Sunday, April 29, 2018

In which the pond could wait, but Angela Shanahan can't ...

The pond is out and about this day, and so it wanted its last Sunday meditative post to be a ripper … and who better than the angelic Angela to do the job?

In a rare burst of interest, she sent the lizard Oz's twitter account right off, a rare event, since no one usually gives a toss about the reptiles' pathetic attempts at social media.

It doesn't help to be running a paywall that produces a 'pay to play' demand at the end of the click to produce an unhealthy level of anger ...

Luckily for the pond there's a natural sequence here. 

It will be remembered - by the few readers that care - that only in the last post the pond was lost with Cardinal Newman, angels and fairies, and the whole damn thing, and yet kept insisting that somehow all the nonsense was an exact equivalent of reading the reptiles …

Now will the doubters apologise, or at least be silent in awe?

Please join the pond in examining the thoughts of a Catholic fundamentalist bigot, coincidentally taking her name from one of Newman's many delusions … oh if only he'd been able to have a normal sex life with his male friend ...

The good thing is that because Shanners sent the Oz twitter account into a frenzy, the pond has nothing to do by way of hard work, but rather can sit back and rest and admire the fuss …

Now before the pond is taken to court for defamation, in reproducing that remark about loving all children regardless of their sexuality, the pond should quickly point out that Shanners has form …and again all that's needed as evidence are a few tweets …

Anyone wanting the link in that tweet can find it here, and can find the following tweet and its links here ...

It's a pretty pass, n'est-ce pas, when someone prefers Catholic bigotry and delusions to the reality of their own flesh and blood, but it sets the scene nicely for the rest of the angelic one's rant ...

And so, because the pond is taking a break from arguing with the reptiles, here's another sampling of the twittering response, which suggests that the angelic one isn't helping the reptile business model …

Oh dear indeed …

Well after all that, just to wrap up, as the pond is now well off into the valleys of the moon and the peaks of delusion, why not a few Donald cartoons?


  1. I do wonder what exactly Angela-Shan thinks is involved in being a PM in these modern, instant communication, days. Does she ever contemplate that if a pair of looney-tunes such as Malfeasance and Barnables can do it (or at least pretend to), then a basically sensible and intelligent woman such as Ardern can manage it comfortably.

    In a mostly peaceful, relatively isolated place like NZ, and with a parliament full of fairly experienced politicians of both genders and an established public service and military, it's unlikely that there will be a constant stream of emergencies that Ardern must fix immediately (yes, there could be another major earthquake or two, but Jacinta doesn't actually go and dig for possible survivors in person - nor would, or did, any male PM).

    Oh, and I do just love the way Angela was able to flick-pass into oblivion Benazir Bhutto who successfully mothered a child while Pakistan's PM (an office she held twice). An accomplishment for which Bhutto was eventually assassinated, a fate unlikely to befall Ms Ardern.

    But above all else, I am amused by Angela's proposition that "Most women just have jobs that they do for money ... standing up in a department store all day ... in front of unruly schoolchildren ... or if they are lucky they may work in an office somewhere." What, none "behind the machine" any more ? Who makes all the clothes these days ?

    Oh yeah, Angela: so there's basically no women medicos, lawyers, academics, politicians, farmers ... just "...the glamorous career girl in the mould of something from Suits or Sex and the City is elusive or non-existent".

    So, just no women journalists, writers, artists, musicians or anything else either, eh Angela. Tell me again, what is the value of the gravitational constant on the planet you live on ?

    1. 6.674 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 is the universal gravitational constant. I can argue with you, but not with someone who had 9 babies, even if she said

    2. Yes, quite, however the Earth's (planetary) gravitational constant is 9.8m/s^2 that being the acceleration experienced by a falling body (ignoring air resistance). Every planet has its own constant that is primarily dependent on the planetary mass.

      And since I was referring to what planet she lives on, that provided sufficient context. Not that I would expect her to understand any of it.

  2. Being a green leftie she will probably do so using her own milk - only a vast fuckwit could write that.

    1. Seems like the all-too-frequent "if you're doing it different to me you're doing it wrong". There seems to be few topics that generate as much heat. Perhaps Angela retains residual guilt about not breastfeeding her brood when contemplating someone who might. Not judging, but lactational amenorrhea makes it extremely unlikely that one could have 7 children in 10.5 years while breastfeeding (unless there were some multiples in there), so I'm guessing AngShan was quick to switch to formula.

      But Occam says you're probably right, just a vast fuckwit.


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