Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The pond's readers will know that the reptiles are deluded ... to suggest otherwise would be, well, as offensive as the lizards of Oz ...

So this, in due course and inevitably leads to ...

... this kind of apologetics, aka a profound level of self-delusional rationalising ...

The trouble of course with donning papal infallibility and admitting no error is that the racist trolling can continue, though strangely the defence of "freedom of speech" offered to Crikey, here - he might be a doofus, but he's free to be freely doofus has been replaced by the bizarre notion that Leak was being sensitive and caring ... which sits rather oddly with the portrait of the funny mango chutney munching Indians.

The notion that the cartoon was mocking the patronising attitude of rich nations is just another remarkable example of the reptiles' insular capacity for delusion, as was the line in Crikey that "Our readers would have - and, in fact, have - understood this."

Well please allow the pond to be offensive. The cartoon was racist, it wasn't making an incisive and sensible point, and outside the kool aid paywall, it aroused the ire of Indians ... amongst others, as its trolling was intended to do ...

Besides, as the pond has noted before, it wasn't funny.

A cartoonist who has lost his funny? Yep, you won't find a single humorous note in that reptile defence of him, except for the whole preposterous comedy of the defence on offer ...

And so onwards and upwards, because it's the pond's solemn duty to offer tedious old farts brooding on the subject of climate science, and who more tedious than Paul Kelly (not the singer)?

Here in Sydney Cronulla has been battered by a tornado and monster hail stones (you can also be battered by the forced video), so what better time to talk of challenges?

Of course the main challenge is to actually get to the end of a Kelly piece without feeling the IQ slip sliding away ...

Note the way the pompous pedant introduces the subject of actual carbon trading, and remarkably sheets it home to the master of carbon trading, the wall puncher himself.

Naturally this brings tears to the eyes of the walrus, and we too must clap fins with glee and profound gratitude. Or at least Malware should ...

Is there nothing the door-opening, wall punching hasn't left behind as his legacy?

More prejudiced souls might note it takes a wondrous pulling up by the bootstraps to shrink from a carbon tax, while applauding the cleverness of spending oodles on international credits. Such a nice way of not mention actual sordid trading in carbon ...

So this is how reptiles and angels dance on the head of a pin, if you can imagine this prattling Polonius doing any jig other than the jig of hypocrisy ...

And so to a sad book end for those who might have missed it:


The thought police?

So that's what they call Indians these days?

Nope, not enraged, but even worse, absolutely not funny. Just sad. 

Really sad that somehow Leak thinks that he's funny, except maybe to Shane Warne and Sam Newman.

Even worse that he imagines he stands in Lenny Bruce's corner. Talk about a fucked in the head angry old man shouting at clouds and making jokes about mango chutney.

What was that Lenny?

The role of a cartoonist is to make the audience laugh, at a minimum of once every 15 seconds ...

What about a cartoonist who has lost the funny?

Take away the right to say fuck, and you take away the right to sake fuck the Murdochians, but if he can take the hot lead enema, then Bill Leak can cast the first stone, rather than spit the dummy and use words when his stock in trade is supposed to be images.

Damn right ...


  1. Holt St must be at boiling point pre-Christmas.

    When you try and imagine a year in which nothing goes right for them, you couldn't in your wildest dreams come up with what they have achieved by themselves.

    Also richly enjoyable today on the front page is the "Clover Moore claims Lindt Cafe not terrorism" broken barrow that Kenny was pushing yesterday. They are so fearless when tehy get it wrong, and will not give up.

    Much like a man named Abbott.

    So desperate have the reptiles been for an actual terrorist event in Australia that they, or at least Kenny and Bolt, have leapt upon a confused man that no-one would listen to, and voila - a terror cell in Australia.

    Sad, and in the way.

    With the world's unfunniest cartoonest as a bonus.

    1. The reptiles are in a pre-Xmas lather aren't they VC? The trouble with always peddling fear is that you get fearful, and the coming year promises to be a very fearful year for them as their business plan keeps going down the drain ...

  2. Ms Pond
    I have only ever won one thing in my life*. Listening to 2KY sometime around midnight(instead of studying for the Leaving Certificate) I wrote in an answer to a question (no phone in those days) and won two tickets to the first Lenny Bruce "Show"
    Held in the basement of a Pub in the CBD (somewhere). No age checks at the door (luckily for my friend and I). The evening was an education for a young suburban lad.
    I think Lenny only had a couple of "shows" in Sydney before he wandered off back home.
    * I even managed not to win in the Draft 2 years later.

    1. Pond envy for that one. Shows that listening to 3XY in Tamworth was a total waste of time.

  3. Stephen King ‏@StephenKing Dec 8

    I can no longer tweet about Trump. That anyone in America would even CONSIDER voting for this rabid coyote leaves me speechless.

    Stephen King has come to the realisation Trump is not science fiction.

    1. Jack: Mr Trump, you were the caretaker here. I recognise ya. I saw your picture in the newspapers. You, huh, chopped the country and its politics up into little bits. And then you blew its brains out.
      Teh Donald: That's strange sir. I don't have have any recollection of that at all.

  4. Leak just doesn't get it, does he? His superior "I will decide what's funny and who is the object of ridicule in my attempts at humour" attitude speaks volumes about the man.

    I don't know much about Lenny Bruce but I don't imagine, as a successful comic, he ever would have thought like that.

  5. Of course Murdoch group-think is at work here. It was Lomborg, the $400m Institute man, who said that giving solar panels to the poor is immoral. It is how these people operate: like a dog with a bone, they chew and thrash away at it for ages and end up chasing their own tails.


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