Sunday, June 08, 2014

And then there's the Bolter and the Devine, and the killer tobacco industry, and the Abbott Gaia killer this meditative Sunday ...

By golly, blogging Bolter style is easy.

Throw in a link to James Massola's piece How they coalesce in the Coalition and an easy header, and there you go the world's most prolific blogger has done it again.

No doubt it explains why the Bolter is the world's leading climate scientist.

No need for actual research when you can just link to second hand nonsense, up there with second hand smoke in terms of hazard.

Meanwhile, on another planet, here's the Sunday Terror's righteous, indignant editorial this meditative Sunday:

And here's Miranda the Devine's contribution in the same rag, in what might be called Planet Miranda, which spirals in eccentric circles strangely linked to the erratic behaviour of Planet Janet in the sky:


It's labelled as news?

Talk about misleading packaging. It's commentary by a useful fool, a tool of the tobacco industry.

And are they Labor's rules? How to explain this?

It's typical of the Devine that she should bleat about the nanny state and "poor smokers".

As for criticism of the original story?

That’s why there was an all-out attack on The Australian’s smoking story last week, with the data deemed unreliable ­because it came from the ­tobacco industry, or inaccurate because it didn’t account for population increase.

So how does the Devine tackle the criticism and the alleged errors?

Well she doesn't. She wants smokers to keep on smoking.

If, despite the warnings, the cost, the ugly pictures, the plain packages, not to mention their social pariah status, smokers still want to partake in what is still a legal activity, can’t we just leave them to it? 

 Otherwise tobacco will ­become the “gateway drug” through which the nanny state takes control of every aspect of our lives.

What a stupid woman, and what a stupid schizophrenic rag, editorialising away like a bunch of pompous dimwits, and then giving massive space to a useless tool.

Sorry, it has to be said, she's useless, which is to say, so far as the tobacco merchants of death go, a useful fool, cheerfully willing to facilitate the tobacco industry's gruesome trade in sickness, suffering and death.

Now the pond will admit to an emotional and personal interest. Right at the moment, the pond is watching the mother-in-law - a cheerful kindly woman, completely at odds with conventional stereotypes - go through the long, agonising spiral into death from emphysema, courtesy of being a smoker and giving it up too late.

It's ugly, with the oxygen bottles and the wheel chairs and the shortness of breath that can't be fixed, and in the pond's own family, working class to the core, there were many previous cases of emphysema and lung cancer and so on, and so the pond's father's long death rattle experience of emphysema makes Devine's cheery advice to leave smokers to it, is profoundly offensive ...

It's an addictive, poisonous drug, way worse than some of the drugs currently banned.

What a wretched callous woman. What a careless, indifferent, heartless, cruel facilitator on the killing fields of life.

As for The Australian's story, there was a corrective, courtesy of the ABC (and if you wonder why the Murdochians want to get rid of the ABC, here's another reason), under the header Cigarette sales increase report a tobacco industry 'beat-up', anti-smoking advocate says:

There you go, got it in one.

Mindlessly stupid right wing ratbags rabbiting on about the nanny state, and never mind the cost to the health system. Oxygen bottles and wheelchairs and so on and so forth ... and the pain and the suffering ... the detritus and the collateral to the legal supply of poison ...

By golly, blogging Bolter style is easy peasy. Trade off on the work of others, and re-present it for the world to see.

So while we're at it, let's trade off on the Devine:

Yes, just as this day the Devine doesn't just want smokers to fuck their lungs, she also wants the world's leaders to fuck over the planet because she takes exception to the altar of Gaia.

What an unremittingly stupid woman.

Meanwhile, in the actual tug of war between Abbott and Obama and the Europeans, who is likely to win?

Well already, thanks to Laurie Oakes' story Confusion clouds Tony Abbott's Washington meetings, and the Graudian giving the obvious response a run, in Tony Abbott 'embarrassing' Australia, says Tanya Plibersek, already it seems the pugnacious boofhead has given up some ground.

By golly, that generated a hearty set of clicks and comments. And what a nice picture for the pond.

Meanwhile, the dissembling David Crowe has valiantly attempted to portray the boofhead as statesman in Tony Abbott has 'full' agenda for US visit, Labor says PM 'embarrassing' (inside the paywall because hagiography and forelock tugging shouldn't come cheap).

Naturally the reptiles at the lizard Oz do their best at the knob polishing but embedded in the story comes this shifting of the ground:

While climate change is likely to be discussed, there is no push to change the G20 agenda to include talks on setting targets for each major economy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 
Instead, the talks with President Obama and at the G20 summit in November are expected to be about encouraging clean energy rather than the more intractable issue of targets.

Sssh, don't discuss climate change. It's so altar of Gaia.

Let's just discuss clean energy ... and help out with the worshipping at the altar of Gaia

Want a vivid impression of a man attempting to re-invent King Canute?

Mr Abbott has said he does not want climate change to be the focus of the G20 summit. 
Meanwhile AFP reported Mr Abbott and Mr Hollande, meeting at the Elysee Palace, both pledged to deepen ties. 
 Mr Hollande said it would be crucial for the G20 summit in Brisbane to “place global growth at the heart of the discussions” and further the fight against global warming ahead of the UN climate change conference to be held near Paris late next year.

Uh huh. So there you go, where has Miranda the Devine's Cnut the Great worship (please, no jokes, or we'll have to be ahistorical and use Canute) got her?

Well sad to say, it seems Abbott might have as much chance of holding back the world's leaders as King Canute did with the waves.

So there you go, that's how you blog Bolter style. Cut and paste, and provide an ethical link.

What's that you say? The pond doesn't seem to have provided a link to Miranda the Devine or the Bolter?

The pond knows what you're thinking. "Did Dorothy provide six links or only five?"

Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement of smokers and Gaia lovers, the pond has kinda lost track itself. But seeing as how linking to right wing twits, the most powerful useful fools down under, who can blow your head and your mind clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky not having the links? Well, do ya, punks?

Put it another way. There should be limits to the number of times anyone is obliged to link to a dimwitted usefully useless fools and dimwitted tools ...

Take it away Moir, and more Moir here, but hey Moir's not a useless fool, just someone who points out the bleeding obvious:


  1. Did you see John Hewson savaging the budget on Sky yesterday?

    Here he is -


  2. I wonder if that nasty piece of work Devine smokes? I'm guessing she isn't stupid enough to take it up. Got a personal stake in this too, my father spent most of my childhood hacking up a lung every morning. He gave up in his late fifties, which is the only reason he is still alive. Unfortunately his lungs are so stuffed now he can barely walk 10 metres without gasping for air.

  3. According to this excellent authority Miranda counts as immature.

    "The Immature Woman

    "Excesses are signs of immaturity--excess drinking, smoking, eating, fondness for clothes, gambling and quarreling. Other signs of immaturity are hysteria, temper tantrums, the desire to have too much attention, intolerance, and inconstancy. The hypochondriac woman always complaining of headaches, backaches, dizzy spells, choking sensations where there is no physical basis is an immature person. "

    1. She says "Phooey"! How cute but not as cute as Dame Slap with her arch 'do it to me' look and her big hair but hey at least she's hasn't gone the full Sarah Palin.

      And then she says something stupid about 'our' economic security and making us poorer. This song came to mind and I found this old clip of a young Ry Cooder singing it.

  4. Great spread in the weekend Oz dead tree edition showing how impartial they are and have all out interests at heart...


    Nation need to hear true message on fixing budget

    The Coaltion must win back friends and crush its enemies"

    CRUSH 'em I tells ya!

  5. My step-father died aged 60, after 5 gruesome years battling emphysema. My mother died aged 70 of a heart attack, attributed to smoking, despite her best efforts to give it up. Her mother lived to 100 and her grandmother lived to 94 so longevity ran in the family (albeit less so on the male side). Neither were smokers.

    Having spent 6 months in a rehab hospital following a motorcycle accident I was staggered to discover that 8 of the 16 people in my ward were there due to loss of one or both lower limbs due to smoking. The balance were there due to road accident trauma (motorcycles & cars), industrial accidents and even vacation accidents.

    Anybody who gives a millimetre to the smoking industry needs to be similarly hospitalised. I'm right with you in your contempt for such a person as Devine. Fortunately, I do not subject myself to her contribution to the rag she writes that rubbish for.

    I think plain packaging could be enhanced by the inclusion of Spike Milligan's evocative description of the morning cough cacophany from "Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall". It was published in 1971 just after I finished my spell in the army. It reminded me of 2 years of mornings in the great green machine.


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