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Taking time to koan with chairmen Rupert and James, and grokking about girlies with Gra Gra ...

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It's been awhile since the pond has dropped in on the koans of Chairman Rupert, and he has just broken his recent twitter silence with a magisterial fourth of July remark regarding immigration.

But not a single twitter about other matters currently raging on the internet. Never apologise in a meaningful way, never explain, always denounce.

Golden rules, and, as always, there are gems amongst the rubble:

Australian public
Now totally disgusted
With Labor party
Wrecking county
With it's sordid intrigues.
Now for a quick election ...

Oh wait, oh no, with it's sordid intrigues? Damn you possessive, damn you apostrophe, damn you to hell you dirty apes ...

Is this why the great traditions of western journalism have gone to hell in a handbasket?

Did Chairman Rupert ever learn the golden rule, it's means it is or it has, and should never ever be a possessive?

Clearly he doesn't know or care because his twittering is full of wayward ways with words - he accepts the law of the clunky thumb - and so he fills the intertubes full of wretched work which would see a first year cadet given a three strike warning in the good old days ...

Never mind, the reason we suddenly thought of the Chairman came from catching Channel Four promoting a tape which revealed Rupert speaking with a forked tongue.

Now for anyone interested in the Chairman this is old news.

There are two golden rules on the path to riches:

1. Convince other people to observe ethical standards;
2. Make out like a bandit by stretching said ethical standards as much as you can.

Stand back and watch the ethical mugs lose out; collect bundles of cash.

But what's the pond going on about?  Well the story broke on Exaro here,  but you happen to need some cash in the paw to access the joint.

For punters like the pond, ruined by Tom Waterhouse and the Nine network, you're better off on Channel 4, here, or any of a dozen other places peddling the goodies, like The Independent here, or The Guardian here.

Now there's no need for the pond to recycle all the juicy details - Roy Greenslade has already dined out on the feast here, and you can too - but it surely made the pond's day last night cruising around the headlines as the good old Chairman copped yet another bruising.

And to be fair, while Murdoch didn't get a run on the front page of the lizard Oz this morning, he did turn up in the media section:

But there's the rub. They want you to pay to read the ways of the mendacious Murdoch! And it wasn't even their scoop, and what's the bet they'll spin it the way of the boss. Yes, yes, they wrap up the story this way:

News Corp later issued a statement saying: "No other company has done as much to identify what went wrong, compensate the victims, and ensure the same mistakes do not happen again.'' 
Murdoch was showing "understandable empathy" with Sun staff, the News of the World's sister paper, it added.

Waiter, another serve of tongue please, and can we have a crocodile shedding tears as a side dish ...

Murdoch was of course practising the devious art of pandering to one audience, having already pandered to others in a public way, and stands revealed a dissembling hypocrite.

Oh okay that's hardly news or a fresh insight, but anyone with an interest in the art of the western will know what best captured the devious Murdoch's ways.

No, not the pile of digital crap dumped in the cinemas at the moment, the real deal:

Ah yes, you speak with forked tongue, kemosabe ...

Of course the real meaning of the leak is that someone made a recording at the meeting, as a way of getting the goods on Rupe, lining up some possible payback, if it was felt that Chairman Rupert didn't deliver.

Clearly the person who did the recording felt Rupert had dudded them. And now it's out there, and ain't payback a bitch?

Oh yes, it put quite a spring in the pond's step, and not just because it's the weekend.

You might have your own pet word's - like double-dealing or duplicitous or scurvy knave (oh come on, that apostrophe was a joke, get up and have a dance, don't just sit there brooding, we live in post-grammatical and ethical times).

And even better all the fuss means there's not much time to spend with the lickspittle knave commentariat who alway suck up to the Chairman.

For a start, we won't be reading Gra Gra:

Get over it girls?

That's your opening pitch to women? That's the bold bright way the Labor party intends to woo women voters?

Oh go fuck yourself while tracking your Swiss bank accounts, but thanks for explaining in a few words to the pond, why not voting for the Labor party will be an invigorating experience.

It'll come as news to Richo, but back in the 1930s there was a famous line celebrated in the title of a documentary about Australian films:

That was the 1930s (in a 1937 Ken G. Hall flick called Lovers and Luggers if you must know).

The pond is standing by and will let you know of the first sign that Richardson has reached the 1920s and the talkies...

But don't hold your breath, it could be a long wait.

And so to a lighter note. Sydney siders awoke to this vision:

Is it a kind of shadow,
Reaching into the night,
Wandering over Barangaroo unseen
Or is it a dream?

Well big Bazza's got himself into a mess with shooting in national parks, and the pond cheerfully predicts there'll be tears long after he takes the hefty deposit for Packer's vision.

The pond remembers visiting Vegas and contemplating the hole in the ground that represented another Packer dream ...

Let's hope the Chinese stay the course, if only so Sydney can remain a Packer playground ...

And finally since we've been on a period comic kick, how about this old Davy Crockett?

Truly if you accept this sort of routine, you're more than ready for chairmans Rupert and James ...

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  1. Dorothy
    If you do not mind i would shift emphasis to Murdochs dishonesty by buying people off and I suspect GRA GRA maybe had to repay a debt for past favours for court coverage and swiss bank accounts.


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