Monday, February 12, 2018

In which the highly referenced Oreo returns ...

In the age of the Donald, Bernard and the reptiles do English ...

Dangerous ideas? Would scribbling English be one of them?

But enough of that because at last, thanks to the lizards of Oz, Monday returns to normal with a generous serving ...


Can it possibly get any better, as the Oreo smites the greenies mightily, and never mind posting a few harmless videos from a far right group ... after all, where's the harm?

From the get go, the pond was intrigued. There was "citizens of the planet" and there was "the welfare of free world citizens" ...

Hmm, no mention of the wondrous results of the Iraq war, destined to bring peace, democracy and freedom, and possibly by Christmas 2004, or at least in George W. Bush's lunchtime?

And what about promoting toxic videos from a British far right group? Not even a hint of an apology or a reprimand of the kind that the savvy Savva handed out on Sunday's Insiders?

Nope, the Oreo is in the same school as Jim "never give up, never surrender" Molan ...

Is it the Oreo's grand strategy that eventually the far right will triumph in a Miss Universe cue card of world hate, dark angry dreaming, and hate sweet hate?

Never mind, after the next gobbet there will be a special treat ... but first a little more frothing and foaming of the Oreo kind ...

Eek, not the UN, well known as a body intent on using climate science to introduce world government by Xmas ... 

By golly, how the Oreo, and therefore the pond, fear and loathe the UN ...

And so to the treat at the very end ...

Yes, the reptiles have given the Oreo their standard new thumb CV treatment at the bottom of the page, and it regurgitates nonsense previously featured on her own site, about her academic work having been featured on the syllabi of sundry universities, and even more peculiarly, given her attitude to the UN, talk of being cited by the WHO and the UN ...

Say what? Is this the same body intent on global government? Is the Oreo pandering to this fiendish outfit, and basking in its reflected gory glory?

It doesn't get any better than that, and the pond knew that this week would be a good week, having got off to such a bouncy start ... though as Pope noted recently, there has been a very sad farewell, fortunately not of Pope, who can be found in abundance here ...

First a little dabbing at the eyes...

... and then the tears can flow ...


  1. "Dr Oriel's academic work has been featured on the syllabi of..."

    Is there anybody out there who could kindly inform me just what "featured on the syllabi" means, if anything at all ? Heartfelt thanks in anticipation.

    1. Sheesh, GB, that verges on an Alice in Wonderland question. It means she's expert in reeling and writhing, of course, but also understands the different branches of arithmetic - ambition, distraction, uglification and derision ...

    2. Dear me, DP, your knowledge and wisdom are as brightly guiding lights that have opened my eyes. What a pity that Oreo's eyes are locked hard shut.

  2. Perhaps, like the Pond, they feature her work as comic relief. Maybe as examples of faulty reasoning or cognitive bias? Really, I don't see any other use for her.

  3. Since the reptiles have taken to appropriating those misguided utopian lyricists of 60s here’s a reworded escapist ditty from the pen of that hopelessly na├»ve proto-Greenie John Winstone Lennin.

    Yellow Gutless Greens

    In the town of Fall-u-jah
    Jim Mola-a-an once ran the war
    He laid his life - upon the line
    With his ba-a-and of brave marines

    But when Jim sailed back home to Oz
    His facebook posts became extreme
    Resulting in - a slur from Bandt
    At which the reptiles - had to scream …

    “Jim’s been slandered by the yellow gutless Greens
    The yellow bellied Greens - who hide behind their trees
    Jim’s copped a bucketing from those yellow gutless Greens
    Those latte sipping wimps - those avocado shrimps”

    And so Jim’s cronies came on board
    Declaring war upon - the leftist hordes
    They salvoed e-pithets obscene
    At those yellow gutless Greens

    “Let’s pour scorn on the yellow zero Greens
    Let’s empty our latrines on unpatriotic Greens”
    Ranting and raging were the foaming reptilese
    As they sharpened up their spikes
    To fight the Watermelon Reich

    “Jim’s been slandered by the yellow gutless Greens” etc ad absurdum …

    1. Now I could kinda see that effort of yours being featured on the syllabi of sundry institutions, Kez, but not, I think, in quite the same way as a work of Oreo's.

      Initially, I could only think of that fine academic practice whereby everybody who contributes to an academic paper or maybe thesis gets a mention in the co-authors or 'acknowledgements' list - usually in order of the value of one's contribution.

      So I could see the Oreo getting a mention as, say, the 20th or 30th contribution to some paper or other and if, despite her input, the paper/thesis gets a mention on a Uni syllabus, then hey presto, she is 'featured'.

      But then Bef's idea is also possible: the Oreo promoted from totally hopeless to the status of 'horrible example'. And one could even add the possibility of her work (WhateverTF it is) being used as clear examples of the scrabblings of aberrant psychology.

      So, lotsa possibilities, I guess.

      But then I came to the next issue: just what exactly has Jim Molan done to deserve all his plaudits and medals ? I just can't see where he's ever fired a single shot - in anger or otherwise - anywhere, anytime, anyhow. But then I suppose any semblance of real accomplishment isn't required in order to win Right-Wingnut worship. See Trump (Dame Snap still wears her MAGA cap to bed, I bet). And, after watching that appalling Hawke thing on teev last night, Old Bobork is one too.

      I wonder if we'll ever be regaled - by Graeme 'whatever it takes' Richardson who actually vocalised the matter or by anyone else - just exactly what "appalling things" Hawke did when drunk - especially given his ever-present claque of worshipful females.

    2. Cheers GB. I suppose these Oz footnote bio-blurbs are meant to impress the reader. However, with all the Oreo’s tripe about Green jihads and totalitarian borderless worlds I think her title should be Calumnist rather than Columnist. She has fully OD’d on the koolaid this week.

      Syllabuses and syllabi notwithstanding, I, like you, was wondering about the Jennifer’s stated credentials. As you point out, to have your academic works featured on a syllabus could be neither here nor there as far as qualifications go. Judicious googling on her academic status reveals nothing of substance.

  4. Honestly Dorothy, I don’t know how you can bare the read all the screeds from the Murdoch maggots, without thoughts drifting in a decidedly homicidal direction.


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