Monday, June 04, 2018

In which the pond confronts a crisis in Western Civilisation ...

What were you doing last night, mummy or daddy or gender diverse person? Did the earth move for you? Was it like the shooting of JFK or the first foot on the moon for men? (Complimentary women need not apply).

Hush child, there are far more important issues to consider, and luckily the pond is saved by the bell, and by the bromancer, with a shriek, a howl of pain, for the dire crisis in Western Civilisation ...

Poor old onion muncher.

Everyone can of course head off to Quadrant if they want to read his wise words …this is merely a sample of his infinite wisdom and naked bias …

Well he stuffed that hugely, bigly, though his quaint notion of education as propaganda and ideology or theology is a perfect fit for the lizard Oz and the bromancer …

While brooding about the problem, the pond came up with a solution, which should please everybody … and the clue came with another story in the lizard Oz ...

Indeed, indeed. Bring back the strap indeed, but why stop there? Send them all to hell, which brings the pond to its solution … just look at this inspirational story on the benefits of fundamentalist religious fanaticism ...

Their lessons are worth preserving ...

So what better location for the Ramsay Centre than the Australian Catholic University?

It has as its head a reptile favourite, the mighty Prof Greg Craven. Let us remember he was appointed by Pope Francis as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Gregory the Great in 2015!

Who better to take up arms in favour of Western Civilisation? 

His exalted position - an honour almost as rich as the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Koalas Rampant - is reminiscent of the Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire 

Now the pond can hear the neighsayers and the sceptics and the knockers and talk of the Inquisition and Galileo and all the usual nonsense, but think of it. Who on the lizard Oz would dare to downgrade the benefits of a Catholic education? Who could cavil at the notion that the Ramsay Centre would be amongst like minds?

Visiting Prof onion muncher could drop in for the occasional lecture on the glories of England and feel entirely at home. So could the bromancer, so could all the lizards of Oz.

It'll take the reptiles a little time to get their heads around the pond's kind suggestion, and in the meantime, the bromancer will go on shouting at clouds and telling secularists to get off his Western Civilisation lawn ...

The bromancer almost got there, with his talk of an alternative institution - a folly and a money pit - but he's almost there with the suggest of getting into bed with a smaller institution …


Perhaps the bromancer still has a blockage before he can become clear, perhaps it was just the tragedy of remembering how the greatest minds of a generation were reduced to nervous breakdowns, turned gibbering idiots by leftists, or worst of all, made to turn into conformist leftists … an experience the wide-ranging, free thinking reptiles of the lizard Oz hive mind know nothing about, except when a few escape and talk of cults …

And now, donning its school chaplain hat, the pond suggests that there is a further alternative, a stringent course involving not so much Western Civilisation as medication …


  1. Bro: "Critical theory insights into demonising the other in the Christo-authoritarian patriarchy of racist medieval Europe."

    Love it, just love it. When and where can I enroll ?

    And Bro again: "Alternatively it [Ramsay Centre] could support small institutions that won't have the prestige of the sandstone universities but are actually committed to Western civilisation."

    What ? Which ? Where ? Who ? The University of New England maybe ? After it appoints Barnaby Joyce as Chancellor, of course. With maybe ACU as a supporting source of believers in the greatness of Western civilisation - all that "self discipline" after all.

    Or maybe the 'Ramsay Bequest' could just be used to give something back to the people who paid their good and hard earned to allow Ramsay to become a billionaire in the first place. Remember that there are no decent or honourable billionaires, they're all thieves and grifters of one kind or another.

    Oh, and it's great to see immigrants succeeding in Australia like Joe De Bruyn - union leader and member of the Ramsay board - of whom Eric Abetz said: "Joe de Bruyn is a role model of trade union officialdom. He is the type of official that gives trade unionism a good name."

  2. Indeed, Greg, in a parallel universe of noble unicorns and leftist barbarian ingrates, it could have been so rare and precious and special...

    "That's not how the dark web works.

    Sure it is, if you coin it; then you exercise privative dollar democracy to establish a circlejerk safespace at an opaque private institute of public affairs or an intransparent private affairs institute at a public university, to ensure an eternal return on/to scientological studies; free to be free from internal-external criticism at/of Gault's Judaeo-Christian Western Civilization Redoubt; and freed to raise a(nother) crop of Enlightenmented ideasmen, the odd real feminist, and a token outspoken proud-BlahBlah-and-Celtic-tribesperson, apt for platform-sponsorship and (un)merited (thought-)leadership promotion; appropriately presented as self-selecting, self-branding, pseudo-contrarian-as-silenced-majoritarian footsoldiers(-made-capos(-and-MPs-and-Senators) in tomorrow's revolutionary networked-yet-paywalled installment of the Cultya Warez Foreverr franchise.

    To which one might add, "....however....": why are the 'dedicated' standard-bearers-cum-cheerleaders of/for the Ramsay Foundation's Ramsay Centre's Board's forays into academe so very, very reticent about disclosing that a 'donation' to ANU isn't; and that the strings potentially/actually attach to/from: a Board-'given' board structure, howsoever (un)oversighted, for the proposed quasi-hived-off 'centre'; the staff selections and student scholarships criteria; the prescriptive/proscriptive course(s) content(s); the presumably specific grants for specific(ally-commissioned) researches, whether quasi-privately-funded (private charitable foundations drawing on the proceeds of significant ongoing commercial activities, including governments-outsourced, governments-subsidised and governments-intermingled healthcare and other services, are good like that) or, and preferably, in due course, directly-publicly-funded (even if certain ARC grants, say, for philosophic enquiry, at USyd, presently are pointedly deemed an utter waste); and etcetera: all trading off the legitimacy and branding and shared-use resources, including, inter alia, the administrative machinery of recognised-degree-conferrability, of an established, preeminent public university, hitherto, of some considerable academic repute? Or, yeah, I don't doubt that what, mutatis mutandis, still slithers around at some private colleges in the United States finds some difficulty acquiring suitable accommodations in Australian public university culture."

    What ? Which ? Where ? Who ?

    Didn't Greg give a speech at some private feeder college with the most superlative library, or something?

    1. Oh yeah, I'd completely forgotten the Catholic Boy's Weekly's Catholic Boy's College, Campion. A "liberal arts" college so it claims. And I totally agree given that the most 'liberally' distributed arts are the various kinds of deception - ie both self- and public/political-.

  3. Sheridan's logic is as crooked as his head. Amidst the usual impenetrable blather about the west and liberalism the subtext seems to be "we offered money and they wouldn't be bought". It would be all but impossible to take the pieces of silver after Abbott's statements. Was he trying to make it fail as another source of grievance or is he as stupid as he seems? Err on the side of stupid I guess.

    As for The Rodent - the Abbott article wasn't used as an excuse, it was used as a reason. He's a board member for chrisakes - mind you, look at the other board members!

  4. Of course the reptilian supporters of this project never mention that our "civilization" gave the entire world the two world wars. And they dont seem to notice that our "civilization" is now almost entirely a "culture" of death with the Pentagon military-industrial-"entertainment"(propaganda)- complex being the leading edge vector of this "culture" of death.
    And that most/all of the small liberal-arts "universities" that they mention or advocate have very strong connections with right-wing "catholics". Especially opus dei which has a very extensive banned books list, many of which are essential texts for understanding Western civilization in the 21st century.

    Meanwhile the always excellent Open Tabernacle website now feature an essential truth-telling essay titled Popes Have Long Opposed Human rights & Supported Tyrants.

    1. Now, now Anony, be fair; the majority of WWI and WWII deaths and casualties were in Western civilisation populations - if you can count somewhere as far eastern as Russia (and ignoring such eastern and Asian places as Japan and China) as being within the cohort of 'Western civilisation'.

      The only way those conflicts could be called 'World' wars is if the 'world' is considered to only comprise Europe. Which I guess the Ramsay people do earnestly believe.


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