Monday, November 28, 2011

And now please judges, pass the envelope, and the Walkley award winner is ...

With Media Watch out for the count as the cardigan-wearers strip off their cardigans, and The Hamster Wheel now a fading memory - come back guys and do it again - it falls to the pond to report on the media reactions to the industry's night of nights.

Which is to say not the ARIA awards, full of gowns and glamour, but the dour honest Walkley Awards for toiling journos covering the day and night beats for the Daily.

As you might expect there was some unseemly posturing and indecent gloating, as at the ABC, where there was a big splash:

Oh well played Aunty, and you can read the story under the natural header - ABC wins big in journalism awards.

And there was a fair amount of coxcomb preening at Fairfax:

Oh well done Granny and Pravda of the Yarra, and you can find that story under the natural header Fairfax a big winner at Walkleys, along with a full list of 2011 Walkley Winners.

Even the Courier-Mail, where Murdochism battles with Queenslandism, had a nice little dignified splash:

And the Melbourne HUN had a dab splash featuring their winner:

When all else fails, and you have nothing else, that's also what you lead with over at Adelaide Now, the tattered remnants of the once proud Advertiser, before the minions took hold of it, under the header Jill Baker's tale of courage wins Walkley Award.

And over in the west you could find a discreet mention of a valiant win by a local in The West Australian:
Oh okay, it's beneath a story about Bankwest being sued by an ex-media manager, but at least one westie taught those vile easties what for.

And naturally over at the flagship of the media empire of Murdoch minions, the Mighty Lizard Oz, The Australian, if you looked very hard down, at the bottom of the page, tidily tucked away, you could find this:

Yes, there it is, locked away in the paywall, and quite rightly no boasting or unseemly posturing at all, what with WikiLeaks doing better than the lizard Oz.

But to be fair, at least a mention of the awards scored a a very low rent mention on the digital front page.

How about Sydney's pride and joy the Daily Terror?

Sorry, you might have to click to enlarge on the top right hand corner to find the search term Walkley, and the stern robotic rebuttal "Not found".

Not to worry.

After all News Ltd has its very own awards with its very own website, announcing the internal 2011 Winners, and it's most important in a post-capitalist world, to avoid any notion of competition and judgement, lest you be judged and found wanting.

Could it be that the Walkley judging was dominated by filthy commie pinko perverts who are biased towards Granny and Aunty, and who simply won't give the valiant journalists at Murdoch a fair shake of the raw prawn?

Or could it be that if you spend all your time printing propaganda rather than breaking news, you might miss out on the golden accolades?

We merely report and you decide.

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