Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sorry, minions and serfs ... forget the seven million whys ...

Sorry, the pond is unable to attend to any business at this time, including reptile hysteria, though it does appreciate the attention of minions and serfs, engaged at a modest stipend, to attend to its most whimsical and frivolous desires...

After all, where would the health system be, without fast food, served by wretched, indigent third rate citizens for the good of all?

If anyone has any complaints about current discussions, please take it up with the relevant authorities ... and best be quick about it, before attention wanes over the break ...

Please, oh please, note the early closing time, serfs and minions.

What's that you say?

Having a go at the earnings of the underbelly underclass while companies worth billions making squillions pay no tax at all?

Why that's the joy and the meaning of Xmas ...

Irony ...

Try a dose of mineral-laden irony with your breakfast cereal. Feel its sustaining power ...

And now the pond is truly off for the break. Felicitations and salutations to all, as the pond's tiresome uncle used to say ... and let us look forward to a prosperous new year ...

Oh and remember, serfs and minions, while promenading, the pond likes its treats just so ... if you're not able to prepare a coffee just right, have you thought about ditch-digging for a newly enlarged Sydney council?

Jules (Samuel L Jackson): “Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit! Usually, me and Vince would be happy with some freeze-dried Taster’s Choice right, but he springs this serious GOURMET shit on us! What flavor is this?”

And so to Rudyard:

I keep six honest serving-men 
 (They taught me all I knew); 
 Their names are What and Why and When 
 And How and Where and Who. 
 I send them over land and sea, 
 I send them east and west; 
 But after they have worked for me, 
 I give them all a rest. 

 I let them rest from nine till five, 
 For I am busy then, 
 As well as breakfast, lunch and tea, 
 For they are hungry men. 
 But different folk have different views. 
 I know a person small -- 
 She keeps ten million serving-men, 
 Who get no rest at all! 

 She sends 'em abroad on her own affairs, 
 From the second she opens her eyes -- 
 One million Hows, two million Wheres, 
 And seven million Whys!

Update: loonish minds think alike ...


  1. BREAKING - Paparazzi secretly film Rupert Murdoch courting Jerry Hall on remote island getaway. Reptiles not amused.

  2. Ms Pond, Here in the workers paradise of Richmond on Yarra, there are very few retail establishments that do not open on the weekend. The establishments seem to be well staffed and some take their weekend on Monday or Tuesday. Only the "serious"restaurants appear to close on Sunday night, maybe all the potential diners are in bed early so as to start at 4am in the brickworks and the Toffs do not want to cross the Yarra after dark. So where all the extra employment will come from as a result of reduced wages is a mystery to me.

  3. Oh dear DP, I've just been suckered into watching 42nd Street. The actors are corney, the plot ridiculous, but the early Busby routines are wonderful and the music magnificent. And that Ruby Keeler! And Dick Powell and Ginger before she became an egomaniac thinking she could dance better than the immortal Fred.

    It's great. And better than the average fare on Christmas TV.

  4. "Why not rather set aside time to find something truly sacred this year? Why not be done with "Exmas" for good? Why not cut your way through the thickets of gaudy to one of the temples in which "Crissmas" is still celebrated, and find there, gazing on the still, quiet scene of the baby born in a manger, the peace that passes all understanding?"

    1. Excellent. A truly fine loon for the end of year, and one full of self-pity for his suffering. C. S. Lewis has so much to answer for, and Calvin too, but of all the things we must suffer at close of year, the sight and sound of the hectoring, nagging, angry Sydney Anglican is perhaps the worst thing of all ...

    2. Calvin wasn't so bad.

  5. Donald Trump <=> Barnaby Joyce.
    Think about that. It helps explain why politics in either country is in a death spiral.
    So, DP, we'll need your views in 2016 more than ever.

  6. Deluded fantasist Bob Ellis likes to keep repeating that there have been no terrorist attacks in Australia. What about the Hilton hotel bombing? Or was this just an ASIO practice gone wrong? Has anyone got to the bottom of this?

    1. Don't forget ASIS also has form here.

    2. And the Croatian Balkan "Extremists" who bombed a travel agent in Sydney 1972.
      You can Hunt it here

    3. or here

    4. Maybe there are analogies here with contemporary or recent right-wing terrorism in the US that receives little recognition in political, media or popular discourse, or which is not actually considered 'terrorism'.

  7. Trump the face of new fascism, and a lesson from not-too-distant history on where it will lead. And the reptiles are throwing petrol on the fire.

  8. Ah Moorice, you've done it again!

    Junk science, UN marxists, world government conspiracy...blah blah blah.

  9. Brough & Briggs - gawn!
    Now, at this pint, the editor ought to be commissioning the 'toonist to get stuck into the hapless, scandal-ridden Govt. My tip - another pathetic dig at Labor or Greens, or one on the cricket. Such is the power of the Editor, to maintain the balance.
    In fact, we should all just "move on", ... shouldn't we? In the national interest, of course.
    However, in case the lampoonist has found his fearlessness, Briggs as Les Patterson begging a foot massage seems fitting.

    1. A 'toon that's less risque, but entirely within Roop's scope, would be the B & B boys disappearing into a lavatory bowl. LMFAO!!

    2. Oh dear. Sweet Baby bames caught feeling up women in a drunken stupor, and the rough Brough caught soliciting theft from a political opponent.

      Not a good look Malcolm.

    3. Of course 'Sweet Baby James'. Remember James Taylor.

  10. "Ewen Jones MP

    @BriggsJamie will be back. Cream always rises. A good man and a better bloke."

    So do the unfortunate little pieces of shit and lumps of pus as you would know if you've ever stripped a cow with Mastitis.

    1. Wow, Erica was quick out of the blocks early today fueling a Mad Monk relaunch.

  11. On the morn of the 25th I happened upon our religionist Auntie's live two and a half hours of papal mass. WTF? Anyway, standing there dutifully doing his thing, showing the assembled throng just how lovely a big fella wearing a dress and other accoutrements of a Sumerian fishgod priest may look, radiating health, and ably poncing around for the lengthy promenades about the basilica at that time in the Roman wee small hours was Pell. No, he didn't wake in hospital or in his splendid mansion to watch the video link from his sick bed, dipping in and out of a weary sleep. No, he showed 'em how the show must go on. What a trooper. What a miraculous cure the old stager Pell's had in the preceding week!

    1. Good sleuthing Anon:

  12. Here are two gifts for headline writer who haven't seemed to avail themselves of the opportunities so far.


    An Australian bishop accused of protecting himself and the Catholic church at the child abuse royal commission has resigned.

    The pope has accepted Brisbane auxiliary bishop Brian Finnegan’s resignation upon his reaching the retirement age, the Vatican’s press office has announced.


    Pell too sick to travel to Royal Commission hearings despite ailing victims managing to give evidence.

    And I'm sure you could make room for smell, bell, cell and sell in there somewhere.

    :) Happy new year DP

  13. Hi Dorothy,

    Happy New Year!

    Even after the madness of 2015, I am certain that 2016 will be able to outshine it in Loonacy. Domestically all the crazies are still in play and even with their loss of power, their madness goes undiminished. Abroad the insanity that is the US Presidential Election has many more months to go and the field is jam packed with wild-eyed crackpots. It all portends to be a target rich environment and free fire zone for your caustic wit.

    As for understanding what motivates the loons and a bit of light reading on a quiet New Years Day, I recommend this piece from a few years ago;

    More power to your blog!



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