Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Greetings from electronic graffiti land ...

(Above: some samples of electronic graffiti).

The pond is furious, alienated, disturbed, unhappy, melancholy ...

This year there was a simple plan. Drop in occasionally on the merry mirth-making of the Abbott government, laugh a little at conservative commentators, mention the occasional actual issue like climate science, and celebrate the ongoing presence of Tony the Rabbit, fearless leader and remorseless clod hopper.

Instead what happens?

Cruel stories about the impending demise of the hapless Abbott.

Oh fickle pundits. What of the pond? Whither its future? What of the cartoonists? What will they do? Bill "zinger" Shorten is remorselessly dull. Isn't the ruination of the Australian health and higher education system - and perhaps the planet thanks to climate change - a small price to pay for the daily sending in of the clowns to perform pratfalls and slapstick gags of the first water?

Even worse, what's the point of the pond trying to say something about this political Punch when there are all sorts of conservative Judys lining up to give the doofus a sharp knock on the noggin?

Is the pond just going to become a reprint machine, recycling petty abuse like the Oz editorialist, who seems to have forgotten to take the daily dose of the kool aid:

Tone deaf, high handed? They've only just realised?

And shame on shame, there was the chief worshipper in the temple, the forelock tugger supreme, the class abaser of the class, forsaking and foreswearing his idol:

But it didn't end there. The reptiles were in a kind of collective uproar, a raging of bison and buffalo:

Perhaps even worse was the way that the artless Abbott had denigrated social media.

You see, many of the reptiles are addicted to this sordid, secret, furtive, wicked vice, and they weren't happy.

Yes, the wretches had been indulging in a fine flurry of tweets and twitterings and the re-tweeting of twittish tweets:

Say what?

Et tu Chris Kenny?

Of course Kenny had to spend an equal amount of time berating knobs and lefties for agreeing with him, but who can stand in the way of a man who would have been in court every second day with Charlie Hebdo trying to score some cheap defamation dollars ...?

Anyway, by this time, the pond had given up. Everybody was doing it:

They all seemed to congregate under the hashtag joke knighthood.

And then there were the cartoonists.

What's that you say?

Today there are serious hypocrisies to be considered, as exemplified in Cathy Wilcox's cartoon?

What's that you say?

Today the CSIRO released a report containing news in relation to climate science?

The first update since 2007?

Noted in Fairfax here, but just a drop in a warming ocean up against the flood of reports about antsy Abbott's knightmare.

Oh sure you can head off to the CSIRO here to get updates, or you can head off to BOM here.

But what would be the point?

There's a climate denialist in charge of the government and the best he can do is hand out gongs to the likes of Phil the Greek, as rara an avis  example of distinguished Australianus as might be found, while that prime futtock Greg Hunt goes about hunting for walri and facts on Wikipedia.

Who knows what's happening in Queensland? Who cares? Just google it.

After all, we're all entranced by the doofus.

Ah well, you know where to find the cartoonists. At least they're still having fun, while the pond is reduced to being a recycling bin for angry, outraged members of the commentariat, as weird a turning as a flock of starlings trying out for a role in The Shining.

David Rowe is here, and the Fairfax mob are all here.

What's left, but to join in? Recycle the jokes, add to the electronic graffiti ...


  1. "Who knows what's happening in Queensland? Who cares? Just google it.
    After all, we're all entranced by the doofus"

    Which is why the media so loves the Canberra circus - it keeps us from worrying about the important things.


  2. As PvO said "Either way Abbott is being **cked" and the proof is in Kev Andrews' sterling defence of Abbott on 774 with Faine. #LastNailinCoffin

  3. Greg Sheridan is going off his tree about the idiocy on 774. What an Australia Day gift our poltroon has given us. World turned upside down!

  4. "Too late!"..she cried!...and to think that the powder is NOT dry, the whites of their eyes are bloodshot and the barricades are afire.....Oh Pond, Oh Tempore...!!!
    I remember once getting blotto down the front bar of the local to such a point that (I am informed) I made a right goose of myself...I took the path of discretion and humility and didn't set foot upon the said premises until the "heat was off" !...After the last few years of Abbott Adoration and Grovelling Genuflection by the above MSM. "players", I would suggest THEY do likewise and give our tearing eyes time to recover!

  5. Et tu Sheridan and Chris Kenny, and Shanas? A Fine Bromance of Love this is.

    But I agree with your concern. The arsehattery of Abbott is just about the most fun since Basil Fawlty took the hospitality industry by storm back in the 70s. But what fun is there left when the Loons join in the chorus?
    Even the imperturbable Grattan has started to ask if he is up to the job
    No doubt some of the apologists will come forward, but so far only Tom Switzer has emerged. Whither the fun if all these join in?

    I am still hoping to get some joy from all their writhing and acrobatic excuses such as took Shanas into legendary status, but the Phil gong has vanquished them for the interim. Mind you I do want to see them suffer after what they did to good government over the previous five years.

    1. Even the 'insider man' jack, suggested "This is a decision of little moment to Australians" and managed to Rubbish the Rudd government and praise Howard (with a bottle of kool aid in his hand) when he declared "..man with the finger on the pulse of the party room if not the overall Australian mood, John Howard."

  6. Anyway, Dorothy...They say that laughter is the best medicine, after this lot are finished with their run on "Comedy Hour" I expect YOU and the majority of Australia to be completely healed and ready for that 150 yr. lifespan!

  7. The ABC reports that 'senior front benchers' have come out in support for Abbott. I can find only three - The Terminator (whose faint praise was frankly embarrassing and will earn him a rebuke from Madam Lash), Cash (who is not good enough to be the Minister for Women), and Andrews (who is in his grovelling dotage).

    As the redoubtable Julian Cary said in 'Carry on Columbus' to a fellow sailor when they found themselves alone on the bunk deck "If you feel lonely tonight, you can always come up my end."

    "And, has thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!' He chortled in his joy.

  8. Hi Dorothy,

    I was reading this article this morning;


    I was amazed by Lance Armstrong's complete lack of remorse and "win at any cost" attitude and that he would do it all again if necessary. Having lied to the authorities and the public for many years he now felt his reluctant confession to the Reform Commission meant he had now wiped the slate clean and that he could be trusted once again.

    It suddenly struck me this was exactly the same mindset that Abbott has. Maybe the answer to their mutual psychopathy lies in constrictive lycra and years of crushing their testicles on a bicycle seat.


    1. Who could argue DW? Armstrong is remarkable in his tone deafness, but then so is Abbott.

  9. Just a thought - does our dear leader have a horse he can appoint to the senate?

  10. A few minutes ago on ABC 24 the presenter quickly switched to Mathias Cormann who, we were told, was about to address the media.

    Cormann began by saying:

    “We are preparing to fix the budget mess that was left to us by Labor….”

    FFS. I switched off.

    1. Your only error Anon, was to switch on.

    2. But, Dorothy, there’s always a revelation on ABC TV. I began watching The Drum 30 minutes ago and within a few minutes Anne Henderson described Abbott’s action in awarding Phil with a knighthood as schizophrenic. She would know living with Gerard.

    3. No. FFS greghunt schizophrenia. Henderson's antique little brain may not be up to that, possibly suffering dementia, babbling vieux jeu and all. How about you?

    4. What about me? Still drinking two double shots of scotch for a nightcap at 11.16pm, eh?

  11. Are we there yet? http://vimeo.com/66087863

  12. One great thing about being an insomniac is that you get to catch some undiscovered gems on late-night TV. Tonight it's My Forbidden Past with Mitchum and Gardner. Not a great film perhaps, but it does display some of the best of Hollywood scriptwriting - seemingly a lost art.

  13. Jews being anti-semitic? Pressuring sex-abuse victims not to talk to the police? Surely not!

    "I am not exactly delighted that another Yid [Jew] would assist police against an accused no matter whatever he is accused of and that is the reason why I was very disappointed," Mr Lewenberg, who was defending Cyprys at the time of the conversation, told the victim.

    "Because there is a tradition, if not a religious requirement that you do not assist against Abraham and I was concerned about that … moserprinciple. Moser is well known."

    Mr Lewenberg was referring to the Jewish tradition of mesirah under which a Jew does not inform secular authorities about another Jew. Members of ultra-orthodox communities who assist police are often ostracised and given the derogatory label of "moser" or informer.


    1. The problem seems to be religion itself, no matter of what persuasion (Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu etc) religious extremists seem to see themselves as above the law. They are all loons.

      A pox on all their houses!


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