Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Please, have another reptile mint ... how could it go wrong, where's the harm?

Just one more reptile mint?

Where could it go wrong, how could it do any harm?

But does this mean the pond must forsake the reptiles regurgitating other reptile offerings?

Ah, the Terrorists, and we all know who had a direct line to the chocolate cake man's office when the wall puncher was in power ...

But surely the pond can still have one last mint? Where's the harm?

Can't the pond have a delicious Oriel snack?

Such rampant stupidity from the top tenner. No wonder, as a correspondent noted, that Mike Carlton and others were twittering away.

Even for the land of the kool aid, this comprehensive re-writing of Australian history was beyond the valley of reptile folly.

Ah well, in for a penny mint, in for a pound ...

Oh she's in good form today, with a slap here, and a slap there, and sharply applied cane to Ms Farrelly's silliness ...

Now it's time for Master Turnbull to present his bottom to Dame Slap for appropriate correction ...

Oh dear, can we just pause a moment. The pond's just recently been re-watching The Shining and its excellent collection of music and its talk of correction ...

Now it's on with Dame Slap's "corrections":

Ah yes, the kool aid, which is of course very distinct from the kool aid brand favoured by the reptiles, which is Prince Charles for King, marriage only as strictly approved by creationist war heroes, and climate science inaction, because it's better to burn and drown than to do anything ...


Not a word about Dame Slap hanging around with fellow reptiles and believing the bullshit, but hey, that's why there wasn't any harm in having that last after dinner mint ...

Oh dear, got that one wrong. That's where a diet of rough Brough leaves and "no sniping" gets you ...

May as well knock off a David Rowe cartoon as a palate-cleansing sorbet, and more Rowe here ...

Oh heck, all that talk of food at Chez Mal has left the pond feeling more-ish and peckish, andthe pond knows that there are completists out there.

Now the mint's been consumed and the damage done, here is the complete, unvarnished Oriel, written by a woman who claims to been in the top ten, of the long absent god knows what, at the long absent god knows where ...

What a fervently good start, and so to the heart, the nub of the folly:

She might claim to be a political scientist, but as a commentator and an historian, she's in urgent need - purse the lips - of a stern coorrrection!

And whatever claim the reptiles of Oz might have made to editorial rigour disappears down the toilet with this column ...

Couldn't she at least have made mention of the 1951 referendum's result and avoided the cooorrection? Or was it simply so that the pond would be tempted yet again?


  1. For the benefit of the tape, Mal, do please speak clearly.
    As for the blowhorns, resident or imported, there is no need for the script is written already.

  2. Although I don't love to read the reptiles and be reminded of how much dunning-kruger there is in the world, I did notice a sentence in the gobbet you provided Dot, in which dame slap says getting rid of knights and dames is a no brainer that doesn't take any intelligence or courage. I'm wondering, so how much brain did it take for Abbott to introduce them? And did she slap him?

    I guess alpha bitches don't slap alpha males; the deal, as I understand it is they suck up whatever is offered to them and hope this time they picked the real manly man.

    Dame slap hasn't picked well has she? A long history of picking duds even when it comes to women, like the adorable (not) Sarah Palin.

    Oriel is some sort of libertarian isn't she? She's up with all the categorisation and jargonification that libertarians like so much - neo conservative and classical liberal - and libertarians do like the idea that are more intelligent than the average and that's why no one understands them and their stupid ideology - so I'm guessing that Mal's claim about his high IQ annoys a lot of them especially ones who like to rank themselves on these hierarchical scales.

    1. 'Picked the real manly man' Anon? Sounds like la Devine. You know, the heaving bosom as she contemplates his hirsuteness. You could see it in her language; she was kinda twitched on by that 'previous Prime Minister' - you know, the guy whose name nobody can remember.

  3. I do sincerely hope HRH Julie Bishop and her prince were served 1893 Veuve Clicquot and Beluga Cavair on the $30,000 trip between Canberra and Perth.

    1. they do have such nice white teeth don't they?

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    For some reason I found the Cookie-Lady’s gobbet particularly taxing today, as it was strewn with poncey 10 dollar words introduced more for effect than clarity. The syntax worked but when you actually considered an individual sentence like;

    “But if the tactic backfires, downplaying the threat of transnational jihadist ideology may empower it”

    It started to feel like wading through a sweet creme filling that only offered empty calories. Maybe it’s a bit like this;

    Maybe that’s how you come to believe you are one of the top ten intellectuals in the country…..nobody can understand you.


    1. Great link, DW. Chopra and his 'deepities' are the subject of one of the lectures in a Communication course at Griffith that I teach in. Of course he's not the only 'offender', but he's a useful example. I have downloaded the original article - much appreciated :)


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