Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Barners oh Barners, chicken little for the ages ...

(Above: oh the poor dog, who whipped the beast so cruelly? Why is there such suffering in the world?)

Senator Joyce said the $23 a tonne tax was imposed on businesses that emitted more than the threshold of 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent or more each year. ''Seeing that there's a 25,000 tonne limit, and then you pay the $23-a-tonne carbon tax, you actually do have, in abattoirs around this nation, a time where they don't pay the carbon tax, when they take that next beast to actually switch over to the 25,000 tonne carbon emission limit,'' he told Channel Ten. ''That next beast costs them 23,000 by $23 which - what's that - $575,000 for a beast, so it's costing you vastly more than a $100 roast, that one.'' (all this and more back in November 2012 in Joyce's $100 roast prediction rubbished)

Oh no, we're all going to starve, we're all going to die. A hundred bucks for a lamb roast, and then vastly more for the next one.

Hang on a 'mo. Are things so bad?

Well there might be a nice bottle of red and a snack for a few, for the chosen, but not for the rest, the illiterate, innumerate herd of sheep lining up to be roasted:

We either accept that we've got a debt problem and we've got to turn it around or we basically say 'no, this is only a small melanoma on our arm, and if we just wait long enough it will go away. No, as a financial melanoma, it will kill you ...

Oh no, we're all going to die.

Hang on a second, we are all going to die.

In due course, and with some possibly worn down by listening to Barners rabbit on and unable to stand it any more...

But wait, we won't have a navy, and we'll be closing down hospitals and the ABC will be certain to go, and if we can't have a navy, the air force will have to go, and so will the army, and if hospitals are too dear, why schools and universities will have to shut, and don't you worry about that, the poodle Pyne will see to that, and while he's at it, why not load students up with debt for thirty years or more, because we must care for the children, and the sky will fall down, and we won't even be able to afford a decent zoo to accommodate all the Chicken Littles falling out of the clouds ...

Oh Tamworth, Tamworth, what have you done?

Put it another way, Joyce's tough talk on the budget could be amusing after 15 beers in the public bar of Maguire's pub, but they're very, very dangerous if you want to say them in front of a remotely sane person ...

Well there's the light relief for the day, perhaps the year. The pond can keep going back to this bore for saline water for a long, long time ...


  1. Now, now, DP, you must admit that Bananaby is onto an excellent metaphor. "Out, damned spot" should travel and I expect all of Cabinet to pick it up. Only (slight) problem is that cancers are not "foreign" at all, but are errant tissues of the host. So, to sharpen the focus, how about suggesting BJ gets right to the point, and evokes along the lines of exterminating the vermin? I'm sure the Gypsies of St George, the Roma of Roma and the gays of Queensland wouldn't mind. However, if the rats are, truly, within, then someone has a problem.

  2. I did comment elsewhere that if half Barnaby's superstitions were true, he'd be blind by now.

    1. The Abbott front bench, whether in opposition or in government, has never inspired, apparently being more concerned about looking backwards. It should be noteworthy that Barnaby, as spokesman on Finance, and Julie Bishop as Treasury spokesperson, were about the only ones removed from their portfolios.

      Given that Abbott has allowed all to get sway with the most enormous barbarities in their public utterances, it says something about how far off the mark these two were.

      Abbott, or Peta if instructions come from her, should have issued an edict that neither ever speak on the economy again. We might have been spared this latest utterances from him.

  3. The more I look at that opening photo of Barners, the more compelled I feel the urge to ring Life Line or Beyond blue,even maybe the RSPCA. Someone has to help!. .......Nah!,fuck him,let him endure what he is.
    Whatever possessed this current group of mental muppets that they actually ever thought that they had something of purpose to contribute to society?.
    Loving the new "iIluminated free range Kim Williams" as an aside. Sooo wise and overdosed, all at the same time.


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