Sunday, June 21, 2015

In which the pond expresses a gob-smacked awe at the inspirational Miranda the Devine ...

The pond was hoping this Sunday to stay away from the barking mad commentariat.

But after a sprightly Japanese breakfast in Pyrmont, and a tour of the rain-sodden city, something ineluctably drew the pond to the Sunday Terror, beguiled, lured in by the Miranda the Devine splash above, for it promised so much ...

You see the pond has been on edge of seat in nervous anticipation - sweaty forehead, dry lips, trembling hands - at the thought of how the local barking mad commentariat might deal with Pope Francis asserting an acceptance of the main points of climate science (let's leave "belief" in the science to those who believe in munching on flesh and devouring blood in a bizarre transubstantiation-al Sunday ritual).

And what do you know, the Devine provides an excellent piece that shows that the barking mad are determined to stay barking mad, no matter the cost to logic, rationality or the capacity to show the slightest sign of intelligence, honesty, courage or responsibility ....

It's appalling that the Sunday Terror-ists should seek to deprive the world of these splendid insights, so here we go:

Ah, you see it's the insufferable gloating that gets the perverse naysayer neighing, and so the Devine goes into full braying mode.

No doubt there will be a denunciation of the preening, alarmist-loving papist pontiff, as just another latte-sipping opinonista brooding about a trivial matter.

No disrespect to the Pope, but as he doesn't have a clue about anything, why would he have a clue about climate science?

Because climate science is all about clean waterways, recycling bins and catalytic converters and has absolutely nothing to do with coal or carbon or any of those other fiddle faddle things.

No matter, the pond will bite. How are all those recycling bins - reviled by the commentariat in ancient times as a blight on Coca Cola and other useful sodas - working out?

Really well, it turns out ... once people worked out where to put the trash.

You see, because prosperity and progress leads to less pollution and more care for the environment. Anyone in the eastern suburbs can tell you that. Just ask big Mal's garden help ... and Greg Hunt making sure the world understands it's coal, coal, coal for Australia ...

But now let's return to the Devine, expert on garbage, recycling bins, and the benefits of two dollar stores, because, let's face it, none of us can afford not to have a profusion of cheap throwaway junk that'll last a day after the warranty expires:

You see? The word "climate" appears just 18 times. Talk about a knockdown argument when it comes to a deep reading of the document. But when the prattling pontiff does use the word, by golly does he get it wrong, or what!

There is a very consistent scientific consensus indicating that we are in the presence of a disturbing heating of the climate system. In recent decades, this warming was accompanied by the constant rising of the sea level, and it is also hard not to relate it with the rise in extreme weather events... It is true that there are other factors (such as volcanism, the changes in the orbit and the axis of the Earth, the solar cycle), but numerous scientific studies indicate that most of the global warming in recent decades it is due to the large concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and others) mainly emitted due to human activity. Their concentration in the atmosphere prevents the heat of the solar rays reflected from the Earth to be dispersed in space. This is especially enhanced by the model of development based on the intensive use of fossil fuels, which is at the center of the global energy system. It is also affected by the increase of the practice of changing land use, mainly by deforestation for agricultural purposes.

Never mind, you see, Pope Francis really doesn't accept climate science, or any of that blather quoted above. He's just scribbled some nonsense and is using it as bait and switch, the way scientology promises to improve you as a functioning human being to lure you into their cult and then drain you of your money and your mind, until you willingly accept Xenu is part of the answer ...

But what does this make Francis? Well if you read the Devine, he's just a Jesuitical trickster, a mendacious fraud, a low-life flirty fisher, a cheap-arsed, half-baked populist salesman feeding the world some populist environmentalist guff as a way of luring the godless, and the chattering classes, into medieval attitudes to sex and human relationships and digital media ...

He's not much better than a car salesman flogging Tru-coat, or a real estate agent in Sydney, or the long absent lord help us, a lying cheating liar politician of the TA kind ...

He's nothing but a devious, manipulative charlatan, a soulless cynic given to Machiavellian behaviour of the most outrageous and corrupt kind.

Ah but remember, that's not the pond saying it, that's the Devine who on occasions has confessed to being something of a Catholic, and so willing, in some contexts, surely to accept that this charlatan is infallible ...

Now there's Jesuitical trickery. An infallible fraudster ...

You have to be a remarkable sort of idiot to get yourself into this sort of logic trap, but that's the Devine, and god bless the Sunday Terror-ists for hosting her and making the pond's load lighter on a rain-sodden day.

Now it might well be that the Devine wouldn't make the cut in surveys such as The Most Outrageous Responses To The Pope's Encyclical On Climate Change, but surely she'd be a hot contender for the most funny or the silliest ...

One thought still nags at the pond however. If the Pope is so down on digital media, why does the deviant Tru-coat seller take to digital media to put across his prattling papist message?

Stop it Francis, stop it at once. Why are you so intent on making the Devine sound an even bigger idiot on a daily basis?

Meanwhile, you too can get down with the Pope on digital media here, and join the 6.37 million who are down with him, and maintain the outrage at fraudulent digital media ... which sadly provides clear evidence that the papist's call for honesty, courage and responsibility is likely to fly right over the very thick head worn on a daily basis by the highly obtuse Miranda the Devine ...


Important, crucial information from informed Miranda the Devine Tilly's readership:

Once more the pond's blind irrational faith in the commentariat and the Murdochian readership is reinforced, but modestly the pond must disclaim any responsibility for the thoughts herein. The pond is only motivated by sociological and anthropological interest, and what rich pickings Tilly and her readership provide.


  1. Sweet Jesus and all her assistants, save us from Miranda. Or at least save her from herself.
    10 most polluted countries aren't the cosy western ones?
    Well they wouldn't be if all the core industrialisation hadn't been outsourced to the poor and minimum - scratch that, below minimum waged.
    Where's the heaviest pollution? Where poor people are producing goods to fill our 2 dollar shops and Department stores you oaf!!!

  2. If you're a fan of scandewegian crime noir you can catch "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" trilogy on SBS movies. Also the last original Wallander, in which he is grappling with Alzheimers and a corrupt boss.

  3. You're slipping Dorothy. Of course the Pope hates digital media! Why else do you think he offered indulgences for people who followed him on twitter and other social media?


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