Thursday, January 29, 2015

We are all Republicans now ...

David Rowe (and more Rowe here) was in fine form this morning:

Okay, let's get the reference out of the way first:

Ah the pond loves the whiff of art in the morning - and yes Greg Hunt you can wiki Fuseli here and learn more about his nightmares.

Freud before Freud, and you'd swear it was a ripe bit of Victorianism, ideally suited to the Abbott mindset, but it's actually a bit earlier than that. Still the pond will accept Credlin as a horse's head and Rupert Murdoch as a wicked, perverted gnome.

Well we all know why Rowe traipsed off into a homage to Fuseli and art.

It's all the fault of that pesky American sticking his dirty gothic fingers into domestic politics:

Uh huh. Fairness has got nothing to do with it. Cruelty, always with the cruelty and the pain ...

Patriotic duty ... on charged the five hundred, down into the valley of guns ...

As a result, the pond stays in a state of high bemusement.

As Peter Fitzgerald wondered a few days ago, where have all the monarchists gone?

It seems we all - krazed members of the kommentariat included - are republicans now, such is the hostility to the Sir Duke and all he stands for ...

As for Peta Credlin, Chairman Rupert has put Tony Abbott in a sticky spot, by joining the likes of that shrieking banshee Miranda the Devine in demanding the head of Credlin, even as it seems clear that it was Abbott's folly that led to the trouble. It was, after all, a Captain's pick, not the hapless coach dragging the kit around.

So Credlin, routinely accused of being too controlling, is now being abused for not being controlling enough, and for allowing a rampant monarchist King Kong to sir the Duke.

It's just another example of that old Freudian concept of displacement, emotional transference, where the anger that should be directed at the master is directed at the servant, because there's too much at stake in an attack on the master.

So instead the banshees howl, and it's that very old, and post Gillard routine, kill the bitch, ditch the witch, being re-enacted yet again.

But here's the rub, and the horn of the dilemma for Abbott. (how the pond loves horny dilemmas).

If he now ditches Credlin, he will be seen to be folding to his American master, and the American master's yowling tribe of hired banshees. He will be automatically judged and found wanting. So does he do a pick and stick, or does he do the ritual sacrifice? Either way he loses ...

It's as good a way to start the morning as the pond could imagine.

Here's Abbott starting off with just a dash of Anglo eccentricity and colonial fawning, thinking where's the harm, and landing deep in republican do dah.

And now it gets worse. You see, the Bolter's baaaack, and he's carrying an axe. Oh sure the blog posting is bland enough:

Very pessimistic? Column on Friday?

Well it's not hard to guess the tone of the column, because the Bolter has spoken already:

(The rest of the story, with the working links, at the ABC here).

And then there's the rest of the pack of this chattering church of latter day republicans, still carrying on, in chagrin, indignation or in warning mode, and littering the opinion pages of the reptile Oz:

Yep, there's the chief knob polisher himself, one time abject glorifier of Tony Abbott, getting indignant, and blathering on about fairness.

For some bizarre reason - perhaps a sense of decency or even an attempt to connect with honesty - the bouffant one starts off by pointing out that Abbott's folly, the knights and the dames and the sir Duke thingy - were entirely the work of Abbott, and that Credlin unsuccessfully opposed the introduction of the knightmares and the demonic dames.

So it's not Credlin's fault, but she must pay the ultimate price. Ditch the witch, kill the bitch, it's the only, the minimum way, to give a sign of true contrition.

And then with Credlin gone, and Abbott blundering on into the next pit of folly, as he surely will, what then? Will the next chief of staff be dragged up to the guillotine for a ritual sacrifice?

It's obvious enough. If anyone should fall on their sword as a result of the monarchist clap trap that infests Abbott's brain, it should be Abbott. He's the one with the worm in the rose ... or maybe he is the worm in the rose ...

As for Savva, she's not having any of the Credlin witch hunt, but since we're in Freudian mode, note first the attached illustration. Well we could be here all day if we wanted to contemplate the role of the Joker, the Jester, the super ego and the id in life, so let's just cut to the chase:

Steady. Too much Savva in one gulp can be harmful to the system. Let us note that Savva identifies, correctly, that the current folly is all the work of a foolish man, and now let us proceed in carefully measured gobbets:

Uh huh. So already the numbers are being counted, and there's at least 15 to 20 so alienated they'd vote for the likes of Mal Brough.

Speaking of the rough Brough, slouching towards Canberra, let's have a final gobbet:

Uh huh. It's on. And the ritual sacrifice of Credlin won't stay the baying of the hounds, or the quest for blood. Oh yes, let there be blood ...

Look, they're all at it. Every crazed monarchist or one time Abbott worshipper is stepping out of the closet:

Cue the magic water man:

Say what?

Oh okay, spoiler alert, there was a punchline after that:

But he cannot beat the combination of Robotic Tony and Bill Short-term.

There's more, but you know how to google. Why you might even learn, if you google, that Campbell Newman is in danger of losing his seat.

What's that you say?

Once again the pond has been reduced to passive vessel status, recycling the thoughts of the reptiles as they hammer away at the Abbott they once worshipped?

Well what else can the pond do?

Once upon a time, the pond had daily fun pillorying the Abbott lovers, and the konservative krazed right wing kommentariat, as they went about their monarchist, colonial deregulatory business, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, ensuring by legislative parry and thrust that it would be so and thus forever.

Now they're all in an uproar more rabid than the pond could have imagined.

Yes, we are all republicans now ...

And remarkably cartoonists are still finding comedy in the situation, despite the pond and First Dog's conviction that the affair was now beyond satire (and you can find the Fairfax stable of cartoonists here).


  1. "Oh Do(e)...say it ain't so!".....Don't do it to yourself, Dot'...Don't read all those infected Murdoshians, it could be contagious..I never even try to read those little samples YOU post above...I doubt if any others here do either..(admit it youse lot!)...please, be kind to yourself and do a "glance and gloss-over" copy/paste and leave it at that...don't, for your own sanity try to dissemble the them...remember,; The devil is in the detail...exorcise! exorcise!

  2. One can only say one was staggered by the nearly tearful arse-hole tearing offered by your Mr Bolta on the wireless this morning.

    It now becomes a matter of which day, or week the axe descends.

    As you and First Dog propose, the circus has long past parody. The fear now is are they hiding a competent leader somewhere in the LNP?

  3. The Guardian has chosen the worst photo of Credlin ever to illustrate their front page story on Murdoch's call for her resignation. She looks just like the Alien mother whom Sigourney Weaver managed to blast into oblivion.

    Journos (or their subbies) like to get their revenge, But it is a bit childish.

  4. I posted this section (like many bloggers) as part of a whole in March still stands accusingly!

    "...Those with long experience at their craft are constantly thinking of technical points relating to that job even while sitting relaxing or on the road or even at another job...plotting the lines, the theme, the time-line, the length or load...not to mention the personal obligations of our everyday lives. The skilled "Professional and Artisan" must have the capability to do this even while doing handstands to entertain the kids!....There are no excuses for sloppy workmanship in the professional work-world. It disgraces both the craft and the creator.

    So....: J'accuse.
    I accuse the Forth Estate of negligence in accessing the source and validity of their material.
    I accuse the Forth Estate of slacking off in the preparation of their work and dedication to quality of delivery.
    I accuse the Forth Estate of gross indifference to the quality of their craft and to vanity over value of product.
    I accuse the Forth Estate most of all in the lack of professional application to the "dignity of letters", a dignity bestowed through a good education and favourable employment that has allowed yourselves the pleasure to deliver, in print, with your own by-line articles of what ought to be erudite delivery and succinct against the cautious uncertainty whereby one of such self and mixed education as yours truly, must place oneself in the front line of possible literate ridicule to draw attention to YOUR shortcomings.

    I accuse you, I accuse you , I accuse you.....and in the end....I DAMN YOU!"

  5. If Turnbull is the option, then Abbott is safe. We haven't yet plumbed the depths of Abbott's ferocious, rat-trap closed-mindedness. He cannot, will not change. Whatever he does from now, it's more likely than ever to be shrouded by "security concerns".

  6. No amount of international chest-beating and airplane finding (or not finding) as the case may be is going to help now.

    And as for pictures of Credlin chosen by subbies, they have dissed her since the start. As per Gillard. As per Hillary Clinton. Which is not to say that it's a gender thing - Pyne and Abbott are regularly portrayed in sneaky looking, totally untrustworthy shots. Hang on.....

    1. Mate, you should hear the lead story of the ABC radio news playing repeatedly today. The Laberal opposition leader (female) and the Lieboral government leader (male) when asked at separate venues couldn't/wouldn't/ducked answering a question on the current rate of GST. The female has been lampooned by their ABC on this point with added trashy commercial radio soundbite, yet their man has been protected to a large degree mainly by silence, initially sotto voce, about the same failing or lack of knowledge. FFS.

    2. I see it's also a top story on the Graudian page. Do the final pars soften the hit to Palaszczuk (female) there?

    3. To be fair, it was a pretty simple question which was passed on. Moreover, it's not as if Palaszczuk was asked to calculate: "What is the current GST rate [...on...a wholesale, belated, White-Paper-wrapped, surprise birthday-cake]?".

  7. "As a corporate leader, Rupert Murdoch's advice seems to be ..."

    Oh Shannas, you're way too coy!!

    But just imagine the fun the old man is having with this country as his plaything!!

  8. Fuseli Rupert? Pope had it right yesterday this is pure Seinfeldian horseshit. Pasta art would better represent this latest bout of political bizarreness. Fusilli Rupert, he is a New Yorker now.

    1. Rotelle, from the top, perhaps is Rupert's accustomed managerial style: Prime Minister Tony Abbott takes Rupert Murdoch’s advice.

  9. From Sheehan
    "Why has the likeable knockabout Abbott turned into..."



    1. I think that turn came a long, long time ago Fred.

  10. Blessed are those who run in circles, for they shall be known as wheels.

    1. Christ,that is the best proverb I've never heard before. Tears of laughter!

  11. As to why Tony did it, perhaps this explanation, that I found on The Drum, is on the money


    27 Jan 2015 7:02:29am

    I think Abbott is merely creating a suitable environment for Prince Harry to be offered a choice of bride from the Abbott clan.

    1. Andrew Elder hit it yesterday: Abbott is doing this to piss of lefties.

    2. And Andrew Elder is correct.
      Abbott has never grown up. He is a perpetual adolescent. He likes to stir up trouble. He enjoys, nay, requires conflict. Fighting and competing is all he understands.
      This trouble is partly of his own making.
      Credlin is now carrying the can for him.
      He will not change because he cannot.
      That is also the case for the liberal party who are completely out of touch with most of the country. They are trying to sell us something we do not want. They keep putting their failures down to salesmanship. It is not. It is what they are trying to sell us. They do not understand that they are making a wholesale assault on our sense of self as a 'fair go' nation. Take that away and what are we?
      Miss Pitty Pat

  12. Rupert Murdoch is a fine one to appeal to any Australians patriotism.

  13. This LNP sidebar ad on pages at the SMH as accessed from Queensland if clicked on links to the splash page of the Queensland LNP site with this pop up overlayed there. The aim of the ad would seem to be to place daylight between a strong steady leader and a bunch of loons. Sixty per cent of those "loons" photo shopped in the sidebar ads are not candidates in the Queensland state election - they are in fact federal party leaders.

    Abbott the federal LNP leading party loon is not shown in the ad clearly due to his own court jester actions this week in distinguishing himself and the federal government leadership chaos in Canberra. The points that loony Abbott is not Newman has already achieved deep penetration in the Queensland electorate, that Abbott and the feds are a (supposedly) different bunch has been wonderfully made by Tones advertising himself a clowning court fool.

    The court jester or fool is often made out to be the one person who could offer contrary advice on solutions to perilous problems of state and also be able to get away with that feat unharmed. We shall see about Abbott the fool and how the one federal and state lyingnastparty fares.

  14. All is gone. Smiths have sold out to the dark side of American consumerism. I remember when they sold crisps. Now it's apparently 'chips'.

    "They're the munchiest crunchisest crisps of all." so went their ad. Now it's all bow down to St Macdonald who has chosen to rewrite the English language,


  15. I'm keen to know what will happen if Abbott doesn't follow the Chairman's orders regarding sacking Credlin. Will that be the first time he hasn't done what he's told? What will be the consequences for the Abbott Government?


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