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Getting potty mouthed about potty mouthers mouthing off about potty mouthers ...

(Above: are you sure you want to know more? The bugs might get you).

It's never been exactly clear to the pond why intertubes forums infested by loons exist, or what point they serve.

Take Tory Shepherd - anyone, anyone at all? - and her incisive demolition of Mel Gibson, channeling Joe Eszterhas (he wrote Showgirls for $2m., he must be a genius) in Gibson: Is it time to take pity on the racist potty mouth?

No doubt she meant well. Kick Mel Gibson, call him a racist potty mouth - such a putdown, been working ever since kindergarten - stir the possum, provide a few links, job well done, retire content. The punch-drunk Punch punches on.

And then I swear to the long absent lord, three comments and supplementaries in, you get this from Zeta:

You can get away with anything in Holywood, absolutely anything. You can wake up at 3pm, chase a quart of whiskey with an eightball of blow, bang three whores before sun down, beat your wife, crash your car, and then go to a BDSM orgy in a castle at dawn.

But you can’t be anti-semitic. Even places without rules have to have rules. And you know what? That’s pretty much OK. I mean, you get to work around beautiful people all day, get paid millions of dollars, have even the most boorish and outright illegal behaviour glossed over by multi-million dollar PR execs and all Holywood asks in return, the social contract you sign with them next to the one with your agent, simply says, ‘Don’t be anti-semitic.’ It’s a pretty good deal on balance.

I don’t buy into that whole, Elders of Zion, Ze-Jews-Kontrol-Ze-World bullshit, because they clearly don’t. White men with great teeth and bouncy hair control the world, fact.

But they do control Holywood. Jews have most of the money that gets films made. Offending them needlessly in the place where they live, work, and marry beautiful Eastern European models their mothers don’t approve of is just stupid.

So when Mel Gibson cries about not getting to make more movies in obscure languages, which I’m disappointed in as well, he should just remember he brought this all on himself, by pissing off the only people in Holywood you’re not allowed to piss off.

(edit: it’s highly possible Holywood is actually controled by The Gays, but since we haven’t seen a rush on Elizabeth Taylor biopics yet the jury is still out.)

And then the comeback from Tory Shepherd?

Zeta, I love you, that is all.

Now construe it how you will - as witty satire, as clever insight, as irony of the first water, or as dumb fuck commentary - why was it allowed to stand, and why did Ms Shepherd think it should be allowed to stand? (Is the clue that it's satirical the way Zeta can't manage to spell Hollywood, and instead thinks a play on Holyrood is infinitely funny?)

Was there something deeply ironic about this?

... they do control Holywood. Jews have most of the money that gets films made. Offending them needlessly in the place where they live, work, and marry beautiful Eastern European models their mothers don’t approve of is just stupid.

That's the sort of irony that Oliver Stone and Marlon Brando would love.

Worse follows:

Oh sh*t don’t let AdamC see this, he seems to think they have no real influence over Hollywood even after showing him all the exec’s, casting agents and the original owners of the studios are mainly Jewish.
Glad to see someone else point this out.

Uh huh. Seems like SimonFromLakemba got the message.

It's not a clever satire, it did actually reveal a Jewish conspiracy to run Hollywood. Why I reckon with a bit of time and trouble we could move on to explaining how Jews own the banks and rule the world ...

Now at some point, another ratbag offered up a comment, and this prompted Ms Shepherd to respond:

Sam, please try not to make it personal - we’re about conversation here, not personal abuse.
Why do you think my arguments are stupid or pitiful? Look at the arguments.
There’s really no need to bring my family into it.

Uh huh. Conversation. That'd be the kind of conversation you have when you call people racist potty mouths. So how about Mel Gibson's family? Cue Tedd:

Mel Gibson was inculcated into anti-Semitism by his vehemently self-righteous father Hutton Gibson ...

Yep, leave Ms Shepherd's family out of it, but feel to diss Mad Mel. Oh and the Jews and the Gays ...

And then we head off to la la land, courtesy of one Andy Mack:

wizard, I’ve read some of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion like you recommend and I have come to the conclusion that they are definitely not fake. Here they are ...

And then there's a link to The Protocols of Zion. (Go get the link if you like, but why not a bonus link to Mein Kampf?)

And somehow, thanks to Waz, we land on this:

I personally think that we we’re placed upon earth, rather than having evolved from the African apes.

Somehow he came to that conclusion after reading the comments.

Last the pond looked, the final comment was by Felicity bleeding for Mel:

Gibson was in his own home expressing his own feelings which had nothing to do with any race issue.
The only thing he did wrong was to let a little snake into his home.
Clearly some people want to finish his career off for good.

Conclusion? Well it seems Rupert Murdoch is a Jew, because he owns Twentieth Century Fox and Fox News, and as we know from this little nest of reptiles at The Punch (which Murdoch also owns), the Jews run Hollywood, and they just want to ruin Mel.

Don't believe it? Well, if you head off to the right sort of site, you can read this sort of stuff about Mr. Murdoch, though it's a little out of date when it comes to the NOW:

Owner of Fox TV, New York Post, London Times, News of the World
Probably half-Jewish, on father's side. Seems to identify as Jewish based on
the news bias of his media empire.

Come to think of it, you might see that sort of rambling insight on The Punch any day now. Along with a link to the Protocols of Zion.

As for Sony PE, which includes Columbia and low-rent Tri-Star, and which last the pond checked, was owned by a Japanese conglomerate, remember that the Japanese are in fact closet Jews.

Now all this might come as a slight shock to Mr. Murdoch, who claims to be a Christian, and his wife Wendi a Catholic, and he's been knighted by the Pope, and has said he heads off to church, rather than a synagogue most Sundays ...

But hey, a Jew's a Jew, and remember the Protocols of Zion.

At the end of it all, the pond reeled away, feeling slightly soiled, as one might while dropping in on the local sinkhole.

So what good did Ms. Shepherd's piece do?

Well it flushed out the weirder parts of the readership, but with readers like that, you'd feel like you needed a bar of soap before you headed off into the comments section.

And we learned that somehow Mel Gibson became a major star in a town that hates Mel Gibson and his kind. (Those were the days, why even Cecil B. De Mille could make The Ten Commandments). These days of course for the bigger pictures, Hollywood likes to off-load its risks with European financing. German tax breaks and banks were a big go there for awhile. But remember silly, the Jews control German finance and the banks of the world ...

Figures. The next thing you know they'll be claiming Jesus was a Jew, and so deep down Jews control Christianity ...

So what have we learned today?

Not much. We still need someone to explain why Warner Bros, which was founded by Jews and apparently is in the control of Jews, allegedly turned down Joe Eszterhas's script? Wasn't it Jewish enough? Surely the writer of Showgirls turned in yet another masterpiece full of Jewishness that the Jews of Hollywood would find irresistible? Or does, in an invisible and clever way, Mel Gibson control the "greenlit" button in Warners?

If no one can answer that question without dragging in the Protocols of Zion, perhaps we should just note that writing rhetorical remarks about potty mouths seems only to lead to a condition, a state of being, whereby all must become potty mouthed ...

(Below: click to enlarge, and see how soap can solve the problem 0f monitoring comments at The Punch).

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