Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Exciting super dooper extended edition special times at the pond as Tony Abbott reveals himself as a dangerously radical secular humanist, with schismatic heretical Lutheran, Calvinist tendencies ...

(Above: and more Pope in house of mouse mode here).

The pond is wildly excited this day ... so many exciting options, as the craven, mouse-eared cigar smoker slouches off to Washington, abandoning the fight, forsaking revenge, unlike the pond's hero for the times, or at least the day ...

Oh sure, there are some dullards in the pack, in the mausoleum, picking through the desiccated mummies ...

And there was the dog botherer, getting agitated about the Fairfaxians and Triggs:

Feeble stuff. It was Miranda the Devine who cut to the chase:

A bad moon on the rise!

But before turning to the bad moon, the pond should honour the reptiles' ongoing climate denialism campaign by juxtaposing this triptych of poignant stories ...

And speaking of climate science naturally leads to the lord of lords:

Now there are some who think the lord's lord can be safely ignored, but this is a pond dedicated to loons, the lord's lord's natural home, and so we can indulge ourselves with a few chocolate truffles:

"[Mr Abbott] had seen through this global warming thing for what it was," Lord Monckton said. "It's a very nasty totalitarian attempt to set up a kind of global system of governance." 
Lord Monckton, who is a hereditary peer but not a member of the British House of Lords, said he had prophesised Mr Abbott's demise a year before it happened because the United Nations "simply couldn't stand the idea that there would be even one stand-out" not accepting climate change was real. 
"I'm quite sure that without Turnbull and his own faction, the UN would have found it harder [to topple Mr Abbott]," he said. "But I think it's also naive to assume that [Mr Turnbull] has not been in contact with the UN and that they have not provided him with whatever assistance he required to achieve his objective. 
"I talked to [UN Secretary-General] Ban Ki-moon a few months ago. They know perfectly well that the climate is just a side issue; it's an excuse, a pretext. It's pseudo-moral cover to give the UN a form of supra-national, indeed global, governing power from which there will be no escape." (here)

Oh indeed, and the pond has further evidence of the depth of the conspiracy.

How else to explain Dame Slap - once a co-conspirator with the lord of lords - and the reptiles of Oz completely ignoring the revelation of this dastardly plot, and instead preferring to write about Bill Shorten and such like?

The UN?! Is the UN dictating to the Murdochians their copy?

Well fortunately no, because today is Tony Abbott day at reptile HQ, and whatever is being celebrated at reptile HQ is always front and centre at the pond.

Now once 'reptile HQ' would have meant the lizard Oz, and there's a respectable enough showing of stories, a little colour in the creek:

Now this is all very well and good and the bouffant one does his best to pour oil on the troubled waters ...

Uh huh.

And other reptiles were on hand to faithfully transcribe the deep thoughts of the man, with tongue poised on lips and at the ready ...

And the Fairfaxians also had their own angle, ducking away from that religious reformation thingie ...

Uh huh ... it's easy enough to see why they selected this angle. Delusional thinking always appeals ...

Oh that's a cruel jibe, that last one, but it's easy to see why the Fairfaxians are embittered, and why Chris Mitchell is now only a few days away from becoming a feather duster ...

Because reptile HQ is now the Daily Terror, and because the Daily Terrorists have the scoop of the year, and didn't they celebrate ...

Yes, that bad moon is on the rise ... and the pond, strangely compelled, had to go to that swamp, but not before paying due homage to the excited splashes...


Amazing exclusive scenes, from journalists you know and trust, offering that extra extra the pond loves.

Even more amazing, it turns out that Tony Abbott is a secular humanist who has no time for the Catholic church and the Pope and all that other Romanist nonsense, and indeed, loves deeply the Reformation, by which term the pond will understand as conventional historians do, the Protestant Reformation, that heretical, schismatic change brought about by Luther, Calvin and the rest of angry Sydney Anglican tribe ...

It's not often you see Catholics celebrating the overthrow of their superstitions, their devotion to cannibalism and transubstantiation, but additionally, these days Abbott simply has no time for simple-minded Catholic theologians of the St Augustine kind ...

Not for Abbott this sort of morally befuddled carry on ...

As the Second Vatican Council noted, "insofar as men are sinful, the threat of war hangs over them, and hang over them it will until the return of Christ" (Gaudium et Spes 78). The danger of war will never be completely removed prior to the Second Coming. 
Christ's followers must be willing to meet this challenge. They must be willing to wage war when it is just and they must be willing to wage it in a just manner. (and a lot more here).

Now that sort of fuzzy thinking is seriously Islamic, and runs counter to the pond's desire to proclaim the clear superiority of our culture to one that justifies killing people in the name of god ...

At the same time, the pond confesses to having performed an elaborate tease, a shameless shaggy dog story without much of a punch line, but at last let us now cut to the Terrorist chase, which has at its centre this wonderful secularist humanist understanding of the world ...

“The other thing that’s needed is a restoration of cultural self-confidence in those who are supporters of Western civilisation. All cultures are not equal and, frankly, a culture that believes in decency and tolerance is much to be preferred to one which thinks that you can kill in the name of God, and we’ve got to be prepared to say that.”

Oh indeed, indeed, all you wretched crusaders, you warrior Christians, take that, and so to the rest of the goodies ...

Ah, how long ago, and how forlorn that talk of climate science seems, because the war monger will have his unyielding, unrelenting war ... danger, fear, body count (forget the body count of the Iraq war), foaming, frothing ... why it sounds almost like a religion ...

But that's just for a little light relief. Let us keep plunging deep into the heartland ... let us certainly not pause to read How ISIS and Trump and Tony Abbott Enable Each Other ...

Boots on the ground! To defeat the crazed Islamics ...

And look how the Terrorists help out, with an image pre-approved by Donald Trump ...

Yes, that's the right stuff.

Soon enough the Terrorists will be up there with the masters of the art ...

And so to the quoting of teh Donald and his surveys  revealing the dangerous 30 per cent ...and the praise of the Reformation and the Enlightenment and the denigration of the the Catholic church and the muddling of church and state.

Funding for Catholic schools? Chaplains in every government school?

Forgiven and forgotten. What we need is the separation of church and state, so we can point out to the Islamics how superior we are ...

Yes indeed, no matter what Tony Blair might have said in his half-baked ersatz attempt at an apology for the Iraq war and the way it proved a handsome breeding ground for terrorism, this can and must be ignored simply as self-excusing rubbish ...

And it is not culturally insensitive to demand loyalty to Team Abbott and respect for Western civilisation ... because hey, two world wars demand some sort of respect for a clear cultural superiority ...

And where was jolly Joe in all this, while the proud warrior went about his business, making this day Tony Abbott day at the pond?

And there you have it in one, thanks to Rowe, and more Rowe here ... the reason why the weaklings and the quislings will eat out the heart of noble western civilisation with their decadence ...

Trust only the war mongers, promising eternal war ...

Thanks be unto the Daily Terrorist this day for making the master of conflict available to us all ... with one thing certain, Tony Abbott's not for turning ... and so there'll be many more happy days ahead for the pond ...


  1. Why are there so many photos of Abbott with his tongue protruding between his lips? This has been going on for years. What does it signify? Can a body-language expert read the signs? I should be used to it by now, and I am, but I find it increasingly distracting - I can't hear him speak, I can only see that tongue like a lizard waiting.

    1. Hi Anon,

      I doubt this is relevant but lip licking, sticking the tongue out and rolling the tongue round in the mouth are some of the symptoms of Tardive-Dyskinesia, a neurological disorder often associated with people taking antipsychotic medicines for long periods.

      As I said probably not relevant.


  2. So, so much to engage with Dot - you must feel like George Christensen stumbling upon a halal certification plant on the way to work.

    My favourite take-out line from the plumed coiffure is this:

    "But the message from Abbott is clear: he can distract if he wishes and will not hesitate to do so if he feels unjustly treated". The precise modus operandi of the badly behaved three-year olds in kindergartens all over the planet.

    The advantage held by the three-year olds is they will mature and grow into useful members of society god willing.

    1. Not god it is people who ensure that most 3 year olds grow into useful adults. It is mothers and fathers and other family members and also the society that Margaret Thatcher and presumably Tony Abbott? doesn't believe in who contribute to the creation of an adult member of society.

      You are right that Abbott is not a grown up man; he is a spoiled child who is used to getting his own way and never learned to take responsibility for his actions but I guess he grew up in an economy and not a society. Definitely didn't get raised in a village.

  3. "I would have won election"; just how was that going to happen, by recalling the F-16s to bomb us (the rabble) into submission? Delusional!

    1. So true, Danno. Seriously delusional and those thousands and thousands of supporters Abbott has are participating in the farce that he is something other than a badly raised child/man who was used as a pawn by manipulative people.

      This comment from a right wing nut job site would seem to confirm the theory that low IQ people are more likely to be right wing and the nut jobs who spend so much time revealing in their comments all the peccadilloes of their disordered personalities as well as their low IQ's.

      "You know, I believe Abbott is an intellectual and ill suited to the job of PM and I sincerely mean this in a good way. Maybe he’s simply better sitting on the sidelines and offering opinions like this that really does hit home and sends the left fucking crazy."

      The idea that "the Left" are sent crazy by Abbott's ignorant gibbering is interesting to say the least and clearly a necessary part of the delusion.

  4. Not sure if the pond looks at, but yesterday they had as their banner splash for the entire day a story about a dead, blind, Ukrainian prophetess foreseeing the destruction of Europe in 2016 and an Islamic caliphate with Rome as its capital.

    Apparently, according to completely unknown and unnamed sources, she was 85% right in her predictions. This apparently implies that she will actually be right 100% of the time according to the tone of the article.

    Journalism. Love it.


    1. Deepest apologies for misrepresenting their work.

      She was Bulgarian, nor Ukrainian.

      As a good Catholic, I will commence self-flagellation immediately to atone.


  5. Enjoy this groooovey gif DP. ..... OK, that's enough. .... Turn it off! ..... Turn.It.Off!!

  6. "And speaking of climate (...) naturally leads to.."


    Why have we failed to address climate change?

    By Robert Manne

    ...The examination of the climate-change behaviour of “really existing capitalism” might free us from impossibly contentious, highly theoretical and presently unhelpful ideological debates, and allow us, more modestly, to identify some readily observable characteristics of capitalism, the now-unrivalled global economic system, that are implicated in the climate paralysis we now face..

    1. How science is telling us all to revolt

      Only in the immediate aftermath of the great market crash of 1929 did the United States, for instance, see emissions drop for several consecutive years by more than 10 per cent annually, according to historical data from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre. But that was the worst economic crisis of modern times.

      If we are to avoid that kind of carnage while meeting our science-based emissions targets, carbon reduction must be managed carefully through what Anderson and Bows describe as “radical and immediate de-growth strategies in the US, EU and other wealthy nations”. Which is fine, except that we happen to have an economic system that fetishises GDP growth above all else, regardless of the human or ecological consequences, and in which the neoliberal political class has utterly abdicated its responsibility to manage anything (since the market is the invisible genius to which everything must be entrusted).

      So what Anderson and Bows are really saying is that there is still time to avoid catastrophic warming, but not within the rules of capitalism as they are currently constructed. Which may be the best argument we have ever had for changing those rules.

      In a 2012 essay that appeared in the influential scientific journal Nature Climate Change, Anderson and Bows laid down something of a gauntlet, accusing many of their fellow scientists of failing to come clean about the kind of changes that climate change demands of humanity. On this it is worth quoting the pair at length:

      . . . in developing emission scenarios scientists repeatedly and severely underplay the implications of their analyses. When it comes to avoiding a 2°C rise, “impossible” is translated into “difficult but doable”, whereas “urgent and radical” emerge as “challenging” – all to appease the god of economics (or, more precisely, finance). For example, to avoid exceeding the maximum rate of emission reduction dictated by economists, “impossibly” early peaks in emissions are assumed, together with naive notions about “big” engineering and the deployment rates of low-carbon infrastructure. More disturbingly, as emissions budgets dwindle, so geoengineering is increasingly proposed to ensure that the diktat of economists remains unquestioned.

      In other words, in order to appear reasonable within neoliberal economic circles, scientists have been dramatically soft-peddling the implications of their research. By August 2013, Anderson was willing to be even more blunt, writing that the boat had sailed on gradual change. “Perhaps at the time of the 1992 Earth Summit, or even at the turn of the millennium, 2°C levels of mitigation could have been achieved through significant evolutionary changes within the political and economic hegemony. But climate change is a cumulative issue! Now, in 2013, we in high-emitting (post-)industrial nations face a very different prospect. Our ongoing and collective carbon profligacy has squandered any opportunity for the ‘evolutionary change’ afforded by our earlier (and larger) 2°C carbon budget. Today, after two decades of bluff and lies, the remaining 2°C budget demands revolutionary change to the political and economic hegemony” (his emphasis).

      We probably shouldn’t be surprised that some climate scientists are a little spooked by the radical implications of even their own research. Most of them were just quietly doing their work measuring ice cores, running global climate models and studying ocean acidification, only to discover, as the Australian climate expert and author Clive Hamilton puts it, that they “were unwittingly destabilising the political and social order”.

  7. Did Abbott actually study any history when at school? If so he might realise that the European 'enlightenment' would have been impossible without the advances made by Islamic scholarship when Europe was wallowing in the dark age, thanks mainly to the mediaevalism of the Catholic church. Arab scholars were at the forefront of advances in mathematics, science, literature, poetry and medicine when Abbott's wretched priests were busy burning witches and slaughtering heretics. Our numbering system still uses arabic numerals. We would have lost the works of Aristitotle and other classic Greek writings were it not for their preservation and translation by Arab scholars.

    When the Christian Spanish were persecuting Jews and expelled them from the peninsular, it was the Muslim Ottomans that offered them a safe haven.

    What an ignorant and bigoted dickhead he is.

  8. Who stands to benefit from the escalating violence in the Middle East? Well apart from ISIS it's the western arms industry of course.

    In its latest annual report, British arms company Chemring says it is “well-positioned to benefit from any sustained increase in demand as a result of the conflict in the Middle East.” The report cheerily reminds its investors that the company will be looking to take advantage of increased military spending in both Asia and the Middle East wherever possible.

    Some recent customers include the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Myanmar, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Oman ... the list goes on.

    (Yeah, good old Morning Star keeping the flag flying for the comrades)


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