Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And so once more a member of the inner city elite demonstrates how the inner city elite just don't get it ...

(Above: just the man we need to tackle climate science).

What happens when you become a caricature of yourself? When all your routine presumptions, assumptions and prejudices are laid bare on such a regular basis that a lampoonist could ghost write your columns in a fit of sleep-walking, somnambulism, or oneiric automatic writing ...

Why likely enough you'd sound like Gerard Henderson, inner city worker and habitué at the sumptuous 41 Phillip Street premises of the Sydney Institute, surrounded by legal eagles and just down the road from the New South Wales Rugby League bunker.

It's by steadfastly maintaining a perch deep in the heart of enemy territory that you can report to the outer suburbs on the dark Sauron-like doings of the inner-city elites.

Sauron? Well if you've never heard that name, that means you're not a reader (or even worse a viewer), and so clap hands and sing with joy, you might not have shifted to the dark side:

For more than two years, members of the inner-city left have been warning that Abbott poses a threat to democracy and civil order. The group consists of educated leftists and social democrats alike and comprises authors, academics, bloggers, commentators, journalists, professionals and public servants.

And there you have it, a caricature of a caricature developing a fine old conspiracy when actually:

For more than two years, members of the inner-city Gerard Henderson Sydney institute have been getting their knickers into a knot about a bizarre phantom cartel of educated people who seem to pose a threat to democracy, civil order and Tony Abbott.

But pray how do we discover these leftist fiends?

Their views are evident to anyone who reads the ABC's online publication The Drum or the letters pages of the broadsheet newspapers.

Uh huh. That'd be The Drum, haven for members of the Institute of Public Affairs, and right at the moment featuring the thoughts of Keith Windschuttle in Legal deception, and Peter Reith assuring the world Straight with the public? Not Julia Gillard, and the always reliable Kevin Donnelly spouting his usual mantra in support of a decent religious education in Greens' education policies a case of ideology, which is shocking, since everyone knows a decent education policy should be a case of theology.

Fools, imbeciles. Don't they know that by heading off and banging their drums on The Drum, they stand revealed as just another bunch of inner city democrat bloggers, authors, journalists and professionals, and quite likely educated to boot, though in the case of Peter Reith, who can say. Is there a diploma in boofhead boot to the brain industrial negotiations?

Anyhoo, we seem to have lost the thread a little, but that's because our prattling Prufock is in fine form right from the get go, with his talk of an unintended riot outside a Canberra restaurant (heck, the pond believes in free plugs, head off to The Lobby and make your booking for your wedding or Xmas celebrations now).

Technically I suppose a riot is an affray featuring more than three people, at least according to some laws in some lands, but really the pond felt like doing a Paul Hogan, say comparing what happened in Canberra to what's currently going on in Syria. You know, that's not a riot, this is a riot ...

And while the rest of the press pack are off carrying on about police inquiries and knavery and treachery and polls, our prattling Polonius hones right in on the real issue:

... the ALP's political difficulties turn on policy - most notably, its action on climate change.

Say what? Was that a typo? Surely it should have read its inaction on climate change?

Oh wait a second, it's only inner urban elitists who read stories like Arctic climate change 'to spark domino effect', or wring their bleeding hands and expose their pulsating pumping bleeding hearts by having an anxiety attack about how Ocean currents emerge as climate change hot-spots or pause to think about food security and lifestyle (Climate change a 'fundamental' health risk) or sometimes panic about how an over-populated, resource and energy stretched world might be heading to hell in a handbasket (yes, that's just the usual blather about sustainability from the black helicopter mob at the United Nations). Which reminds us of a recent xkcd cartoon. Time out:

Meanwhile, it's marvellous to see our prattling Polonius in denial as he patiently explains how all the leftists got it wrong, because its really that the carbon tax/emissions trading scheme that's at issue, and not the drip drip of foolish bungling - as per the Canberra affair - or a failure of nerve - as in the poker machine debate, which will now see Andrew Wilkie spending the rest of his time in the house niggling away at the Labor government which dudded his deal.

It appears that Australians are more concerned with the cost of electricity than with the anti-Catholic sectarianism which fires up much of the inner-city criticism of Abbott, or with the stance the Opposition Leader takes on such issues as Aboriginal advancement, asylum seekers and same-sex marriage.

Uh huh. But the cost of electricity bears a close relationship to state government activity, and isn't it wonderful to see Barry O'Farrell refusing to sell off the poles and wires, and assuring the world that The Liberal party was never founded to be the representatives of business (here), as he folded his tent and stole into the night in relation to the matter of ethanol blend petrol (Premier bows to motorists on unleaded fuel - read it and weep Manildra, read it and weep).

It is of course possible to chew gum and blow bubbles all in one go, and so it is with such issues as Aboriginal advancement, asylum seekers and same-sex marriage, and if the prattling Polonius's advice is that these can be swept under the carpet in favour of electricity pricing, he is - in his own words offered to others - delusional.

The Liberal party of course has its own set of policies in relation to the environment, a continuation of past policies of shoving generous subsidies down the throats of companies like Manildra, making out like bandits and doing diddly squat for the actual environment.

Boldly the Liberal party proclaims:

Tony Abbott and the Liberals stand for real action to tackle the complex challenges of climate change, energy security and water scarcity. (all the policies here)

Phew, real action for a complex challenge that apparently doesn't actually exist. Susie Creamcheese, bring those jaffas to my desk this instant!

But wait it gets even better as the Hon Greg Hunt offers up this:

The Coalition will provide holistic management of the whole Murray-Darling water system so that water can be distributed fairly and equitably among all those people who depend upon it.

Holistic? What is he, some kind of inner city hippie elitist?

Of course if you read the actual Liberal party policy (here in pdf) you'll get much fine blather about Real and Direct Action rather than talk, and proposals for appropriate support and incentives, including additional funding for one million solar homes by 2020, solar towns and solar schools geothermal projects, whale and dolphin protection, and so on and so forth ...

It's a complete and comprehensive mish-mash of government interventionism and socialist activities, and it helps explain why Gerard Henderson doesn't once in his entire piece come up with a sympathetic appreciation of Dr. No's 'say yes to the environment and government money going down the throat of big business' policies ...

The next federal election will not be decided on anyone's position on the tent embassy. It is only delusion, fired by obsession, which would lead to any other conclusion.
Or, in Greg Turnbull's terminology, the belief of a knucklehead.

Damn right, and if anyone thinks that a Tony Abbott government is primed to deal with the environmental issues to hand, could they give Barry O'Farrell a call, or read the current Liberal party's environmental policies. Read them and weep, or read them and laugh.

You know, like the still current plan for a 15,000 strong green army of valiant Chairman Abbott environmental workers, or the ten million dollars set aside to provide for a 'once in a century replenishment of our soils' (and with ten million bucks, it'll surely take a century).

The pond is quite looking forward to an Abbott government. All the signs are that it will - in retrospect - make the Gillard and Rudd governments look quite competent. That'll take some doing, but we think Abbott is up to the job.

And the pond is willing to bet that before the term of office is up, someone will have tapped on the shoulder - or kneecapped - the nattering nabob of negativity ...

It's hard to imagine at the moment - what with the daily serving of delights by the Gillard team, and the posturing of former Chairman Rudd - but the signs are there, and it'll be tremendous fun read our prattling Polonius, once more given the onerous duty of explaining - from his eerie in the inner city - how the inner city elites simply don't get it.

Amen to that, provided you keep the prattling Polonius in the prayer ...

As for the environment and climate science? Not to worry, that's all crap anyway ...

(Below: remember the green action man and his warriors, here?)

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