Friday, November 11, 2011

The pond heads bush but leaves behind some memories ...

Thanks to the pond's partner, we've just caught up, a couple of years late, on the latest Microsoft logo, and now we have it on a mug.

Bee, what's next? Sort of like, what's up, doc?

It reminded the pond of great past MS moments:

And in a roundabout way, it led the pond thinking of Tamworth, where we're headed, and old alma maters, because the pond started with magpies aiming high, especially when pecking, dive bombing, or crapping. Oh yes, spring in Tamworth, and magpie poo in the hair:

And then the pond moved on to industrial bees with a hive mind:

What's that you say? That MS logo, it's actually Be what's next ...

But that makes absolutely no sense, just a load of beeswax.

Never mind, with metaphors and logos collapsing all around us, the pond is off for the weekend, and will resume business next week.

Enjoy your weekend, no matter how lost or loon-filled it might be:

And now, since the pond hasn't been blessed with a single brown paper bag filled with cash (used, small denominations, no marks, no serial numbers recorded, please), we leave you with a couple of blasts from the past, from Geoffrey Robertson's Hypotheticals back in the nineteen eighties.

First there's the man himself, who seems to have a rug rat nest permanently attached to his noggin:

It gives fresh vigour to the notion of bouffant. And to think he's married to Kathy Lette who was married to Kim Williams who now runs News Ltd.

Then there's Fred Nile looking like he kept his highlights Brylcreemed, and with a devilish leer. Ah remember the Festival of Light, which in the Ministry of Information Orwellian way we love, worked for ideas best suited to the Festival of Darkness and Bigotry:

And then there was good old John Marsden, who once acted for the pond on a matter, fortunately after this golden burst of sunshine atop the head disappeared. It looks so dazzling it could produce blindness.

Sadly no longer with us, and when we last caught up with a photo of Richard Walsh at his publisher's web site, he was looking a helluva lot different to his time in the bright lights.

Just love the brown leather jacket, which the pond assures men is now back in fashion (and to hell with Brian Sherman babbling on about cruelty to animals, when men can visually assault women in this way):

As for the tie ... we kept the ID card to hide it, lest the style attempt a come back.

Not convinced by brown leather? Well let us guide you to the notion of a delightful range of corduroy jackets, with leather elbow patches, and brown pants, or possibly the soft gold cord, sweet as honey, that was so beloved in the seventies.

What's the bet you didn't know that 1/11 and 11/11 have been dubbed Corduroy Appreciation Day, with 11/11/11 the holiest of all Corduroy Appreciation Days?

So many happy people on the pond, so little time, but at least we got that onto the record ...

As always there can be only one winner, and it has to be Bettina Arndt, bringing up from the hippocampus shocked memories of the nineteen eighties:

Eek, Pretty in Pink, John Hughes, Molly Ringwald and the pond's life rushing like 16 mm film through a projector. Film is truth 24 times a second ... and as for television ...

Thanks Jean-Luc, but be the next thing? What if the next thing becomes the last thing, flung in a corner and forgotten?

Well the pond, and the Shadow, knows ... and thanks, Orson, they've been warned. The pond has a rich supply of past visual moments, and the only safe way out is to drop that stuffed brown envelope into the nearest pond.

And now, because Rick Perry is in everyone's thoughts, perhaps even mentioned in secularist prayers, and because who doesn't love and want a sequel to the Bourne trilogy, exciting news that pre-production has already started (thanks to Boeing Boeing):

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