Friday, September 06, 2013

Another rat in the ranks ...

And now for a little nitpick.

Adam Turner raises the wrong question in Coalition filtering swindle? Abbott and Turnbull play us for fools. (these days the pond prefers to link to The Age)

It's a good and remorselessly logical piece about big Mal, the luddite Abbott, and the bizarre filter policy that was dumped and retracted quicker than you could say big Mal invented the intertubes in Australia ...

The pond could quote it verbatim and not have a quibble, and loves the link to Turnbull talking on JJJ, and the sounds of big Mal making a prime goose of himself.

Until we get to the end:

Liars or fools? You decide, Australia.

Wrong, Adam.

There is another answer to this trick question:

Liars and fools.

Or if you will:

Crooks and liars, rogues and thieves, charlatans and frauds, deviants and perverts, Maoists and David Cameronists.

Stop controlling our lives fuckwits, wrote one listener.

Welcome to Tony Abbott's Australia ... and facilitator big Mal, the biggest panderer of them all ...

Yes, you!

When the pond thinks of all the time it wasted abusing Stephen Conroy, when there was an even bigger rat in the ranks ...

Yes, you!


  1. I'll say it again:
    Meaner and Trickier Than A Bag Full Of Brown Snakes!

  2. The Opposition plan was meant to read:
    “The changes in internet access and utilisation point to a marked reliance on more accessible internet platforms centred on wireless and mobile technologies.

    These are changes that enhance national productivity. But they also make it much harder for Rupert, conservatives and the Coalition to monitor, and advise on, the online content accessed by the electorate.”

  3. The graphic designer who produced the Coalition’s new Online Child Safety policy document answered the following question:

    “What do you think of Turnbull’s statements on Twitter last night? He said the bit about the internet filter was just a mistake, it was badly worded, an opt-out filter was never the policy.”

    with this:

    “He’s full of shit, mate”

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    The cartoon got me wondering. In all the TV footage and photos I've ever seen of Abbott I cannot recall ever seeing him in contact with either a computer or even a mobile phone. I know he said he wasn't a 'Techhead" but is he so techno-phobic he can't even operate a mobile.
    I fear his religious and ultra conservative upbringing has led to a man who is incurious as to how the modern world works and doesn't feel the need to engage with it.
    This does not bode well for the future.




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