Sunday, February 09, 2014

A little news from Indonesia ...

The pond's Indonesia correspondent has been sending in a steady supply of items.

First a comedy item in the Asia Weekly Feb 7-13, page 2, which suggests Malcolm Turnbull is now in charge of Indonesia's broadband:

For your amusement, here's the top ten best and the top ten slowest.

As for Australia? Well here we were in 2013:

According to data from broadband research company Ookla, Canadians on average had the 38th fastest internet speeds in the world. Among developed countries, only a handful had slower internet speeds than Canada, among them Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Only a handful slower than the Canucks! Down there with the Kiwis and the land of Silvio.

Behind the Canucks, and the Canucks considered themselves losers and dropkicks!

Go on, check it out the down under score here

More string, sealing wax and tin cans please, big Mal ...

And then there was this in the Jakarta Post, on Feb 7th, on page 5:

And then if you want an impression of what it's like to ride in a lifeboat of the kind found on tankers, why not take a look at Captain Phillips.

Not recommended for claustrophobes but perfectly fine for women and children, and don't you get worried about violations of international law.

Remember, Aussie Aussie oi oi oi, right or wrong or lost at sea ...


  1. If the Navy's done nothing wrong they have nothing to hide, as Joseph McCarthy would say.

  2. So right on cue, enter the great big spotlight... pointed somewhere else, off course.


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