Sunday, October 19, 2014

An important message from a dickhead economic robot ...

An important message from a man the pond hopes will someday become a sponsor. 

Here he is on the left:

Now for a little whimsical word game of the kind loved by university professors:

(And plenty more here)

And now for an abject apology.

The pond and its potential sponsor meant absolutely no harm, none at all, and would like to issue a clarification about all this idle talk about girlies:

 "I am not talking about girls. I am talking about economic girlie men.
I don’t think there’s anything gender specific here. 
Not girls, girlies, it’s very different. 
I hope you are not going to say I am a sexist misogynist." (here)

Now it has come to the pond's attention that somehow, mysteriously and inexplicably, the word "dickhead" appeared in the pond's header above.

The pond is full of abject remorse, and in the manner of that wonderful example (hey Matthias, have you considered sponsoring blogs to get your message out), the pond would like to present an explanation. It might be tricky to follow, but here we go:

We weren't talking about dicks.  We were talking about economic macho robot dickheads.
It should be remembered that unless the rare and largely unknown Terminator T-800a with penal attachment is ordered, the average robot comes without a penis.
We don’t think there’s anything gender specific there. 
Not terminators with penises, or if you will penes, but dickhead terminators, it’s very different. 
The pond hopes no one is going to say its a sexist or a misanthrope or worst of all a misandrist ...

Now remember, girlies are weak, pathetic, snivelling, difficult creatures, cry babies and dobbers, spoilsports and losers, put on the planet to make life hard for men. Oh they like ribbons and lipstick and pink, and the funniest insult you can round up to insult a man is to call him a girlie. But it's not gender specific.

Just like the pond isn't making Terminator jokes about economic robots ...

Afterthought: now you might think it would just be simpler for the pond to admit to a cheap sexist jibe, and move on. But how would that work as a role model for a site dedicated to loons?

And they keep saying only blondes are clueless ...


  1. Yes what re want are some real men who really know how to wield an axe to anything than gets in the way, human or otherwise. As depicted here: Such being the "tradition" that the hollow core man belongs to.

  2. Meanwhile J Bishop does not put a foot (size 8, Italian, neat ankle) wrong. There she is again this morning, Immaculate in Bagdad, after her seemingly, and certainly presented that way, button-hole encounter with Putin.

    Miss Pitty Pat

    1. Seemingly, Our Julie plays so well with the MSM that it's not even necessary to pigeon-hole an Australian role at an ASEM.

  3. After a leisurely weekend returning from Dandenong to Portland, I failed to notice you had gone into overdrive at the weekend. Of course, there was a wealth to work on from Abbott's Coal is good for Humanity to Cormann's 'Girlie' obsessions, which almost puts him in the class of fellow Senator and Tea Party acolyte Corey Bernardi and bestiality. Alas, Bernardi was forced to retire some time back from the Abbott front bench. (Even with that loss it does set you wondering. Is there a deliberate policy to recruit the most repulsive characters possible to the Abbott front bench? If so, with what purpose? Is it to make Abbott seem a moderate in comparison? It has failed even in that ingenious goal.)

    Cormann seems to have Hockey's habit of being unable to walk quietly away from an insensitive gaffe, and to compound the moment by insisting, against all the evidence, that he is right. Irrespective of how we feel about misogyny and misandry, there is simply no other term adequate to describe him than that of "dickhead'.

    It appears that he has a 'double or nothing' attitude to such moments by adding 'tautology' to his other traits, as a 'sexist misogynist' would imply.

  4. I think that's 'penile' rather than 'penal' DP.

    Penal relates to prisons.


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