Sunday, December 20, 2015

Has he left yet, good on us for having a go, and other wild tales from down under ...

The pond is always slow to catch up on things, but the Argentine movie Wild Tales (Greg Hunt it here, watch out for Walri) is a hoot, and Damián Szifron as close to Luis Buñuel Portolés as any film director might get, which is to say very close to one of the pond's most favourite film-makers, and besides the title of the film resonates wildly with the wild things that have been happening this year down under ...

If you've missed it, find a way to catch up, because it will make stories like this even funnier ...

Put it another way ...

Yes, the smelly old diesel motor is a Vdub clunker, if you read Tony Abbott should go, with forced video ...

But this is the pond's penultimate post for the year, and so it's in search of distractions rather than obvious truths, and what better way to start than with Akker Dakker ...

Say what?

The pond couldn't believe that line, with its double edged meaning.

Why it verged on illiteracy and surely some NZ sub must be to blame ... but no, when you read Akker Dakker this is what he wrote:

Relax, he isn't really say that the surrounding Arab nations attempted to invade and obliterate Israel with the help of Australia, the day after it came into existence, but the pond suggests that lovers of far right Israeli governments should lay off the white powder and take a course in communicating what they mean.

Of course people in glarse hooses should be careful throwning stones, but the pond at least doesn't purport to be professional and demand money with pop-ups each time a site is visited ...

Would that the pond had a penny for each time the wood is mistaken for the trees of the whirled ...

What else? Well that discussion about the way crazed cultists have made out like bandits with breakfast cereals reminded the pond of a recent Colbert sketch ...

You can see it here, and while you're at it, enjoy his take on the Republican debate here, though it has to be said that the current state of weird right-wing politics in the United States is beyond satire ...

You can read that story at the Graudian here, as proof that we're deep in the silly 'war on Xmas' season.

Trump also had a go at that, proving what happens with an unrelenting diet of Fox News and the thoughts of Chairman Rupert ... though you can also rely on the angry Sydney Anglicans for seasonal stupidity...

Yes, a capacity for child-like superstition of the saintly Mother Teresa kind is deeply embedded within the high and low Anglicans, just as it is with the original whore of Babylon...

Those who want to brood further might do a Greg Hunt and look up Miraculous births in their infinite variety - careful, you might end up fucking a ghost or a spectre - but the pond has other fish to fry this Sunday ...

You see, the pond simply couldn't overlook the dog botherer's predictions for the New Year ... because if this is the silly season, is there a better example of being fucked in the head or the tail than the dog botherer?

Naturally he provides a perfect example of the sackcloth and ashes mourning, the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth, that still bedevils the reptiles of Oz.

This text is so rich in delusional, deeply Freudian material that the pond doesn't know where to begin, and so - as Abbott's own electorate calls for him to piss off - the pond will be content merely to press on ...

Roll that one around on the tongue... voters would probably be happy enough with the Abbott government led by Turnbull.

So that's what happens when you consort with a dog ... fucked in the head as well as the tail.

As for that other matter of the ASIO DG, on which the reptiles have been harping of late, is this true?

ASIO chief Duncan Lewis telephoned just two MPs about the tenor of the political debate around Islam, and neither of those has complained about being pressured to conform, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said. 
The revelation, which is corroborated by Fairfax Media's own investigations, flatley contradicts media reports that Mr Lewis had rung around conservative MPs in order to whip them into line with Mr Turnbull's position. 
It also suggests that those forces opposed to Mr Turnbull's leadership have been prepared to put at risk not just the independence of the nation's top intelligence bureaucrat, but the very consensus on which Australia's national security relies, in the quest to damage the Prime Minister's standing. Advertisement 
The revelation that just two MPs had been contacted – each of whom had a pre-existing relationship with Mr Lewis – also weakens any claim that Mr Lewis has been "playing politics" by involving himself in the national debate about the relationship between Islam and violent extremism. 
Speaking to reporters in Japan, Mr Turnbull said that just two MPs, backbenchers Andrew Hastie and Dan Tehan, have been called by Mr Lewis. (More at Fairfax here, with forced video).

What to say? Well a reader provided a link here, to someone else saying the bleeding obvious:

Gadfly’s personal favourite came from retired Moloch executive Ken Cowley, who told The Australian Financial Review last year: “The Australian is now pathetic. It should have been growing stronger.” For his troubles, the paper turned on poor Ken and gave him a terrible payback. 

Classy stuff. Of course, the old boy is right. It’s difficult to believe what you’re reading in The Oz, whether it’s part of some loony agenda or something approximating what’s going on. If the paper had not been so ideologically batty under Kransky’s leadership it may have appealed to a much wider audience and would not be losing $30 million a year. 
Instead, it’s read largely by retired majors in Wahroonga, ancient climate-deniers, New Guard conservatives, boots-on-the-ground advocates and David Flint. (More vintage Gadfly Ackland here).
And, it goes without saying, the pond, a dedicated, fascinated, strangely compelled, observer of the reptiles in the their herpetarium ... with a loony agenda that explains the title of this blog ...

Of course what the reptiles want is for Malware to become Tony Abbott ... bizarre as that might sound.

Here's the dog botherer concluding his thoughts about the new year, without realising that he's actually back projecting to the recent time of deep grief for the reptiles ...

You see ... Abbott's policy foundations ...

That'd be the ones that led him to become the most despised Prime Minister in many a year, with wretched polls  month after month, and now a poll proposing that even his own safely conservative electorate thinks it's time for him to go and make a decent living elsewhere - except, as in the case of Peter Costello, no one can find a decent, useful purpose for him ...

Well we can expect more tripe from the reptiles in the next year, that at least is certain, and much sniping and undermining and wrecking and destabilising and leaking and lies and misrepresentations, and all for what?

So that the country can be as fucked as it was under Abbott ...?

So it seems and so we can expect many more highlights and low lies of the Wild Tales kind ...

As for the year past, there's no point going there, not when First Dog has already done the job here ...

What's that you say? Bronnie will be back next year to fight terrorism?

The farce and the tragedy will continue, like a bad Republic(an) serial...


  1. The reptiles are now making a song and dance about Turnbull texting ASIO with Hastie's phone number.

    Please God - this on a level with Miss Goody Two Shoes excitedly putting her hand up in primary grade 2 and squealing "Sir! Sir! Billy farted!"

    And even more absurd is the idea that ASIO can't find someone's phone number. Why else spend billions on hacking everything in sight?

    Jesus wept.

  2. Glad to see you've switched on WILD TALES Dot.

    Best film of 2014 by a long chalk IMHO, and it somehow struggled along to around $300,000 box office in Oz playing on a handful of screens. I heartily endorse Dot's recommendation - do yourselves a favour and so on.

    And speaking of so on, while ignoring the Kenny article yesterday - reading the headline kind of gives away what a tiresome treatise it would be - I began to feel a little compassion for the reptiles - it must be the season.

    Unless they are using a random idiocy generator - possible I suppose - they actually have to write this guff and nonsense. Somewhere in the cavern of their frightened minds, they need to return to the keyboard daily or weekly, and enter a world where Abbott is a strong, respected leader much loved by all, where Islamic terrorism is EVERYWHERE, and can only be dealt with my unhinged senators, and complicated legislation. A world where the broadband managed by Malcom Turnbull contributes to a world class state of innovation. A world where locking people away and leaving all their creature comforts to a shoddily trained security company just makes life better for all. A world where you call an inquiry when the ABC causes you grief, and the inquiry just vindicates the ABC anyway.

    This is the world these people, at least until the Chairman shuffles off and closes his twitter account, have to operate from.

    I know it's a chore to read this crap, but as you BBQ the prawns, please, spare a thought for those unfortunate enough to have to generate it.

    Merry Christmas then to them all. And please, don't mention to the reptiles that more people have died as a result of shit drugs at raves in 2015 than have by acts of terrorism in Australia 2015.

    1. You are too kind VC, much too kind, though it speaks well of you, if not the reptiles. They could attempt to become people, rather than pods trying out for the next version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers ...

  3. From Paul Krugman's ‘The Big Short,’ Housing Bubbles and Retold Lies

    If the historical record runs counter to what powerful interests want you to believe, well, history will just have to be rewritten. And constant repetition, especially in captive media, keeps this imaginary history in circulation no matter how often it is shown to be false.
    Sure enough, “The Big Short” has already been the subject of vitriolic attacks in Murdoch-controlled newspapers; if the movie is a commercial success and/or wins awards, expect to see much more.

    We were warned. From Dickens' A Christmas Carol

    "They are Man's," said the Spirit, looking down upon them. "And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased. Deny it!" cried the Spirit, stretching out its hand towards the city. "Slander those who tell it ye! Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse! And bide the end!"

    James Wilson (1788) quoted in We the ‘politically correct’ people.

    For, believe me, no government, even the best, can be happily administered by ignorant or vicious men.”

    Not to mention ignorant AND vicious.

    In the wake of Tuesday’s Republican debate, here is the question keeping me up nights: When we take barbarism into the very heart of our culture, how can we cure ourselves?
    A few weeks ago, in an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump said this about the Islamic State: “We’re fighting a very politically correct war. . . . You have to take out their families.”

  4. Well fuck Sussan Ley (why the two S's? - Can't she spell?). My wife has ovarian cancer and has to have two blood tests a week for least 6 months. At the proposed $30 dollars a pop for each test, this means we will have to find around $1,500 from our pension. And I'm still waiting for the $550 promised by the repeal of the carbon tax.

    The Coalition are heartless vindictive bastards who give Scrooge and Gradgrind a run for their money.

    It's time to woman the barricades.

    1. Sweet absent Jesus Anon, that's rough. All the best.

  5. Not to worry folks.

    Tony will be back to fix it “I will be working to ensure that we have the best possible government out of next year’s election’’ he said.

    Well, if he stays, there's a good chance they'll be kicked out which can only be a good thing, even if the alternative is led by your favourite polly Dot!

    Merry Xmas Ms Parker!

    1. Oops, forgot the link

  6. Abbott and Costello, separately, both unemployable outside politics.

    I just had a brilliant idea, Dot!

  7. Tony Abbott and Peter Costello, both finding the proposition of employment outside of politics a daunting one.

    I've just had a brilliant idea, Dorothy! They could form a comedy duo! A thoroughly decent, useful purpose for both of them.


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