Thursday, August 07, 2014

One other thing, regarding the holy war built into the fabric of Paul Sheehan's scribbles ...

So Fairfax sacks Mike Carlton.

And then happily puts Paul Sheehan hate speech on the front digital page.

Sure to generate a lot of hits. Good work magic water man.

Did anyone go looking for that other headline "Crusade is built into the fabric of American Christianity"?

How about "Milkhemet Mitzvah is built into the fabric of modern Israel?"

Fancy any of a dozen other variants using any number of variations of Holy or Religious War.

Or will you just settle for demonising Arabs and Islamics? You know, because Arabs and Islamics pretty much look and act the same. It's in their bones, it's in the fabric of their clothes. Can't expect anything else of them really ...

No, the pond can't be bothered linking to it.

But it does feel like reminding stray readers of a handy tip. If you want to wallow in filth and slime, you do realise you can just get behind the Fairfax paywall by using "incognito" mode in Chrome or Firefox ...

That is all.

But let's not leave the day on a sour note. Let there be laughter and dancing:

Oh and let the Bolter rage, here:

This is starting to look shambolic ...


What a peculiar use of the word ...


  1. Jolly japesters at The Age have juxtaposed Boris with an ape.

  2. On George's metadata collection, surely this will be open-slather for the pursuit of whistleblowers, journalists sources, politicians secrets, gathering info on someone who needs to be framed as part of a vendetta, etc.

    Why we might even find an excuse to investigate the Libs own embarrassing activities. Wait - ICAC is already doing this, with proper warrants.

    And the big question remains, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  3. With regards to Mike Carlton the Daily Terror is one veramente sicko rag by depicting him wearing a Keffiyeh and bombed by Israelis

  4. Why do 'journalists' vent such ire against a fellow-journalist?

    They seem to be particularly vindictive against their own kind. Note the campaigns in the Oz and Tele against Fairfax and the ABC.

    Is this like a dog biting it's mange-ridden skin until it bleeds?

  5. Can someone help?

    I remember a poem by Judith Wright (she of blessed memory) which was about being tormented by the beauty of creatures. It has the line "The creatures torment me. They of gilded breast and wing...".

    It was I think about parrots in her garden. Having just had a Lorrikeet walk up to me in my garden and politely ask for some bread, I am keen to re-discover this poem.

    1. It doesn't have your lines but it has the birds:

      With kitchen swept, cat fed,
      the day will quiet,
      I taste my fifty years
      here in the cup.

      Outside the green birds come
      for bread and water.
      Their wings wait for the sun
      to show their colours.

  6. Two things that are always sure to entertain: old white guys trying to explain computers and their workings, Liberals backtracking with egg all over the face when even casual scrutiny reveals how piss poor their propositions are.
    Hey, potential new three word slogan (TM) (C) etc "piss poor propositions"
    That could be a chapter in one of their shiny brochures.


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