Sunday, December 13, 2015

Building a hell in heaven's despite, with Akker Dakker trowelling, or is that trolling?, away at the keyboard ...

(Above: the reptile readership on the move).

Speaking of anniversaries, as the commentariat is inclined to do - what easier way to assist with regurgitation? - it would be remiss of the reptiles not to celebrate Cronulla, and their glorious role in it ...

It will be recalled that the parrot got in to tepid water way back when ...

John has a good answer. He says that it seems that the police and the council are impotent here. All rhetoric and no action. My suggestion is to invite one of the biker gangs to be present in numbers at Cronulla railway station when these Lebanese thugs arrive. It would be worth the price of admission to watch these cowards scurry back onto the train for the return trip to their lairs. Australians old and new shouldn't have to put up with this scum. — 2GB, Alan Jones Show, 7th December, 2005

And so on and riotously forth, and naturally the parrot had his Billy Bunterish supporters:

Piers Akerman: It is absolute humbug and I suggest that any of your listeners who have any deep interest in this go to the website and read exactly what's taken place and they will reject ACMA absolutely, wholly. You have been dealt a very grave injustice…these people are a joke. Alan Jones: Well thank you for that. I mean the other concern that I have I suppose and you know me, I never talk about myself… — 2GB, Alan Jones Show, 12th April, 2007 (Media Watch, here).

He never talks about himself ... well why would he mention London toilets ... but he does love to stuff cats in chaff bags and drown them at sea ...

Did any of the fuss at the time impede subsequent outbursts, or induce a sense of shame and guilt, or even a hint of self-awareness in the parrot or Akker Dakker or the rest of the stooges clustered around like bogans on a beach?

Of course not. Reptiles must do what reptiles must do, and besides, they have a readership to consider:

Here's Akker Dakker leading off a typical blog post - you may google the text if you wish, but have you considered plunging your eyes into a vat of hot oil instead?

And so on and so riotously forth ... 

Reptiles never change their spots, and so Akker Dakker is at it again ...

Well there's the readership to consider ...

Ah, the joys of Einsteinian montage.

Back to the mob violence ... and can we have an emotive image attached, please ... because anyone mentioned can then be associated and held vaguely responsible for said image ...

Ah, so that's how it works.

So that's how Eisensteinian montage plays the game ...

Like this ...

Ah well, it's time to wrap up the fat owl of the remove's latest rant ... which it has to be said is as predictable as a greasy pile of fish and chips fried up in pig fat ...

The pond is astonished to find its heartfelt atheism being abused by a a fat owl who doesn't have a clue about the amount of hate he manages to circulate in the world ...

Fuck it already, how many times will the pond have to read about the reform of the Christian church ... and then return some time next week or tomorrow to read Akker Dakker and his colleagues having a go at gay marriage, women's rights and all the rest of the guff arising from the unreformed Christian church ...

Does Akker Dakker or any of the others realise how dangerously radicalising they are when they blather on endlessly comparing Christians and Islamics ... as if somehow the Pellists were the new fucking role model?

Strangely, whenever the pond reads Akker Dakker that old Blake poem comes to mind ...

Love seeketh not Itself to please, 
Nor for itself hath any care; 
But for another gives its ease, 
And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair. 

So sung a little Clod of Clay, 
Trodden with the cattle's feet; 
But a Pebble of the brook, 
Warbled out these metres meet: 

Love seeketh only self to please, 
To bind another to Its delight, 
Joys in another's loss of ease, 
And builds a Hell in Heaven's despite.

... which the pond takes to mean that there's three fifths of fuck all between a devout Islamic and a devoutly ranting and raving ratbag Akker Dakker ...

Spare us all their pieties about reformed Christianity, as they seek to build a riotous Hell in Heaven's despite ...

And now there's just time for a round of applause from the vast multitude of readers ...

Oh wait, that's looking a bit thin and bedraggled and pathetic. Can we have a close up?

Much much better ... ah that old Einsteinian montage ... always works a treat ...


  1. Wonderful isn't it how the fat Owl thinks that women in our so-called Christian society can go anywhere dressed how every they like because Christian men are so much better than those Muslim men who are able to control themselves when around women. Fuck me dead he's a fcking nasty fat fuck is he not?

  2. There is one thing (well only one that I want to comment on in his rant) that Akker ignored in is burst of Islamophobia. That is, it's not much good raising 9/11 as an example of the horror. Most of the trail leads back to what he called "al Qaeda" which was then led and funded in Saudi Arabia.

    Now, Saudi are the US's (and therefore our) friend and ally, and major source of oil supply. We never seem to have taken issue with the Saudis in the so-called War on Terror, and this being about the most spectacular act of terror.

    So what does it all mean? Are there "good" Islamists and "bad" ones, or do we just go on quietly ignoring their acts of terror, as we do Israel's?

    1. The good and the bad seem to change over time, GD. Sometimes Sunni is good, Shia bad, other times the reverse. Wahhabists like the Good House of Saud are lucky because they always seem to be on the good side. Something to do with 15% of the world's oil production, and a larger share of reserves, I think.

      Considering your chances of being beheaded are significantly more in Saudi Arabia than the are in IS controlled territory, that obviously has nought to do with it.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    "That might be a start but the reformation of Islam will need to go a lot further and will need more people of great courage, courage as great as those who were prepared to literally put their lives on the line to reform the Christian Church"

    Add Akerman to the list of ill informed idiots who blithely assume that those that sort to reform the Christian Church were a bunch of soft cuddly secularists. They were on the whole fanatical extremist wowsers, intent on imposing a hardline literal interpretation of the Bible on all their co-religionists. In that respect they much more resembled ISIS/ISIL/DAESH (whatever).

    Take the Puritans for example. Rabidly anti-Catholic, they gained a lot of power after the English Civil War and straight away set about imposing sanctimonious restrictions on their fellow citizens. Plain clothes, no festivities, no drinking, no theatre, no gatherings of more than 5 people outside of church, no dancing and no sports. They even tried to ban Christmas;


    1. Diddy, at least the reformists of the Christian church did away with that stupid vaginophilic obsession that the tykes had with mutha mary.

    2. But you're right, the motives were always political/ideological, rather than charitable

  4. Hi Mercurial,

    The veneration of the Virgin Mary always did have a whiff of idolatry about it, which is why she had to go along with the whole pantheon of saints offering specialised services in return for cash and prayer.

    I've always assumed that that the early church subsumed one or more pagan fertility goddesses whose worship they couldn't stamp out and just rebranded her as the Mother of God.

    The puritanical Reformists weren't going to stand for that sort heathen idolatry....oh no they weren't.


  5. Some light relief for those of an historical bent. The history of colonial naval forces prior to Federation is great fun. Did you know that NSW had a naval brigade of several hundred men, but no actual ships for 20 years? And Queensland suffered from a mutiny by one Captain Henry Townley Wright R.N. commanding officer of Gayundah. He had a falling out with the Government who ordered police to arrest him, but he gave the order to 'repel boarders' and trained the Gayundah's guns on Parliament House and threatened to defect to NSW. Her sister ship Paluma was left high and dry in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens after a flood and the locals tried to haul it back into the river.

    Yep a Python episode in the making.

  6. DP - did you know you are credited as one of the screen writers for It's a Wonderful Life? Best Christmas film ever.


    1. That box office turkey? We vaguely remember doing a Scott Fitzgerald pissed as a Pat Hobby moment script doctoring the sugary sweet soggy stew of tear-stained Xmas sentimentality, but the pond would rather take credit for its uncredited work on The Cowboy and the Lady ...


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