Sunday, June 18, 2017

In which Akker Dakker makes a late Sunday charge at the zealots ...

It just isn't fair. 

There's the noble Akker Dakker sandwiched between a couple of women, and there's petulant Peta stealing Akker Dakker's climate denialist thunder.

Surely Akker Dakker should have the patent rights to "climate change zealots"?

Akker Dakker has, for many years, been a stout-hearted climate denialist, diligently making things up, distorting and misleading, in proper, approved Terrorist manner ...

That illustration accompanied a story on Deltoid about Akermangate way back in 2010, and amazingly enough, the Akker Dakker story itself is still up here, though it's lost its comments and its layout ...

These days Akker Dakker tries to be canny about his climate science denialism, but he still knows how to dog whistle and it's a damn shame that the reptiles should treat him so shabbily ...

Now it's true that Akker Dakker doesn't add anything new to petulant Peta's whole-hearted embrace of the onion muncher's climate policies, and we get yet another photograph of the demonic Finkel to accompany the piece ...but even in this minor matter, Akker was short changed.

In Dakker's Finkel photo,  the rascal merely looks like an airhead. In Peta's portrait, he's clearly up to conspiratorial mischief ...

This downgrading of Akker Dakker is demeaning, degrading and demoralising.

Just look at the rhetorical skill. Instead of climate change burning the planet,  a quick Akker Dakker transmutation, and Finkel is burning us. 

And then there are the insults. Now the pond knows that the logarithms have produced some easy Donald Trump insult generators, but if the intertubes are so clever, why haven't they come up with an Akker Dakker insult generator?

There's ridiculous media classes, global inspired hysteria, irrevocably flawed everything, obliteration, shoddy modelling, disgraceful legacy, hopelessly wrong, disastrous errors and so on ...

And then there's the science: "... intensely disputed claims of global warming."

That's more than a match for the science of intensely disputed claims of an old earth.

And that's all before the pond and Akker Dakker get out of first gear and head on to the second gobbet ...

"Sandal-wearing self-composting inner urban activists"!

The lad is on fire, and with that there's plenty of bonus electrical engineering, though anyone with a taste for such matters might care to head off to other sources, such as Managing frequency in a modern electricity system , but which left it to the comments section to provide a link to a pdf of the paper being discussed ... (click will result in download).

No matter, the pond knew instinctively that anything that Akker Dakker wrote would be half-arsed in one way or another, it's in his nature, and besides, there was a third gobbet to read, and then to savour the bon mots contained within ...

This is a wonderful mix of paranoia, xenophobia, self-pity, and self-flagellation ...China, India, undermining deviants within, poor huddled masses trying to warm themselves with flickering flame, carcinogens, cancer, mass stupidity, dumb Victorians ...

The pond was swept back in time to those other pitiful, dumb Victorians hunkered over a fire ...

Oh dear, cancer by tomorrow, death by next weekend ...must get a cheap bar radiator from China and see how that works out ...

Another community message for a bloated toad that wouldn't have the first clue what it's like to be poor in Australia ...and if the climate deteriorates, as the science suggests it will, the poor will be the first to cop a bucketing, and they can then turn and say a heartfelt thanks to the likes of Akker Dakker, fat owl of the remove ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    From fairly long term exposure it would appear to me that neither the asinine Akerman or the credulous Credlin know sweet FA about anything to do with electricity generation and what it needs to keep the lights on.

    However they do seem to have a myriad of "figures" and "talking points" to hand to flesh out their "narrative". One particularly jarring point is their use of "frequency" in relation to electrical generation. Electrical frequency is generally considered to be the measure of the oscillations of the Alternating current I.e. Generally 50 Hz.

    Here strangely they use frequency as to how constant the supply from the generator is to the grid. Quite a different concept and not one that would be used anybody in the electrical trade.

    So who is giving these two hacks these figures and obfuscations?


  2. Excellent post DP! You've livened up my lazy, hazy Sunday no end. And you definitely chose the right reptile to feature today – who could go past the Fat Owl for his unique grasp of arithmetic and flywheels.

    So, in honour of his stout-hearted windmill tilting, I feel A.D. deserves a little ditty, paraphrased in his honour, courtesy of the Doors - though I do prefer the Jose Feliciano version.

    Lignite My Fire

    What Finkel says is so untrue
    He’s just another greenie liar
    Trying to stop our revenue
    As China’s major coal supplier

    Come on China light your fire
    Come on China light your fire
    China set the sky on – Fiyah!

    We’ll dig up coal until we’re through
    And build our stockpiles even higher
    We’ll watch it roaring up the flue
    To become a carbon multiplier

    Come on China light your fire
    Come on China light your fire
    China set the sky on – Fiyah!

    The time for legislation’s through
    We’ve all the coal that you require
    It’s waiting here just for you
    We don’t care if it’s our funeral pyre

    Come on China light your fire
    Come on China light your fire
    Listen to your coal messiah
    Your scientific fact denier
    Why worry if we all expire
    We’re gonna set this world on – Fffiiiyyyaaahhh!!!

  3. I love being lectured by people who have done a bit of Greghunting to make it seem like they know what they are talking about. Inevitably the shallowness exposes itself. And few are in any shallower parts of the pond than Piers. Megawatts/hour? And then to prove it wasn't a typo he elaborates about wind turbines producing thee megawatts per hour, showing that far from being in a position to lecture us about power policy, Piers is not even capable of interpreting his own electricity bill.

    Thats some quality reptiling there, Piers.

    1. Between you and DW (above) you've just about covered the FOotR's ignorance of matters electrical, FD. I wonder if there's anything he could choose to lecture us upon where he isn't just a Google idiot.


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