Friday, February 23, 2018

In which TGIF comes early thanks to a special limited Oreo treat ...


The Joyce matter enters its nth week, and the reptiles and the pond are up to the task, and the hastie Pastie has spoken,  and so it's time to get on with …

Cue sound of gramophone needle scratching across an LP, in a way designed to delight fluff-gathering hipsters …

Hang on, hang on, what's this guv'nor?

An Oreo on a Friday?!

It must be a delicious treat, of a limited kind …

… or the direst emergency … or perhaps both.

The pond had to fling all its plans away, because when the Oreo scribbles, the pond always listens. She's been mentioned in syllabi, don't you know?

Indeed, indeed, and it goes without saying that the pond shares the Oreo's fury. Just when will the church address this rampant, raging socialism, and the font of all its evils?

It's impossible to convey just how agitated the pond gets with this stick and carrot approach designed to lure people into a life of socialist thought …

This comes from Matthew 25 KJV, but the bible is full of this sort of outrageous Marxist claptrap …as noted here

Now come with the pond as the Oreo leads the world back into the path of righteousness …

The pond loves it when the Oreo gets dirty and starts quoting … and how cheeky and unfair of those wretched Chinese to quote back Romans ..

Oh sure the KJV dresses it up in mumbo jumbo, but please allow the pond to run a plain-speaking version …

Indeed, indeed, and as Barners has been mentioned, how about this pious socialist tract in Luke 16?

The beggar scores the angels, and the rich man scores hell? What sort of outrageous socialist conclusion is that?

Or is it a cunning plot to make the beggar content with his lot, on the offer of pie in the sky on the bye and bye?

Here almost endeth the lesson, apart from the last final reading from the Oreo, reminding the world she's been mentioned in syllabi …

The pond is replete, as full as a goog …

Not even the Speccie mob could match this kind of Friday contentment.

All that's needed is a cartoon, and while it's a long bow, surely the Pope himself is being a little bit socialist Xian by urging on the benefits of recycling … with more encyclicals from the only Pope the pond follows here


  1. I guess there's a bit of precedent in the Chinese treatment of the Panchen Lama but perhaps Ms Oreo is too busy being "featured on syllabi" to know anything about that. Besides, Lamas have nothing to do with God.

    But if Francis is of the opinion that, regarding the CCP, "this too shall pass" and then only God's Catholicism will remain, he could simply be about trying to ensure the survival in some way of Catholicism in China until then. To be sure, a Catholicism somewhat bastardised by what it has had to do to survive the persecution, but in time - after Marxism-communism is long past and forgotten - the hierarchy will be able to re-establish the one true way.

    As for "to see one's soul change" ? Well, that's never happened to Catholics ever before, has it.

    Like I said, and like Matthew clearly confirms, "render unto Caesar" means nothing because nothing belongs to Caesar - it all belongs to God.

  2. A truly wonderful way to start the day, DP - an epic screech from the Oreo, which even manages to cite Breitbart as an authoritative source, with Lobbecke's depiction of a clearly Commie Pope Panda as the cherry on top. My only disappointment is that the Oreo didn't take that one little extra logical step and state that the current Pope is the Antichrist. Perhaps that's for next week's article.

    1. Yes its interesting that many right-wing "catholics" including the zombies that infest the Oz Spectator loathe poop Francis and deem him to be a heretic.


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