Sunday, January 15, 2012

The agenda-setting ways of the Daily and Sunday Terror commentariat ...

(Above: now there's an agenda-setting pointer, but no link, it's a cap).

Remember when it was a thought crime to be an agenda-setter?

Agenda-setters were wicked leftists, often with a hidden agenda, and when the hidden agenda was unveiled, it usually turned out to be an agenda set by the ABC, the Fairfax press, Pravda by the Yarra, and similar co-conspirators, all at one with a furtive, despicable agenda designed to overthrow western civilisation as we know it.

Why experts even produced an "agenda-setting theory", handy to use to analyse the agenda-setting ways of the liberal media ...

So it's amazing to see how the Daily and Sunday Terror now loves to boast about its agenda-setting team of right wing loons, determined to undermine western civilisation as we know it.

On Miranda the Devine's agenda?

Why it's to see Rick Santorum elected as President of the United States, or perhaps better still, import him to Australia and run the show down under, because his 'values message' and 'flinty conviction' would do equally well here ... (Presidential hopefuls marry family with politics).

Now that's an agenda.

Even more amazing, you might recall that the Devine walked out of The Iron Lady, but she reveals an incisive understanding of the crucial, key similarity between Julia Gillard and Margaret Thatcher, which might even help explain why Gillard and partner liked the show:

Both are Librans, for those who follow the stars. (Exclusive: The PM reviews the Iron Lady).

Yes astrology as a form of political analysis and movie criticism.

Now that's an agenda, and by golly it leaves the pond Apple TV streaming The Queen as a test screening way behind. (Must take the lads out hunting to get their minds off things).

Then there's Piers Akerman's agenda:

Join Piers for a verdict on a Labor government?

How many ways can you write a column saying Tony Abbott two legged goooood, Labor party four legged baaaaad?

Didn't Akker Dakker first form a view on Labor governments, with or without the aid of cocaine, back in April 1904 when Chris Watson and his ministers formed the first national labour government in the world? (opens in pdf).

If you want the latest variation - why Beethoven could only manage thirty three variations on Diabelli's waltz theme - it's all there in Julia can't stop hurling good money after bad, and it's a perfect example of Akker Dakker's monomaniacal obsessive rhetoric.

He really can't stop hurling bad words after bad ...

And then there's Tim Blair's agenda.

Now you might think Tim Blair is too dumb to have an agenda, but it seems - to judge by his reproduction of US radio host Mark Levin's 'remarkable' comment - without hint of reproof or demur or objection - that his agenda is for United States Marines to piss on the enemies of the United States, because Blair gets it:

Let this be a lesson to every one of you subhumans who plots against America and tries to kill American citizens. We don’t give a damn who you are! We don’t give a damn what you believe! And we don’t give a damn if you’re offended! Because we’re going to hunt you down and kill you and then humiliate you after you’re killed!

Now it's true that it's probably better to be pissed on than to be killed, and perhaps that's all Blair is suggesting. That he'd rather be pissed on, though perhaps not from a great height ...

Oh yes it's going to an astrologically insightful, Santorum gay bashing, Akker Dakker lefty gutting, Tim Blair pissing on sub-humans future, thanks to the Terror commentariats' wondrous agenda-setting ways ...

Yeay, go western civilisation as we know it ...

Hang on a tic, astrology?

Oh no, you twitterers, that can't be true. Say it ain't so.

And yet, and yet ... how on earth did she know, why on earth would she care, that both Margaret Thatcher and Julia Gillard are Librans?

Does she think it has any meaning whatsoever, even on the level of factoid gibberish?

Is this the sub-text to all the Devine's commentary on climate science?

Now that's an agenda ...


  1. Tim Blair may love the odd golden shower, but quite frankly if he were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put him out.

  2. Yep, how to win hearts and minds. Piss on people, that'll turn them around.

    Psychological warfare at its finest and most subtle, a real coup, a total triumph of values. The golden shower way forward to victory ... well at least for those who understand and appreciate Havelock Ellis and urolagnia ...


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