Thursday, April 12, 2018

Welcome back bromancer ...

The pond had wondered what had happened to the bromancer. 

There was a suspicious absence, a sense of loss in the pond, a feeling of turbulence in the force, just like the mysteriously absent savvy Savva, but the bromancer broke his silence and revealed he's been on a junket to see the Poms…

Now the pond really doesn't want to editorialise, but it does promise that there'll be a pay-off. It might take a little time to get to, but it's a real bromancer zinger …

Never mind the classic Lobbecke - what a master he is.

The zinger revolves around the bromancer's recent infatuation with the Donald ...

It features the bromancer's infinite capacity to see the world through one eye ...

It's a slow burn, a slow build … but there will be a pay-off, the pond promises …

Almost there, but the pond does wonder whether it might have done some spoilers along the way, given the nod, tipped the hat, nudge nudged and wink winked a little too much ...

Yep, the bromancer did it in style:

(1) did a fine Godwin's law pirouette;
(2) made laughable, pathetic, risible excuses for Xians and the Catholic church, who have had a couple of thousand years of anti-semitism, against what Karl Marx and followers might have managed over the past couple of hundred;
(3) somehow managed to ignore the alt right, the Donald, Charlottesville, tikki torches and all the rest of it.

That's the work of a skilled apologist.

How the pond has missed him, even if the pond is outraged that they cut his line "In truth, right-wing Catholic anti-Semitism is an extremely venerable tradition, closely associated with blood libel over the centuries despite attempts to stamp it out, Greg Hunt it here, while the weird Israel-loving, Jew-hating mix of rabid central right-wing views currently to be found close to the mainstream of the Republican party, is much more common than any ragbag commentator in the lizard Oz should find comfortable apologising for …"

… though the pond will graciously acknowledge that the bromancer got around to mentioning it in that very last line … with talk of the crude anti-Semitism "in the orbit of the weirdest and most disturbing mainstream leader the western world has seen in a long, long time."

Go the Donald, go the bromancer's next celebration of the Donald.

And that's why the pond feels completely comfortable doing its very own Godwin's law riff …


  1. Hi Dorothy.

    noun: Semite; plural noun: Semites
    1. a member of any of the peoples who speak or spoke a Semitic language, including in particular the Jews and Arabs.

    It’s of course nit-picking to point out that being anti-semitic would include hatred of the Palestinians and the Saudis as they are semites too.

    However for Sheridan to ignore that Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky were/are Jewish makes a mockery of his sudden hatred of all things “anti-semite” to be found on the so called Corbynite left.

    Sheridan like nearly of NewsCorp is big booster for Israel and there are major financial reasons for that and they are more than happy to defend the likes of Bibi by pulling out the anti-semite card.


  2. Even if it was in the branding, the Bromancer describing Hitler as socialist really requires a special level of Humpty-Dumpty-ness. The word "sozialistische" was an advertising hook, like "clean coal", but I guess readers in the herpetarium are oblivious to such niceties as, you know, what words actually mean.

    Having donated to the Godwin Jar, and what with the other things that have been taxing the reptiles today, perhaps it is worth remembering the existence of the South African Gentile National Socialist Movement (aka the South African Christian National Socialist Movement). The "Greyshirts", like Oswald Moseley's blackshirts, had a nice time in the 30's hating on kaffirs, hottentots, commies, and of course, the influx of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany (urgh, they don't fit in like us good christian folks). Their leader, D.F. Malan became prime minister after World War 2 and implemented apartheid. Yep, I reckon Dutton's devoutly desired white, christian, afrikaaner farmers will assimilate just dandily here - if any of them don't want to restart farming over here, they should be naturals in Dutton's alma mater, the QLD staatspolizei.

    But all of this reminds me of the old gag, "I'm not anti-semantic. Some of my best friends are words."

    1. Come on FD, the clue is in the Bromancer's pronouncement about some anti-semite groups (eg Christians and The Right):

      Bromancer: "They have apologised for this dreadful mistake a minority of them made. So, by and large, has the right."

      So there ya go, since The Nazis haven't apologised for their "dreadful mistake", then they must be a Lefty organisation, and hence they were truly "socialist". Obvious, no ?

      As to the Boer farmers, well, maybe we should all just consult the historical record of their loving, humane treatment of their kaffir farm workers before, during and after apartheid and note that they are now just receiving a return of the compliments.

      I do love boerewors sausage though, so I suppose we could let just a few of them settle here.

  3. I just love how the Bromancer rewrites history to suit him.


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