Thursday, January 08, 2015

Welcome to Australia, a broadband free country ... which is not to say free broadband, but a country free of broadband ...

Usually the pond leaves the geeks to play with and amongst themselves, especially when cursed with the twin burdens of Mac and Optus.

But that report above - you can find it in full at ars technica here had the pond contemplating the extraordinary news that, according to proposed new American standards, most Australians don't have broadband, and won't have it for the foreseeable future.

So the next time some insufferable Liberal idiot come stooge at a dinner party hands out the line that 'at least Malcolm Turnbull has fixed the broadband' please feel free to hurl a glass of red wine in his or her face and snarl, 'What do you mean by fucking fixed? Do you mean neutered like some errant fucking tom cat with a blunt nineteenth century copper surgical instrument?'

You may excuse yourself by claiming the pond told you to do it, and you don't usually bother to engage with tiresome stooges. Though you might care to add 'and Malcolm Turnbull can go fuck himself'.

Meanwhile, here's a handy reference point:

Yes you can find the rest of that, written by Rod Tucker back in September 2014 for The Conversation here, and if you're a glutton for punishment you can head off to the totally wretched, insufferable Independent Cost-Benefit Analysis of the NBN.

What else?

Well there should be comedy ... and satire ... and so on a day when satire and comedy have suffered a severe blow, and the likes of Simon Jenkins manages to scribble Now is the time to uphold freedoms and not give in to fear, what do the Queensland plods manage to do? (story here).

Well at least he'll have truth and the public interest as defences ...

Stupid plods. Stupid Queenslanders. One way or another they'll end up with the government they deserve ...


  1. Then the Queensland police would not have arrested Iain Fogerty if he wore a "I'm with clever dick" T-shirt.

  2. Ms Pond
    This geek has been visiting his elder prodigy in London.
    Of interest was the solution to Tony's problem. Muntz Metal. Painted on the hull of the Cutty Sark's hull it prevented barnacle growth. Painting the bottom of his "Team Australia" should keep all those pesky problems away.
    Of even more geeky interest is the TV advertisments being run by the Tories. Superfast Broadband.

    "Superfast broadband is much faster and more reliable than standard broadband. It lets you make video calls, do homework online and stream music, all at much higher speeds - and all at the same time." and
    "Superfast broadband is available to 78% of homes and businesses in the UK - and this is increasing all the time. "

    Possily as a subtle warning not to get too excited (as it is only 25mb) the ad plays as background "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who.

    1. Thanks for that whimsical update sldr360, and what a pity the pond has to confess to regularly being fooled again, with the new boss the same as the old one, and Australian politicians enough to make the pond want to sing hope I die before I get old, before getting old and hoping not to die ...


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