Monday, March 06, 2017

In which the pond risks diabetes yet again for the sublime pleasure of a Trumpian Oreo feast, surely the high water mark for liberal western civilisation ...


Don't worry, that's just Oreo code for barking mad insanity ...

The pond had thought that the central theme was the need for a strong leader ...

Because we can't get enough of poisoning journalists, reptiles peddling alternative news, politicians and other enemies of the people ...

But this is why the pond needs the strong hand, the firm guidance, the correction and infallible insight and understanding of the Oreo ...

Only the Oreo is capable of understanding Trumpist values and the way they represent a new peak for western civilisation ...

Now some might be wondering how to deal with an Oreo should they encounter one ... and the pond stumbled on this handy guide here ...

Well that's easy to follow, though it also helps to blindly follow the path of the media - you know, give space to Hanson on The Insiders, celebrate every distracting Trumpian tweet, no matter how outlandish the claim ...

And, it has to be said, in a fit of reflexive mocking painful self-irony, be addicted to sugar and and fats and high fructose corn syrup-laden Oreo biscuits ...

The pond had to leave in that plug for the barking mad howling at the barking mad on Sky, if only so the pond could boast that several weeks in now, since Foxtel offered itself for free in a vain attempt to avoid news of cable cutting and subscribers fleeing a useless service, the pond has yet to take a look at the basic Foxtel package ...

Offered for free, and not even worth the price the pond paid for it, which happened to be less than nothing ...

As for the rest, it's worth noting just how eye-glazing, mind-numbing the Oreo rhetoric has become. It has the same weird, crazy, besotted ring of fundamentalist Marxists or cilice-wearing Catholics.

The Oreo has of late taken on the air, and the fervour and the rhetoric of a member of a cult.

Who else could denounce the supranational left while spouting delusional nonsense about supranational Trumpism?

Who else could rabbit on about the battle for western civilisation, as if Steve Bannon had just handed the Oreo a copy of The Camp of the Saints?

How does the truly weird Oreo imagine that what she's writing is remotely connected to the notion of "liberal"? Does she have even the beginning of an understanding of her proto-fascist laden rants?

Why do the reptiles keep on publishing this sort of rant, which even The Spectator might think was infantile and out there, somewhere past Pluto?

Is this part of their western civilisation business model? Punters will keep them afloat to read of the rapture and the apocalypse?

And so on and endlessly forth ... questions, questions ... but the pond has always insisted that there's nothing like excess for success, and anyone who disputes it should check what this sort of feast will do for the mental digestive system ...

Given the weirdness of the twitter-driven times, the pond wondered how the reptiles might be thinking about the Donald, and thus indirectly about the Oreo and their penchant for publishing hysterical nonsense of the Trumpian new world order kind...

Questions dog the reptiles over their commentariat's Oreo-like enthusiastic devotion to Trump ...

Of course, of course ... the reptiles will attempt to sound balanced and modestly moderate and concerned ...

Alarm bells are ringing?

Is that the Oz editorialist, trapped in Surry Hills, cheek by jowl with crazed Oreos blathering on about western civilisation, trying to signal for help?

Well as one American cartoonist noted, the mechanisms are already in place for short, sharp investigation of matters to hand ...


  1. "... it's worth noting just how eye-glazing, mind-numbing the Oreo rhetoric has become."

    Right on there, DP. I still can't begin to imagine who she, and the Murdochrats, think would actually want to read her drivel. Could it be that Polonius and the Caterer avidly peruse her outpourings ? And if not them, who ?

    1. It's just 'signalling' GB.

      Nobody on the right actually reads intellectual stuff; they are all too busy being individuals imagining how wonderful life would be they could have if only there wasn't 18C to inhibit their liberty. Or they may be too busy 'lifting' - definitely not leaning - and making profits by fooling the stupid and lazy.

      Righties just read the headlines and feel good that there still are a couple of idiots who for whatever reason are willing to expose their own venality by writing some sort of garbled nonsense that can pass as a reasonable argument against 'the left' or anything that can be characterised as leftish.

    2. Can't say I disagree in substance with your thesis, Anony, but:

      "It's just 'signalling' GB."

      Now I can comprehend a "signal" such as the Voyager spaceraft - telling any sentient intelligence out there where a bunch of easily conquerable idiots live and what they look like. But the Oreole ? Isn't human-to-human semiotics supposed to be comprehendible ?

  2. " if Steve Bannon had just handed the Oreo a copy of The Camp of the Saints?"

    This "immigration invasion" thing is very amusing. Just go back a few years (well, about 56 years) to Germany and the 'guest worker' intake. You can get the whole story here:
    but here's just a few words to whet your curiousity:

    "The United States, however, put some political pressure on Germany, wanting to stabilize and create goodwill from a potential ally. The German Department of Foreign Affairs carried on the negotiations after this, and in 1961 an agreement was reached.

    After 1961 Turkish citizens (largely from rural areas) soon became the largest group of Gastarbeiter in West Germany. The perception at the time on the part of both the West German Government and the Turkish Republic representatives was that working in Germany would be only "temporary."

    By 2010 there were about 4 million people of Turkish descent in Germany. The generation born in Germany attended German schools, but some had a poor command of either German or Turkish, and thus had either low-skilled jobs or were unemployed."

    And who was president of the 'pressure applying' USA ? Why, none other than that notorious neo-Marxist, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  3. Oriel wants to talk about sovereignty. She might start with Henry VIII, who killed wives in order to achieve an heir. He also set up his own Church of England in order to defy the Popish Universal/Catholic Church. Nationalism has a narrow focus.

    And then we had colonialism, when for example the British took Bibles and calico underwear to India. And they were not averse to a little treachery to gain a profit, as Clive of India proved. The Dutch slaughtered tens of thousands in Indonesia in order to control the spice trade there. It was not long before Western European countries were swarming the world in search of profit. Slavery was the sovereignty of Companies over workers.

    Today, the chickens are coming home to roost. As the colonies fall further into disrepair, 50-60m people are migrating, looking for a better life before it is too late. And while countries throw up their walls, the Companies spread across the world with FTAs and practices which avoid boundaries, sovereignties and taxes. The worker is too often unemployed or underpaid - the new slavery. Profit is king - along with coal here in Oz. Such are Western "values".

  4. The New-New-New cookie-cutter right is revisionary, aight.

  5. If we want a strong leader then we should probably look to someone with a high protein intake.

    Vlad-level nourishment with Jen-level flavour. Mmmmyum!


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