Friday, August 25, 2017

In which the pond celebrates the arrival of the weekend with a food and drink edition ...

There's a reason that the onion muncher remains top of the pond page, unchallenged and incapable of defeat ...

Heck there's more than one reason ... the pond has done photo-montages of the onion muncher before, featuring onions or pineapples or bananas, but this represents a singular failure to do the most important montage of all ... Tony Abbott admits missing key vote in Parliament because he was drunk and passed out ...

Orders please ...

Now let the celebrations begin ...

But as always please drink responsibly and consider the consequences ...


  1. Maybe that's why he reflexively licks his lips constantly. Still cotton-mouthy from tying one on last night.

    Actually, it accounts for a lot of things - after a big night, most people settle for wondering where they got that traffic cone, but I can imagine Tony surfacing after a pre-Australia Day piss-up, saying "What a night! I don't remember much, but I think I said something about knighting Prince Phillip. Hahaha...haha...ha...oh, cheese and crackers!"

  2. What a tremendous collection of Aussie history in those pictures (even though the subject is a Pom). Sure would have been a treasured addition to Trove if the Libs hadn't decided to let it die.

  3. Love the irony of this in the week when drug testing welfare recipients was on the agenda.

    1. :)³ Now for a booze bus or three permanently stationed at the entrances to parliament house?

    2. Maybe at the same check-in as the citizenship test. He reminded me of that old gag, "Drinking problem?? I've seen the way he drinks and it's certainly no problem!"


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