Monday, June 09, 2014

A good nap, Canadia ahoy, the Streisand Effect, Chris Kenny, and l'art de parler français ... yes, it's holiday Monday madness as the memes run wild and free ...

It's the business of social media, not to analyse, but to amplify.

So let the amplification begin.

It seems that Tony Abbott is the go to man, the man who sets the pace for slumberers.

Talk about remembering the fallen. They shall not grow old as the slumberers grow old.

But hang on, what's this?

Oh yes, the pond knows it well.

Well if you must, you can head off to Canadia trends on Twitter after Tony Abbott gaffe (forced video with gaffe intact), and catch all the trending twitterati twittering away ...

The pond will leave it to the Fairfaxians. There's only so much recycling and amplification the pond can bear to do ...

Where will it all end?

Well the pond was reminded again the other day of the Streisand Effect, well known to scientists everywhere.

You see the Streisand Effect has been proven, via rigorous testing, to be a reliable law, easily replicable:

In 2003 Barbara Streisand sued a photographer to keep an incidental picture of her house taken during a survey of the California coast off the Internet. The publicity of the suit, along with the net’s fascination and ridicule, made the obscure photo ubiquitous. Now if you Google “Streisand,” the incident is the third result.

That handy summary of the infallible law, here,  was naturally accompanied by a photo:

And so it goes. Naturally the law now has its own wiki, here, with an attached series of numerous and notable examples and proofs.

And naturally the pond is always willing to embark on scientific experimentation, and invites others to Google Chris Kenny and "dog fucker" - not that, the pond hastens to add, the pond is in any way suggesting that Chris Kenny has anything whatsoever to do with dogs.

The pond is merely proposing a scientific test to see how the Streisand Effect stands up to rigorous examination.

Sure enough, not far from the top in the web search comes this:

Now there's a claim to immortality, and truth to tell, when you think of Kenny's scribbles, it's good he has a genuine claim to fame. 

The pond now invites others to do the same test, with the 'safe filter' off, for Google images.

Oh dear.

Naturally the pond invokes the Bill Leak defence:

As Chris Mitchell wisely explained, in outlining the differences between the images:

Guardian Australia asked the Australian’s editor-in-chief, Chris Mitchell, if he ever apologised for the Leak and what he saw as the difference between that cartoon and the image of Kenny and the dog. 
He replied: “Bill’s cartoon was in response to one published about Alex Downer on page one of the tabloids in Indonesia.” 
The furore over those 2006 cartoons quickly faded. But they featured the prime minister of Australia and the president of Indonesia. The Chaser had mocked Chris Kenny. (here)

You see, if you do it in response to northern heathens, it's just jolly good fun.

If only Chris Kenny might be remembered as the man who gave Babs a run for her money.

But the Chaser only mocked Chris Kenny, a fish and chips wrapper man, or at least a digital waste of space, and besides there's a new contender:

Ah well, it's a holiday Monday and rain and madness are in the air.

Why shouldn't the memes come out and dance with joy and laughter?

Time for tears later.

Naturally the pond joins everyone expert in French to sing the song. After all, the pond shares a natural fluency in French with another heroic speaker of that strange and exotic tongue:

Ah bonjour mes jeunes amis français avez-vous réalisé que nous serions sur youtube ensemble? Quelle humiliation pour vous. Vous pouvez regarder ici.

And now mes amis let us raise our voices together:

O Canadiiiiaaaaa! Terre de nos aïeux, 
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!

Phew, that's enough memes for the day. The pond is experiencing overload.

Say what? WTF? German rocket cats? And they're here?

Does thinking of Tony Abbott invariably lead one to think of what might be done to a cat in the name of war?

Sheesh, another scientific experiment to pursue ...


  1. Bats, cats, rats, dogs, elephants, dolphins, pigs, pigeons - even chickens (they were used used to keep underground atomic missiles above freezing point so the electronics would work). The armies of the world are regular Noah's arks of destruction.

  2. Back in the ancient days pre-TV when radio ruled, there used to be a commercial for Buckleys Canadio Mixture, guaranteed to cure you of coughs and cold. Perhaps Abbott had that in mind, assuming no Kool-aid was available.

  3. I'm a lumberjack and... looks like Clive is recovering from a bout of Creosotitis and aww look at Wilkie the purest of choirboys, cute.

  4. Have you got this extension installed Dorothy?

    I find it helps somewhat, that way you only have to read the idiocy not view the architect of the derps.

  5. Breaking news from His Master's voice: "PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has received a formal welcome with military honours in Ottawa."


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