Saturday, December 12, 2015

In which the dog botherer and the bromancer commit extreme acts of verbal violence ... or at least violent acts of verbal stupidity ...

Well there's nothing more to be said on that matter, thanks to Rowe, and more Rowe here.

But it does introduce, yet again, a religious theme for the day.

First let us look at the preliminary attempts to begin the quick sanctification and beatification of St. Chris.

Amongst the stunning EXCLUSIVES?

Will anyone tell them it's Xmas and the ABC has done a bunk like a politician leaving Canberra for the break ... or jolly Joe leaving his wife's rental accommodation ...

Does anyone out there notice the epic recycling of the BBC and Al Jazeera, as opposed to a little pointless fun?

Is there no end to the ABC axes the reptiles will grind?

Though the endless grinding away at Fairfax is equally priceless, and well worth what the pond paid for it ...

Didn't the chief stenographer leave the media scribbling behind?

Remarkable... and the quality control continues breathlessly unabaited ... (sic)

It's always hard to take a ponderous, pompous, bloated old pontificating fart seriously at the best of times but when 'the Paul Kelly' scribbles about ''the Malcolm Turnbull', the pond's laughter is unabated ...

Now some might be off reading other summaries of the reign of St. Chris ...

But the pond was interested in the practical work of the lickspittles and what splendid form they're in today ..

A always, the starlings whirl and swoop through the sky with a startling display of precision and unity of minds ... almost to the point where the pond's X-Files talk of the kool aid and the hive mind seems alarmingly real ...

There's the foreign imports full of breathtaking stupidity ...

... and then there's the homegrown variety, full of breathtaking uniformity and inanity ...

No saucy doubts or fears for these lads ... not like the doubters over at the AFR:

No, it's out in the streets with a nail or two in the baseball bats, and the steel-capped hobnailed boots, ready to start another riot ...

Now the pond was sorely tempted to do another cut-up, and challenge readers to pick which gobbet was the bromancer's, and which gibbering idiot effort belonged to the dog botherer, but it seems simpler and fairer simply to regurgitate their efforts in plain order ...

The result requires a Herculean effort to get through, but when the feeble minded get to scribbling, the pond embraces the heat in the kitchen ...

Hold that thought about social media for a long time, and let's ignore the stupidity of the bromancer seizing on such a pathetic anecdote and squeezing it lemon-like for significance, and instead let us pause to admire the usual refrain of how Tony Abbott is wonderful, and how everybody else is wrong ...  this is where that Rowe cartoon above will come in handy ...

Uh huh ... how many times can the reptiles of Oz scribble about the persecution of the Tykes while suggesting that no one does the same to teh Islamics? Naturally the dog botherer was twitchy ...

But back to Sheridan, and his astonishing ignorance ...

Now it goes without saying that Catholics are inclined to be ignorant of the bible, but let us remember that it was only a little earlier in his piece that Sheridan berated another for writing a comment so densely ignorant, stupid, prejudicial and jejune that he found it surprising it could appear in a serious journalist's column.

Of course Sheridan has an excuse - he's not a serious journalist, he's a serious propagandist and Abbott bromancing lickspittle - so densely ignorant, stupid and jejune comments are his stock in trade.

But even so, to reveal so little knowledge of the bible ... even the Knox version.

It was only when the pond sat down away from the church and read in full the King James version - in its time an heretical and forbidden text on the prohibited list - that the pond became entranced by the poetry, and by the astonishing level of violence and hate encouraged by a genocidal god ...

It's hard to get above the basic and elemental theological point that Sheridan is a remarkable fuckwit.

Now rather than go about it chapter and verse - there is much to get through - why not just head off to the Skeptics' Annotated Bible here, which opens with this quote:

There is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament of the Bible--books like Deuteronomy and Leviticus and Exodus. The Quran pales in comparison. -- Sam Harri

Naturally the bromancer has a gigantic mote in his eye about the bible's extensive list of acts and proposals of violence, and not just in the old testament and Revelations, but in the new - and let it be noted that in the new, Jesus and followers endorse many times what's in the old. The pond will provide just one example:

3:22 For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. 
3:23 And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. (Acts)

Now that surely sounds like a mission for life ... or death, as the case may be ...

Back to the utterly gormless and infallibly ignorant one for the closer ...

You have to be deep in the kool aid to call Abbott's remarks "considered", but let us leave this infinitely stupid shit-stirrer, lickspittling away, for the deeds and words of yet another ...

Here the Chris Mitchell template becomes wonderfully visible ... and events like the war in Iraq - you know, "Australia is a country of peace, blessed be the Australian cheese-makers" - is swept under the rug and far out of sight ...

What an ugly disconnect. The right wing commentariat cheered on when the west took thousands of lives in the middle east, but now it's all the fault of teh Islamics and Abbott is innocent and Cardinal Pell can't get on a plane because he's misplaced his heart ...

It is, as the pond has noted to the point of exhaustion, the business of fundamentalists to encourage fundamentalism, and naturally the dog botherer wants an unbridled run for his fundamentalist friends kicking the political can in a way which has brought Pauline Hanson out in support of the man who - using nefarious means - helped get her jailed ...

If this isn't a reflexive irony of the first water, what is?

Is there anything bizarre in all this? 

Well yes, it's that two members of the reptile commentariat should feel the need to slap down security advisors so that Abbott can continue in the Trump vein to shit stir and trade on terror ...

There's something deeply old Testament about that, or perhaps it's just the new...

10:28 He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses:
10:29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God ... (Hebrews)

Just go and die without mercy already ...

And speaking of the dog botherer, there has been an epic Twitter battle going on this week ...

In the end, it was all too much for Carlton, and who can blame him ...

Whining, sour, humourless, a little creep, and barely literate too!

But the dog botherer isn't blocked on the pond, he's celebrated for the whining, sour, humourless little creep he is ... and what better examples of whining, sour, humourless writing could be found in the entire universe this day than these offerings from the joined at the navel and hip bromancer and dog botherer?

And now, just to balance the ledger, the pond is reminded by this cartoon that shortly it will be amongst the Shortenistas for Xmas. 

No doubt the cock will crow thrice at the family gathering, but they were warned ...

More Pope here, but how disappointing that Pope should favour the FJ over the mighty FX, the pond's very first car ... as for Bill Shorten, Shortenistas, you were warned ...


  1. Of the god fearing.

    On yah knees, is perfect position for perfoming what pleasure giving act?

    That the murdock is not a god seems to miss the gaze of them income dependant gobbly givers at infintile central.

    1. For my sins I once had to listen to a ratbag fundie preacher railing against immorality. He worked himself into a lather and then came the crowing glory "You can't commit adultery when kneeling at the foot of the cross!" To which some wag sitting next to me commented in a stage whisper "Well maybe not in the missionary position."

  2. Another remarkable similarity between tbro and the dbot is their soothingly anodyne characterisation of what Tony Abs actually said. According to them it was a discussion, a simple putting on the table of some interesting thought baubles, disinterested speculation, with no offence intended. For a much more effective purgative one should read Alan Austin's latest in Independent Australia.

  3. Those stupid Middle Eastern countries. They failed to introduce the West's version of democracy into their politics, now they fail to contain IS with the West's military strategies.

    There's just no helping some people, is there?

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    When Abbott and his lickspittle followers, like Kenny, Sheridan and Newman offer up their simplistic prescription that all Islam needs is a Reformation and an Age of Enlightenment, they display yet again a wilful ignorance of what the West went through in order to reach our present perfect situation of "secular democracy".

    Martin Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, The burning at the stake of heretics like Jan Hus, The Wars of Religion, The Lollards, The Dissolution of the Monasteries, Bloody Mary, The English Civil War, The New Model Army, Cromwell's Invasion of Ireland, The American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Terror, Napoleon, Chartism, Unionism, Universal Sufferage, Communism all played their part in forming our present "happy state".

    500 years and millions dead in the name of religion and freedom. Is this what Abbott and co want Islam to emulate?


    1. DW, lots more events and movements could be cited, but one flaw in citing what may be the main observation is that religionist adherents to the supposed transcribed spiel of some carpet seller from the dying days of the Roman empire have for 500 years and more left millions of the carpet seller's own followers dead in the name of a hotly contested religionist freedom amongst themselves to be the one.

      Perhaps the main difference then is that since Napoleon took Egypt, not to mention Russian or Chinese history, they all were subject to the worst of colonial rule whereas the West, the colonisers, and the continuing imperialists to this day, were not. Reformation might do some good here. Perhaps the west will allow it in another 500 years?

    2. And as far as Abbott is concerned, the only 'reformation' of Islam that would be acceptable is to make it more like his fantasy of Christianity (not even the real one).

  5. Gotta love the wilful ignorance. No mention at all of Abbott's "superior culture" comment which stupendously tarred all Muslims as terrorists.


  6. Yes, what all of the usual suspects who talk about the very real problem of islam-ism fail to acknowledge or understand is that christian-ism is itself a would be world conquering political "religion" too. And that it has a blood-soaked his-story, including the applied politics (of conquest) in the 21st century. Indeed part of the "catholic" church's mission statement is to convert all human beings to the "one-true-'faith'".
    Meanwhile this website provides a necessary counter narrative to the usual self-congratulatory his-story.

    Chomsky described the situation in his 1993 book Year 501:The Conquest Continues - meanwhile 22 years later!

  7. It might just be speculation, so take it with a grain of salt, but I did overhear today that Kenny is considering journalism as an option when he's finished doing what he's doing now.

    Apparently his writing on Nauru has really turned heads in some prestigious journals.

    Good luck to him.

  8. Thanks for the Ronald Knox link, DP. Fascinating stuff.


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