Tuesday, June 02, 2015

In which the pond gets nicked ... and amazingly by a very dull knife...

(Above: as usual, it's the infallible Pope setting the tone, and more infallible Pope here).

The fascist streak in the Liberal party continues to grow, and continues to show.

For the first time in many weeks, the pond summoned up the strength needed to head into that vale of tears known as the reptile pit - by golly watching the trailer for the latest Jurassic outing in 3D reminded the pond of the sort of damage a herd of stampeding, rampaging reptiles could do ...

Naturally the pond suffered the fate it deserved and got nicked.

Now you too can get nicked, by gazing into the empty void known as the mind of the Caterists, as awesome and as fearful as the hive mind of wasps ...

The pond was wondering when the first blow-in blow-hard amongst the reptiles would stir up the citizenship debate, producing a hearty dish of xenophobia and paranoia of the kind the fascist in chief loves as a way of staying in power... so here we go ...

Don't you just love it. The mindless cretin has indeed just scribbled "love it or leave it", though being as dumb as a stick, somehow thinks that "those who prefer barbarism to civilisation will probably be happier elsewhere" is a kind of elevated discourse. You're just saying "love it or leave it" in a form of elevated discourse worthy of The Age or a ponce completely up himself, you useless ning nong ...

Well  after pandering to Pauline Hanson, it couldn't get any better and it didn't.

And here the pond must pause to note that it's a cold day in hell when the pond and Cory Bernardi could be on the same page on any issue, but there you go. It's freezing in hell ...

And what do you know, now we have to sit for a test to see if we qualify for citizenship and pundits like the obfuscating oracle can sit down and spend their time defining the principles of citizenship to which we must all conform. And if we don't love them, we can leave them:

Well let it be said right here and now that the pond has absolutely nothing in common, zilch, nada, nihil with the Caterists. Shared values, traditions and customs which include a Pommy sovereign? Oh just go away ...

But isn't that flood of words a marvel?

On the basis of the doings of one crazed man, suddenly the obfuscating oracle is all in a tizz and has to hark back to Walter Murdoch. Why not hark back to the assassination attempt on Prince Alfred in 1868? Why not brood about right wing ratbag Francis de Groot opening the bridge?

Truth to tell, the pond has absolutely nothing in common with a twit who constantly keeps talking about bien pensants and estranged Australian intellectuals, and worst verbal crime of all, the form of diarrhoea that could produce "the denaturalisation of the sophisticated classes"...

What on earth does that mean? All the pond knows is that a goose is a goose ...

As for the cluck clucking and tut tutting and the squawking about the concept of universal human rights taking hold, what to say?

Except that the fascist streak runs deep in some ...

Yes, Adolf himself brooded at length about citizenship, and by golly he couldn't stand any of that jibber jabber about universal human rights. Instead he managed to sound a lot like the Caterists:

...his dear bourgeois fellow men are truly astonished at the lack of 'national' enthusiasm in this young 'citizen.' 
They see how theaters and movies, worthless literature and tabloid newspapers pour poison into the masses by the bucketful, and are surprised by their low 'morality,' their national 'indifference.' As though movie sentimentality, tabloid newspapers, and similar rubbish could lay the foundation for a realization of national greatness! To say nothing of the previous education of the individual. 
What I had never guessed before, I learned to understand now: quickly and thoroughly. 
The question of the 'nationalization' of a people is first of all a question of creating sound social conditions as the fundamental possibility for educating the individual. For only those who, through education and schooling, get to know the cultural and economic, and above all the political, greatness of their own country, can and will be proud of being allowed to call themselves members of this nation. 
Moreover, I can only fight for what I love; only love what I can respect; only respect what I know.

Oops Adolf that denigratory reference to the Murdochian tabloid press is a low blow.

Well the pond could go on all day quoting Mein Kampf - Herr Hitler was big on citizenship and defining what made a good citizen in his mind at least, and even bigger on excluding those who didn't make the cut - but the Godwin's Law jar is full to overflowing. 

Oh heck another dollar in the jar won't hurt:

The entire procedure of the acquisition of citizenship is not carried out much differently from admission to an automobile club, for instance. The man sends in his application, this is examined and passed upon, and one day it is brought to his attention by a handbill that now he has become a State citizen, whereby this is even clad in a witty and funny form. 
Namely, the former Zulu Kafir in question is informed 'You have hereby become a German!' 
Indeed, this magic trick is performed by a modern State president. What the heavens could not accomplish is carried out by such an official Theophrastus Paracelsus at the drop of a hat. A simple stroke of the pen, and a Mongolian Wenceslaus has suddenly become a genuine 'German'.

And so on and on, though these days Adolf would naturally put Islamics front and centre in any discourse. 

Of course the trick is to get agitated about the destructive behaviour of intellectuals - Hitler was big on the dangers of intellectuals - but all the pond can do is urge people to read the book, and see how Hitler's thought crimes are replicated by people who've never bothered to read the original text, available in rough archive form here.

And so back to the Caterists for a final flourish about the nation state:

Yep, that line about unlawful non-citizens turning up to make a fortune is worth a line in Mein Kampf ... as is much of the rest of the blather about the nation state, so rhetorically beloved of Adolf ...

What sort of mind set sees the concept of universal rights as a corruption?

Need the pond answer? Surely you have your own swear jar?

Let's just say that anything's possible in Murdoch la la land ... and so the pond got nicked.

(Below: and what do you know, last weeks news is this weeks news, and more Wilcox here).


  1. The comparison of Mein Kampf and Cater's reptile Manifesto('s) is totally appropriate.The Fascist path of Australian politics is very disturbing.The fact that the same knuckle-draggers sitting on the LNP front bench are the same one's from the Howard days is testament to the shame that is our modern polity.Tea-Party sycophants daily propped up by Murdoch propaganda master's like Cater, and running at a massive cost to shareholders to boot, is enough to consider emigrating, out of sheer frustration.
    Calling Gillian Triggs an "immodest" HRC is testament to what a fucking lowlife Cater is. As stated before,this weasel faced cretin is made for a Brownshirt.His mother would have to be so ashamed to have birthed such a creep.
    I'd like his opinion on Govt.spending of $50,000,000+ of taxpayer's money to send 4 refugees to Cambodia.
    Like yourself, and many others, yesterday was the most absurd of conundrums when having to actually agree with something said by Cory Bernardi. Too bizarre! but this is Australia as never envisioned,even 10 years ago.Sigh!!

    1. How about the government pissing hundreds of thousands against the wall on Cater's institute? No shame shall be the first rule of the new regime ...

  2. Šešelja chides Frydenberg, whose side would a Cater take? Turnbull would have more than a care for his electorate's views. What about Abbott? Maybe Pius XII and his fondness for Ustasha is the role model for practical usefulness.

    1. Let us never forget the love of Franco either, Uncut Cash ...

  3. Anyone else notice the eerie similarity between the appearance of George Brandis and a Sontaran warrior from Dr. Who?

    1. The pond almost thought of deleting this comment Anon, since we are vigilant when anyone starts defaming Sontaran warriors ... after all, they only want to rule the universe, while George has bigger ambitions, to be the greatest patron of the arts in every dimension ever known ...

  4. Good onya Dorothy! A joy to read.

    But... Cater is a pom, Abbot is a pom. What ever are they talking about then? Die pom Volk?

    Anyway, how about LNP fascist prison clobber costing $370 a piece... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-06-01/pink-bikie-uniforms-to-be-sold-off-as-breast-cancer-fundraiser/6511702

    As for actual people finding themselves aligned with Cory Bernadi, scary shit that, but what then of agreeing with Madonna King? ...



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