Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In which the pond takes a short tour of the Bolter's sewer, and what a blonde sight it is ...

When a kindly reader forwarded the above tweet to the pond, it has to be said the pond thought it was a joke.

But a quick google and what do you know, there it was:

You can, if you don't mind giving the Bolter a hit, find it here in Mass immigration and the Left have brought Jew-hated back to the West.

Uh huh. Figures. Jesus was a Jew and everyone knows he was blonde.

For a moment, it occurred to the pond that as well as being barking mad, the Bolter didn't have a clue what he was talking about it.

But that doesn't work if you drop into the cesspit that constitutes the comments section. 

Fear, loathing, hatred and abuse, a deadly cocktail of vileness. Yep, the Bolter knew exactly what he was doing.

Will anyone in Murdoch la la land notice? Will anyone in Murdoch la la land care? Will anyone in Murdoch la la land do anything?

Oh dear, there's the pond off in dreamland again ...


  1. Oh, poor DP, I hope you were wearing protective clothing when you wallowed in all that vile bile. When it's just so awful that it can't even be mocked or used for jokes, we know we're in trouble.
    Thanks, as always,

  2. Worth taking a trip down memory lane with First Dog.



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