably the most terrifying word in the English language. Much more shocking than fuck or cunt.

It's certainly not a body part, and it's most definitely not a word to be used lightly.

How dare people use such terrible words to vilify conservatives?

Oh indeed, indeed. Witch is almost companionable. You know, Salem, ducking stool, scold's bridle, broomstick harridan, ugly thing with a poisoned apple, yep, a real sense of friendly fun and so tolerant of women too...

Bitch? Why it's certainly not as shocking as anal ... after all, everyone knows a good bitch is the right sort of dog to have around the house.

Now let's see how ScoMo's good mate conducts himself by way of witty discourse:

Oh indeed, indeed. It's not just egg on the face, it's egg up the bum. Totally anal!

Now that's clever. Why can't the ABC be as witty as that?


  1. I give you One Four Five by the CATS. a suitable antidote.(and God bless Melbourne)


  2. I don't know why the literati were so down in Bryce Courtenay. Maybe he made money and they couldn't.

    Anyway, a quote from 'Matthrew Flinder's Cat' seems appropriate.

    The street urchin on seeing the protagonist with a broken arm..

    "How you gonna wipe your bum Mister?"

    Wise words for AbottLovesAnal.

  3. Christ,why are all these lunar right fools so obsessed with the ABC? If it is so bad, why do they spend most of their waking lives trolling it like media groupies? I'd love to know exactly how many opinion pieces have been written in the last 3 years alone.
    Talk about occupational OCD!. Personally,I think it's the fact that most ABC staff are most likely unionized, as are teachers and nurses,fire fighters and public servants,so they,the remaining 17% or so of the working population must be endlessly vilified.
    Let that 17% walk off the job for 3 days and see what happens.
    I think this little episode sums up the current attitude of these all singing,all dancing cretins,but you won't see a single one of them talking about it: .
    The LNP is the best friend small business will ever have under this Govt.and that is why people should vote for us. Well fuck me sideways Morrie!!

  4. Hi Dorothy,


    It's a shame how imprecise English can sometimes be. For the ancient Romans there would be no ambiguity about it.

    "A man or boy who took the "receptive" role in sex was variously called cinaedus, pathicus, exoletus, concubinus (male concubine), spintria ("analist"), puer ("boy"), pullus ("chick"), pusio, delicatus (especially in the phrase puer delicatus, "exquisite" or "dainty boy"), mollis ("soft," used more generally as an aesthetic quality counter to aggressive masculinity), tener("delicate"), debilis ("weak" or "disabled"), effeminatus, discinctus ("loose-belted"), and morbosus ("sick")."


    Moving on to a completely different subject, isn't it somewhat strange that Abbott's preference for overnight accommodation seems to be either police or military barracks.


    Evidently he doesn't like being "papped" in the evening.


    1. You know what they say about the Spartans, DW ... and the suffering of island traders is a small price to pay so that a man might walk amongst men ...

    2. Crabb is rightly concerned that "Annabel" somehow came out as "Anal"

  5. The mock outrage at the AbbottLovesAnal tweet, so fast on the heels of defending Latham's sexism reminded me that the Reptiles and their allies are very similar to the Corporal Jones views of the Germans,
    "They don't like it up them, Sir. They do not like it up them!"

  6. Clearly the arrival of "someone" in town has triggered upbeat "synergies" all over the dying Murdoch journals this week.

    Bolter linking to The Stenographer above.

    CKenny referencing The Bolter a few days back.

    A lovely collegiate feeling at the reptile house this week.


    1. You might almost say VC, that they like to be up each other, like reptiles up a drainpipe, but the pond wouldn't dare ...

  7. Ah yes, those were the days Tones! Back when all you had to do was talk shit and stand next to Bronnie (funny how I always had the thought flash through my mind that the signs were about her).

    Now Bron's gone and everything's turned to shit. How times change.


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