Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Warning: Murdochian attitudes contained within. Please make sure your child's internet safety filter is working as distress may be caused ...

(Above: and more Wilcox here)

At a time when Tony Abbott's government is doing its level best to make its thought crime legislation retrospective, and demonisation is running rampant, it takes a skilled apologist to weave and warp the message so it feels pretty tasty ...

In times of crisis like that, the pond always turns to the Oz editorialist ... a balanced and judicious reptile, who after a dose of kool aid, can always manage the chant, Tony Abbott good, four legs bad:

Yes, it's a sensible approach, and getting even more juice out of the controversy by attempting to make the laws retrospective is even more sensible, and is designed to put the matter to rest, and remove any hint of controversy or demonisation... by at least the time of the next election, or maybe not, because then there's the election after to consider ... and besides wedging the wets is an ongoing duty too ...

Thanks be unto the sage reptiles for their calm talk of notorious monsters. Let the drones fall from the skies on wedding parties, it's so much more clinical and clean.

Thank the long absent lord the PM has been strong and assured!

What's that you say? So was Hitler? Off to the Godwin's Law swear jar with you, and let us listen to the concluding verses of the reptiles in rapture:

Uh huh. Let's communicate the right message, let's show how we can engage with the Muslim community, let's conduct an early intervention and indulge in community engagement.

At first the pond was resistant to highlighting the Murdochian idea of community engagement, but it's important that we see skilled engagers at work, so show us Murdochian reptiles, show us how it's done:

Joseph McCarthy would be proud ... Joseph McCarthy would be pleased ...


  1. ABC Q&A panel participant, Gold Coast timeshare salesman and COALition LNP hack, MP Steve Ciobo, once said he wanted to slit PM Julia Gillard's throat! A clear and publicly expressed threat to kill the PM!

    ABC Q&A panel participant, COALition crony lobbyist, Grahame Morris, once said Julia Gillard should be kicked to death! A clear and publicly expressed threat to kill the PM!

    Why were niether charged nor prosecuted similarly to ABC Q&A audience participant Zaky Mallah who publicly admits once under duress (held two years in Goulburn max by NSW police for nothing) he threatened to kill some ASIO spooks?

    If charged, prosecuted, and convicted would these crazed COALition wannabe killer pair banish themselves from the country? Oh bugger rule of law, they are of the born to rule, the current rulers, so why don't they promptly take banishment upon themselves anyway? They know what they've done. They've principles to observe.

  2. Inside the Daily Terror - truly pathetic


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