Sunday, March 09, 2014

A Sunday dose of haiku ... or dinosaurs at ten paces ...

So here's a tale of folly.

The original posts can be read here, with all the original links intact. What an invaluable service it is. Head off there if you want the folly in all its unvarnished glory.

Below are mere screen caps, but the pond has decided, with the prompting of a helpful correspondent, that it really is worth celebrating Chris Kenny's ineffable stupidity, and helping spread the fresh evidence of that old news a little further.

The pond wouldn't know Scott Ludlam from a bar of soap, and doesn't share his politics, but hey, a man with a sense of humour will always do a drone like Chris Kenny a serious amount of damage.

First the opening salvoes:

Uh huh, building nicely. Then to the smackdown:

Ouch. And what's worse, passing true ...

But Kenny, being a doofus, wants more, and comes back with a particularly pathetic effort.

You know you've been stung when, school bully style, all you can come back with is "that's not funny", or "that's not smart", while at the same time showing the sort of hysterical fear and loathing of the ABC typical of the average reptile.

Another smack down!

But then Kenny led with this chin, like Sonny Liston (ah didn't the Irish nuns love Cassius Clay, as he was then known). 

Come on, defend the vile and the indefensible. How's that for an opening gambit to get a guest on the show? Not to mention a logical non sequitur of the first water (a comic non sequitur is another matter). Why bother defending the indefensible? Why bother talking or tweeting about it? Why try to create wriggle room with "they seem". That's bloody unseemly ...

Then  Mark Colvin jumped into the game, making a seemingly sensible point which in reality was yet another smack down. 

Naturally Kenny bites, and how better to do it than to compare Ludlam to Pauline Hanson? Throw in a bit of pedantry just to keep things brewing.
Is a person who makes a vile speech vile? Well apparently not in Kenny's la la land:

And yes, the point does stand, and Kenny's simply too thick to get it, because talking to a very tightly closed steel trap, or perhaps a giant clam is an oyster or a limpet mount too far.

Start with an open mind? A recent portrait of Chris Kenny (artistic license involved):

Of course if you're a glutton for punishment, and want more gruel, you can head off to the twittering twit tweeting away, here, seemingly incapable of understanding that some people should give up the thumb. Naturally he has a group of footballers in a huddle at the head of the page.

You can get it in the retweets:

Or you can get it direct, with ineffable stupidity intact, and all Kenny's own work:

And if that's the best shot Kenny's got, you can see why Ludlam wiped the floor with him.

But at least the whole exchange established one thing and explained why the litigious Kenny is currently doing battle with the ABC.

The man has absolutely no sense of humour, but along with most of the shock jock media, an overwhelming, if insecure, sense of his own importance. Who knows he might even get agitated about being compared to a limpet ... and not because it's insulting to limpets just going about their daily business ...

Ego incapable of going on a search for intelligence ...

And Kenny's twitter style is eerily reminiscent of someone else, here:

Looking to punish demented plutocrats? Especially ones running criminal enterprises in the UK?

Easy! Freeze and impound all cash and assets of oligarch living in US on the four top floors of and apartment block ...

Some might suggest that Twitter has reduced the level of debate and discussion in the public domain. Having been given a right old shellacking in the social media, no doubt the reptiles are harumphing and howling at all that's wrong with the full to overflowing intertubes.

But the pond prefers to think of it as a revival of koans and haiku, in which the dense can reveal how truly dumb they are, and perhaps help those around them on the path to enlightenment:

Ah, summer grasses! 
 All that remains 
 Of the warriors dreams. (more here)

Thanks Basho, perhaps we could put it another way:

Just as the reign of the dinosaurs 

Was cut short 
To their great surprise, 
It may be 
That the Abbott government 
Will appear as nothing more 
Than a thin, greasy layer 
In the core sample 
Of future political scientists 
Drilling back 
Into the early years of the 21st century. (and the rest here)

(Below: speaking of dinosaurs, found here)


  1. Also, Dorothy, if you know Kenny's M.O. on twitter, a request for further details might be a precursor to [not so] veiled threats. He is the Uber Troll and a bully: demanding names and addresses of people who dare to take him on in the twitterverse

  2. Thanks, DP, for dotting the i's and crossing the t's in this amusing exchange. I enjoyed your line “But then Kenny led with this chin” proving once again what a fool he is. As the saying goes: “fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  3. DP, of the 140 character limit in Twitter, Kenny, made use of only 91 when he twitted, or is it twittered: or in Kenny’s case is it twatted?

    “Life-changing truism for the Left: no matter how rich Bruce Springstein gets, it doesn’t make me any poorer”

    I mean, he had more than enough characters left over to complete it with “or wiser”.

  4. Might one be so bold as to recommend 2012 Years A Slave, if it's dinosaurs or the Yellow King or a time-travelling mock-hero with a trophy fetish you're after?


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