Friday, April 20, 2018

In which the pond is shocked right to its iconographic reptile core ...

The pond is standing by for a flurry of weekend rage as the reptiles come to terms with the new instruction that's gone out …

Say what? But everyone knows that the fascists have the best uniforms and the most exciting iconography, and the reptiles on the right love their Godwin's Law dress-up moments …

What next? No more pirates, no more Phantom?

If that's the case, how will the reptiles build to the necessary level of killer hate?


Dear sweet absent lord, how are the reptiles going to cope? What's on the vigilante Campbell hit squad?

The pond is aghast. Violence with humility and compassion?

But the reptiles routinely deploy verbal violence with fierce fear and loathing and a complete lack of compassion for the wimpy luvvies and their marshmallow ways.

The fascists stripped of their toys and their pleasures? Where will it end?

Standby for much muttering, or even shrieking and howling, and anxious Melburnians rushing out to buy full length leather coats for the winter before they're confiscated …

Talk about style. Those mass murderers knew how to dress ...

Never mind, if any reptiles get agitated about not being able to wear the mark of The Phantom or enjoy Long John or all the rest of it, how about sneaking a ring home and wearing whenever you're alone in the toilet? Go on, you know it's right for you …


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    You must admit that Hugo Boss did do a wonderful job on the uniforms;


  2. *tsk*tsk* - Can't the reptiles at least capitalise "The Phantom" and "The Punisher"? Where is their respect for the great tradition of comic strip and book vigilantes? And they call themselves classical liberals.......

  3. Presumably, service chaplains will be required to remove the crosses from the collars of their DPCUs, not to mention from the walls of their places of business. Not just a symbol of death, but of torture and execution...

    1. Can't go with you on that one, FD because, as Campbell himself elegantly put it, of "... the most serious responsibility of the army's profession; the legitimate and discriminate taking of life."

      And as everybody acknowledges, crucifixion was entirely "legitimate and discriminate". Even members of the Roman Catholic Church sometimes used it to silence heretics. Dunno about bonfires though - were they legitimate and discriminate, I wonder.


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