Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cory Bernardi, Abott's man, and forced videos from Murdock's merry men (and the odd woman) ...

(Above: a different abott's man?)

At last someone in the mainstream media is asking questions about Cory Bernardi, regularly raving right wing ratbag, as you can read in Abott's man under fire over extreme right lobbying.

Pardon me. Excuse me. Is it ever so rude to notice?

Abott's man?

Yep, there's the digitised proof, and it almost made the pond entirely forget the story, which is that Bernardi has been off in the wild, hunkering down with big tobacco, an organisation fighting gun control called ALEC (it's a wonder the Herald didn't twist that into smartaleck), and the Heartland Institute, which recently ran a two day conference called Can Tobacco Make You Healthier? 

Which is a bit like a conference explaining how a .22 slug can lead to plastic surgery which can definitely enhance your appearance.

Anyhoo, according to the Herald story, Abot's (oh it's so catching) man has failed to declare his links in his register of pecuniary interests. 

Making him sound furtive as well as deviant. 

On the other hand, if anyone in the media bothered to track and report on Bernardi consistently they'd find him routinely up to all sorts of wildcat rogue activities.

But the media routinely drapes a pall cloth over the more extreme parts of the Liberal party.

After all, this is the man the South Australian Liberals have determined should hold their number one Senate slot for the next election, and never mind if he gets off with big tobacco, ALEC or the climate denialist crowd. 

Oh you crow eaters, there's nothing to crow about here, you should be eating crow.

It says a lot about Abbott that he fellow-travelled with Bernardi for a long time until the wayward eccentricities made him say 'enough already', and it's a sharp jolt to those susceptible to the blathering of people like Christopher Pearson dissembling about the way Abbott has turned into a secular liberal because he opens his fridge to certified feminists.

The reality remains that you can't have a right-wing cigarette but tossed out the window without also having an occasional spectacular right-wing buttfire.

Bernardi is a classic butt, and a classic reminder of Abbott's lingering enthusiasm for right-wing ratbaggery. 

Will Abbot come out and denounce Bernardy during his whirlwind tour to announce positive policies? 

And advise the world that Bernardi will sit during his term in power on the back bench, so teaching the crowing South Australians a lesson in eating crow?

In your dreams. Abbutt is just as likely to appoint Bernurdi the Minister for Climate Science ...

For more reading on Bernardi and ALEC, here he is mentioned four months ago (yes it's that sort of exclusive story) in ALEC is Secretly Collaborating With Foreign Countries to Promote Bills in Congress, and as a bonus here's an extended piece by Mike Seccombe, with a punchline that Bernardi is Sarah Palin, without the lipstick, and he too has gone rogue: If You Like Sarah Palin, You'll Absolutely Love Cory Bernardi.

The good news is that a shooting star like Pallin eventually burns up and hits earth (Sarah Palin and Fox News part ways as Tea Party's favourite's contract expires), but that only happens when sensible people vote for middle of the road moderate politicians, rather than ratbags.

It seems even Fox News has decided to make some minor cosmetic changes to its incessant ratbaggery.

Are we likely to see any changes to the ways of the Murdoch press, and in particular The Australian?

In your dreams.

The real comedy there is that after years of reviling Fairfax, the Murdockians have come out and blatantly imitated them.

From January 29th News Ltd sites intend to run autoplay videos (News Limited to switch on autoplay video), and thank the lord and praise them to heaven, UM and its CEO Matt Baxter will boycott them in the same way that they've boycotted Fairfax (UM boycotts News Limited autoplay video).

At least there's someone out there who understands the cold fury of a consumer either forced to turn off the sound, forced to drop out of the story, or forced to suffer an ad.

Now it's true that the pond has never watched any video at any time on any News Ltd site, and that's not about to change, forced or non-forced. But all the same it's remarkable to watch a desperate industry deliberately alienate a significant part of its customer base.

The irony is that Fairfax will shortly be imitating News Ltd by rolling out a porous paywall, so that the peas in the pod can keep on looking pretty much the same.

Good news for The Guardian's proposed invasion down under.

Unless you like paying to read stories about Abott's men because it's simply too burdensome these days for the mainstream media to act like the mainstream. And hire a checker outside New Zealand.

Which leaves just enough time to reference another Fairfax blunder (not that News Ltd doesn't also shamelessly misuse and abuse the content of others), revolving around the duck which has now departed Sydney harbour.

It's all there in mUmBRELLA's SMH in copyright blunder over tweeted duck pic.

So much for the incessant squawking over intellectual property rights ...

It's one thing for a blog which doesn't carry any advertising to make use of a CC or other image; quite another for a blog or the MSM which carries FORCED advertising to try to tickle the till and make a little coinage out of the uncredited work of others.

Okay, okay, you want some fair and balanced reporting, just like Fox News, so here it is from the other side of the fence, a story back in 2011 when Dr. No was in full nattering negativity mode, and News ran a story entitled Tony Abott launches stinging attack on Prime Minister Julia Gillard over carbon tax.

No wonder they're forcing the videos, so they can maintain the visual assault on all fronts.

PS if you have any complaints about possible typos in this story, please don't contact the pond. Talk instead directly to our New Zeelund tupsutters. But remember they charge a punny a word for any conversation.

Oh okay, the New Zeelunders eventually caught up with the blunder, and the story's now about Abbott's man being under fire, but it's too late, too late the pond tells ya.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the tyupos
take another woman
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the press
I know that soem
of you don't understand
Force videos
to keep the cash from running out.

I've seen the typos
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every Cory Burnardi
is like a settin' sun.

Apologies Neil Young.


  1. teflon tony has already refused to take questions on this.
    if he does he will say he had "no specific knowledge" and get a free pass, just like he did over the greatest attack on our democracy in recent years with the ashby scandal.
    the media will resume attacking nova perris over nothing with glee and tony will march on, wearing budgie smugglers and fireman hat, with press in tow.
    what a bloody joke, or would be if wasn't so serious.
    i hope the media has the balls to pursue his and the rest of his craven crew of lickspittles over these matters but i doubt it.

  2. Bernadi is a typical example of the psychotic double-mindedness that mis-informs right wing Christians.
    On the one hand he is always making much of "christian" values and morality.
    We wont of course mention the fact that christianity is at its very roots a deeply anti-semitic (Jewish) religion. Why else would "catholics" pray (prey) for the "conversion" of the Jews to the "one true faith"?
    On the other he is a propaganda hack and advocate for the merchants of death and their 24/7 lying/spin machines.

  3. Another brilliant piece from the Pond.Your links to ALEC/Bernardi et al is totally COMPULSORY reading.I need to go and have a good stiff drink now.These social psycopaths are really something to behold!Will forward to others,but sadly most won't be bothered to take the time to take it in and just trudge off to there polling booth and vote for the Noalition and then wonder what the fuck happened.Cheers.

  4. Good, even if there are a lot of typos. However, I see a link between Bernardi and his aligning himself with his Americana (nasty corporate right wing control shit) and yours.

    What's with 'anyhoo', 'enough already' and the horrible 'denialist' when 'denier' is infinitely preferable? Adopting the language of the colonisers means the colonisation is happening.

    I do like 'totally compulsory' though by Anonymous. As opposed to 'optionally compulsory'.

  5. Sheesh Anon, get a life. The typos is a joke about the MSM and Abott, and the use of is here are just another part of the joke.

    Did you go through James Joyce marking all the errors? And did you really come down in the last shower about language?

    What's this blather about colonisers? Are you writing English, freshly imported from the British empire, and should we now only stick to colonial British as the lingo of choice? Explain the difference between British colonisers (with flag within flag) and colonisation by Hollywood ...

    Australia has always picked up its slang from wherever it liked, and long may that habit rain (or reign if you insist the pond overwrites its New Zealand subbie).

    Careful now, or you'll be given the task of denuding the language of any sign of Americanisms, and what a terrible waste of time that would be, considering how you'll also have to get rid of the Germans, the French, the Italians, the wretched Welsh - because me bucko me boyo is as Welsh as they come, the wretched Irish, the Scots, the Cockneys, the Romans, the Greeks, the entire Sanskit mob, the pillaging Scandinavians, and it seems even the Canadians, since anyhoo is as Canadian as it is a 48 state term. What have you got against the colonising Canadians, or have they been colonised too?

    So long as there are people who think the idea of science is to trot out warmista, the pond is entirely comfortable with denialista ...

    But I suspect at least we can agree on Bernardi.

  6. It's not just what Bernardi says but the networks emanating from the USA that informs him (and others), e.g. ALEC and the links they develop with politicians, media types etc. including Australia, who are drawn in both wittingly and unwittingly.

    However, ALEC, Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform FAIR, Progressives for Immigration Reform (Kelvin Thompson) etc. and Sustainable Population Australia & party, Numbers USA (whose boss Roy Beck recently visited Australia) are just some of the many front organisations used by John Tanton's The Social Contract Media (described by Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC as a race hatred journal) whose contributors have included Monash University's Dr. Bob Birrell.

    Tanton was an admirer of Australia's white Australia policy and was found to have corresponded, upon his own initiative, with Klu Klax Klan types, Pioneer Fund (pro eugenics) etc. and was part of an attempted takeover of the (pro environment) Sierra Club.


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