Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Music is in the air, and is that Dame Slap mistaking Miley Cyrus for Clive, or Tony Abbott mistaking King Kong for a climate rapper?

(Above: thank the long absent lord for David Rowe, and more Rowe here).

The stench of hypocrisy is never far from a politician's lips. And not just a demented King Kong dressing up climate denialism as a firm belief in action on climate change.

Was it only a few days ago that Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott were jumping up and down on the spot deploring the bully Putin and his bullying ways?

Yes, it was, it was:

"Canada probably has more involvement in the affairs of Europe than Australia often does, but nevertheless let's not minimise the affront to international stability and the affront to the ordinary norms of behaviour between nations which Russia has been responsible for. 
"I mean it's bitten off the Crimea," Mr Abbott said. "It's obviously interfering in Ukraine and this should stop. This should stop. No country has a right to bully another country just because it can." (Tony Abbott backs Canadian prime minister Harper's tough rhetoric on Russia's actions in Ukraine)

So what's the latest news?

Tony Abbott welcomes Russian 'bully' Vladimir Putin to G20 talks and issues warning on climate change.

Uh huh. Both Harper and Abbott take the water like loons to the pond. Come on down bullies to a haven for bullies where beating up the poor, pensioners, the disadvantaged and students is a national sport ...

And what's the news from Mosul?

If you read Isis insurgents seize control of Iraqui city of Mosul, it seems the incompetent and alienating and divisive Maliki has managed to lose control of Iraq's second largest city to a bunch of ratbag Islamic radicals.

Which brings us to that other irony. Abbott, it will be recalled, was part of a war criminal government that decided it would bully another country just because it could, and the war criminals didn't just stop at Iraq, they showed the Russians how to get bogged down in Afghanistan, as if the Russians hadn't already learned that lesson.

How quickly politicians forget:

Abbott’s discussion of the Howard government’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq points to something in his political personality altogether disconcerting. As a consequence of Iraq, certainly tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people have died. Abbott was a member of the government that took Australia to war on the basis of a false intelligence trail. There is, however, no trace of anguish or even defensiveness in his discussion. (here)

Yep, it's just another mini-jumped up Vlad 'the impaler' Putin down under ...

What a disaster Iraq has been, and is, and no doubt will be, and yet Abbott struts around the world, demonstrating an astonishing righteousness and "moral imperturbability". No wonder the imperialist bully is welcome down under. Once again, it's hard to pick the farmers from the pigs ...

Meanwhile, the Murdochians, as always, reach for the sky for their comedy routines.

Hmm, Roy Greenslade. Now there's a strange name for the reptiles at the lizard Oz.

And what's that on the story?

Why it's the lizard Oz's fickle gold bar which means cash must be forked over to the reptiles if you want to access the content.

So what's in the story?

Well if you want to know - and it has to be said that any contempt that Roy Greenslade offers up about the Daily Mail, the pond can match it in spades, and double it in 'no trumps' with contempt for the Murdochians - why not just head off to Roy Greenslade's blog, and read the entire story for free under the header Mail Online ducks questions from News Corp over its lifting of copy.

No doubt the reptiles paid Greenslade for the recycling of his content, word for precise word, but how pathetic is that? That's the best they can come up with in their war against the Daily Mail?

The Graudian!?

How long ago was The Graudian, along with the ABC, the worst of the worst, and the most vile of the vile?

Actually it wasn't that long ago.

Back in May, the kool aid drinking Darren Davidson - who ostentatiously poses as "Business Media Writer" aka lickspittle Chris Mitchell lackey - delivered a broadside at departing Grauniad's departing Australian website editor Katharine Viner and her "fawning profile" by mUmBRELLA's Nic Christensen.

Yes, it's all there in Former Guardian editor Katharine Viner gets Mumbrella puff treatment (behind the paywall because lizards must live), because, you know, the reptiles never ever ever indulge in puff pieces, except when it comes to Tony Abbott ...

Davidson's piece was all about the suffering of the paranoid Chris Mitchell:

“She was papped,” Mitchell wrote in an email to Christensen. “How does that compare with the hundreds of abusive mentions I get on Mumbrella, Crikey, in Fairfax every year or the 45,000 word knife job by Rob Manne in the Quarterly Essay?” 

Oh the poor persecuted ideological warrior and paranoid zealot. And now he has to enlist the Graudian's warriors to launch attacks on the Daily Mail, because the enemy of your enemy can strangely turn into your friend. Back to Kool aid Davidson:

Christensen blunders once again when he declines to ask the former playwright, who will soon join The Grauniad’s US operation, about its politically coloured coverage of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s daughter, which was roundly denounced by all quarters of the media. Perhaps Christensen wants a job at The Guardian. 
He rounds off his hero piece with: “Throughout the interview Viner is everything she has been described to me, by colleagues and friends: warm, charming, funny, engaging and highly intellectual.” Someone pass the sick bucket.

Sorry Mr Davidson, the pond's sick bucket is exclusively reserved for the days the pond strays into the lizard Oz and observes the strange behaviour of the reptiles ... (and if you want to read the mUmBRELLA piece that sent the Oz reptiles into a frenzy, you can read it for free under the header Guardian editor takes aim at The Australian accusing the newspaper of a 'misuse of power'.  And if you're in the mood for fun, why not take in mUmBRELLA's story Chris Mitchell admits The Australian has not been profitable since 2008. It might help explain why the rag would wheel in Roy Greenslade to fight the new war. So many fronts in so many wars, but not a patch on what the war criminals eventually produced for Mosul).

So what else is there this jolly day? Can we have a grotesque image from hell? Surely there's a bizarre sight or three on Planet Janet?

Yes, today Dame Slap takes over the daily duties at the Oz, picks up the baton so to speak, and gets down wit it by denouncing the buffoon.

Is there any comedy gold in this?

Well yes, The Australian has for yonks allowed itself  and its attention to be diverted on a daily basis by the buffoon's buffoonery.

Usually it's Hedley Thomas that carries the burden - google Hedley and Clive and you could spend weeks ferreting through the tea leaves and the runes - but today Planet Janet visits Planet Miley Cyrus:

Forgive the comparison to Miley Cyrus but Clive Palmer is swinging on a wrecking ball aimed squarely at Canberra. You probably need to be under 25 – or have teenage kids - to fully appreciate the ghastly imagery of Palmer as the political version of the young American singer who, naked, straddled a giant wrecking ball in her 2013 music video. Suffice to say, it’s not a pretty picture. But the emerging picture of Palmer as a revenge politician is not attractive either.

Actually the sight of Planet Janet doing a Miley Cyrus, in a bid to be hip and down wit it, is pretty unattractive, and sorry, the comparison is unforgivable.

It's as cheap and as obvious as the pond comparing Dame Slap to a Katy Perry video. Oh okay, the sweet young thing came to fame as a Christian, and has a tiger as her totem, but is 525.5+ million hits on YouTube something to be sneezed at? (Go on, roar another hit for her here).

Look, you can read Palmer's wrecking ball won't fly forever if you like (and if you know how to get around the paywall so the pain of the read won't be compounded by the cost of the read).

But Dame Slap has absolutely nothing new to add in the matter of the buffoon. It's just a rehash, including a recycling of Hedley Thomas's claims of the day before in the lizard Oz.

There's Queensland and Campbell Newman and so on and so forth, and this and that, all done to death already. So Dame Slap comes up with this:

When The Australian’s Thomas started scrutinising him, Palmer shut-out our reporters from his news conference, tried to link this newspaper to a break-in at his office and later dreamt up a doozy about Wendy Deng being a Chinese spy. Sure enough, the media fed on Palmer’s ridiculous claims instead of looking at Palmer’s business world. 
A fortnight ago, I wrote a piece suggesting the media look closely at him and his senators, who will hold the balance of power come July 1. Palmer responded by tweeting sexist nonsense about me, kicking off a vile stream of tweets from his supporters.

Oh just stop it, stop it. Week after week, the reptiles can't shut up about Clive and none of them seem to realise - effete chattering elite that they are - that the more they rabbit on about Clive, the more populist he looks up against their ideological zealotry.

Clive's crimes are now so frequently rehearsed and repeated ad nauseam that the pond now tunes out.

Mosul has fallen, war criminals walk amongst us, and all they can do is keep bleating about Clive and his resort and his dinosaurs and his feud with LNP Queenslanders, Clive having previously lavished heaps of cash on the toads?

What is it about the right when it turns on itself? Here's an image for Dame Slap, here's what it feels like reading the reptiles at the lizard Oz:

Well it ain't Mily Cyrus ...

Enough already, but it did remind the pond to ask what Hedley Thomas has been doing in between bouts of his Clive fixation ...

Uh huh. Sorry we asked. He's joined the witch hunt ...

Speaking of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, it turns out that the wonderfully intuitive David Pope knew there was music in the air.

Remember there's always more Pope here, now take it away microphone master, backpacker rapper, wack rapper, beat jacker and chip stacker ...


  1. FFS it's not Clive on the wrecking ball; it's Tony. How could the Dame miss that utube clip that has gone viral?

    I suppose she only visits right wing sites like Conservapedia

  2. Well, this is no surprise. Hasn't got time to meet the head of the IMF, but dementia-addled Rupe is on the list.

    And Abbott actually called him an 'Australian.'

    What's that old adage about he who pays the piper...?

  3. I think we get more value from Yutube parodies than from the MSM.

    This is fun -

    1. Same smallpoppy as above, thanks for both links

  4. So, Abbott is in NYC to scratch Roop's back. DP, do you recall the scene in Breaking Bad where Gus Fring issues the command "No more children", to keep Jesse on side? That's a bit like tobacco shills tut-tutting the bad people who introduce 12-year-olds to a lifetime of nicotine addiction. The ghouls, tools and gutless wonders at News have risen out of the trench to knock Plain Packaging (again). Ding- ding-ding-ding-ding!

    1. That illustration is fully sick Trevor

  5. Great, Hillary, just great. Only Jeb Bush 2016 and the center-right IDU's NLP now stand between the testosterone-and fossil-fueled free markets of the Free World and the bad behavior of bullying Communists masquerading as environmentalists.


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