Sunday, August 31, 2014

Like minds ...

This ...

And then here this, and much more:

So there you go.

It seems the consensus is just to lie down and take it ...

Meanwhile, on another planet, here, with forced video:

Uh huh. So with traditional marriage all the go in traditional Victorian England, and traditional India and traditional China and in many other traditional countries, poverty was ninety per cent solved?

No, silly, Indians can't have traditional marriages ... they're heathens, don't ya know ...

But there you go, that's the bit the Bolter conveniently snipped from his piece:

"We have to find the truth, and the truth says that statistically there is no better place for a child to be," said Mr Jacobs, the congress' managing director, and an ardent supporter of Russia's anti-gay laws. "Ninety per cent of poverty can be solved simply through the affirmation of marriage."

Now why would he leave out that last infinitely stupid remark in his defence of the right of others, apart from himself, routinely to sound infinitely stupid?

Quite possibly because the Bolter is routinely dishonest, and will say and do anything to appeal to the prejudices of his audience, even when he knows that it requires him to be fundamentally intellectually dishonest.

That's the price you pay when you're a demagogue.

It's the intolerance of the intolerant refusing to tolerate the intolerant, or some such bullshit ...

The only clear cut result from this gathering of fundies?

Why everyone from the Bolter to Helen Razer goes barking mad ...

And that's before we get to the actual participants.

Paul Hanrahan, the executive director of Family Life International Australia, used his speech to suggest abortion was worse than terrorism in Syria. 
"Many people lately have been upset at the terrible atrocities being committed in the name of religion in Iraq and Syria and other places. Terrorists and terrorists' kids holding severed heads is certainly gruesome. Answer me this: how is it worse?" he asked. 

So a surgical procedure authorised by a woman in control of her body is as bad as a beheading in the street, and kids carrying around a head as a trophy?

So much for women's rights, so much for gays in Russia, so much for gays in Africa, and in the meantime, so much for the likes of Bolter and Razer as they disappear up their fundaments in search of ways to tolerate the intolerant because it's intolerant not to tolerate the intolerant ... or some such nonsense ...

And speaking of the Bolter, here's how to approach an interview in an unbiased, balanced and objective way:

Thank the long absent lord that should be a short interview:

Dickhead: So it's absolutely useless?

Dick: Yes it's absolutely useless ...

Dickhead: That'd mean it's completely useless ...

Dick: Completely and utterly useless. But I should mention $22 billion

And also on the same show, that bubble headed booby Sharri Markson, is apparently reviewing the media.

Thank the long absent lord the pond will be busy on nose picking duty staring endlessly at the receding horizon ... or perhaps watching paint dry ...

Well it's as exciting as watching the Ten network with its breaking news:


  1. It's kind of weird, but despite the protests the meeting went on didn't it? Sounds like a victory for freedom of speech to me.
    Oh, I forgot, in whiny white man world, being oppressed is when you get paid to have a column in a nationally syndicated newspaper, a regular gig on Sunday morning TV and a Prime Minister who personally phones to tell you the news...

    1. That's the thing isn't it GlenH, that the loons were able to speak their minds, even when a vacuum resulted, while other protesting loons were allowed to point out their loonishness, and only the professional loons seemed to want it made an exclusive part of their domain ... and meanwhile the Bolter carries on as a one man band of symphonic whining and moaning loonishness ...

  2. Is GEM being ironic in showing Taras Bulba?

    Blame Gogol.


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