Friday, October 24, 2014

The Crikey The

The pond was waiting for the moment that Crikey would jump the shark and nuke the fridge in its war on the ABC.

It came today.

James Paterson? The IPA?

Truth to tell, the pond doesn't need Crikey anymore.

We have the IPA and The Australian.

It sent the rag's few remaining punters feral.

John B offered these thoughts:

Eric Beecher, as owner of Crikey, is of course free to adopt any business plan he wishes and to craft a suite of editorial policies accordingly. 

What I am struggling with is a business plan that boils down to: 
a. Declare public, no-holds-barred war on your imagined competition, which actually has a symbiotic relationship with Crikey. 
b. Insult readers’ intelligence by serving up unadulterated bias in the guise of starting a discussion (refer to (a) above). 
c. Pee off any remaining readers by suggesting repeatedly that the most trusted voice in this most important of marketplaces, ie ABC and news publishing, is actually a flock of misguided and untrustworthy individuals with a Leftist agenda. This, despite all evidence that is available to demonstrate the balance and reliability of the ABC’s content. 
d. To make sure that all remaining readers other than those who have become lost on their way to their home site as they return from the Limited News feedlots also leave Crikey due to the boring, repetitious, predictable nature of this particular campaign. 
What more can I say but “I.P.A WTF?” Even Dr Phillip Nitsche, noted pro-suicide campaigner, wouldn’t support public self-immolation on this scale. 

Indeed. Though no offence John B. if the pond prefers "pissed off" and Philip Nitschke ...

What's left?

Why the assembled headlines.

In due course, they should make for a tidy collage.

Like this one:

No doubt the pond will be able to pose a bold question: Crikey: what war on the ABC?

Not that the pond will be paying for anyone to do the collage.

They can buy the scissors and paste on their own time ...

Time to go Crikey. Fold your tent and steal into the night.

Remember this?

Once upon a time, you could gloat and point the finger at the ABC for recycling IPA hacks.

Now you've joined the club ...

Desperate, tragic, pathetic. Over and out.


  1. MS Pond
    I subscribed to Crikey, back their startup days. I did tire of them and gave up some years ago.
    Sometimes checked back to see what was happening which always prompted an avalanche of begging emails.
    Yesterday I "unsubscribed" to the emails and let them know why.
    They probably don't care

    1. Ditto BB, and judging by the comments below the piece, they seem to be delighting in the outrage rather than caring about the self-harm ...

  2. Just me, or does this have a whiff of the Gerry McGowan/Geoff Dixon Impulse sell-out to Qantas about it? Has a deal been done?


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