Thursday, March 09, 2017

In which the pond is entranced by the Terrorists' mystery Surry Hills 'leet scribbler ...

And so to the mystery guest featured alongside the Bolter in this day's Terrorist splash ...

Even the request for payment didn't reveal the identity of the mystery guest ...

A Premium article, but nobody thought it worth mentioning the penny a word scribe furiously scribbling away?

Who could it be?

Lordy, dear long absent lordy, it was dear old dashing Donners, just catching up with ancient news ... and sounding the alarums ...

At last it was revealed why it was premium content.

After all, if you want a headless chook freak-out, dashing Donners is your man ...

Of all the many things that might be said about dashing Donners - fucked in the head, weird, strangely obsessed, tortured, clueless, and so on - the one that stands out most for the pond is clueless, though you might throw in culturally unaware ...

Take that reference to Romeo and Juliet. Is Donners aware that he seems to be encouraging child marriage?

She hath not seen the change of fourteen years, 
Let two more summers wither in their pride, 
Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride

Is dashing Donner's idea of normative heterosexuality turning into a fundamentalist Islamic jihad and urging men to make hay with child brides?

Just asking, just wondering ...

It's of a piece with the rest of the mumbo jumbo ...

Of course Colbert had some good fun with this awhile ago ...

Now, speaking of American institutions, er... Disney. They've had a long history of progressive values, from their positive depiction of a woman with seven husbands, to touting the benefits of hallucinogenic drugs ...and now Disney has struck another blow for open-mindedness ...

... Now if you don't remember LeFou from Beauty and the Beast, he's this guy ...

No, no, wait! Wait, no! Jimmy that's the wrong, incompetent sidekick who sucks up to the bad guy. 

Yeah, that's the one, right there ...First off, I just wanna say, er LeFou might not have known he was gay, but the rest of us did. He sang a whole song about how thick Gaston's neck was. Also, first gay character? What about Timon and Pumba?

What about every Disney prince ever?

You know, the buff guys with no body hair who can't kiss the beautiful girl without singing a three minute show tune first? Come on ...

(And let's not mention necrophilia either!)

Come on, it's fine's fine ... who left this fabulous shoe? Now I have to get the other pair ...

Oh dear, let's not mention shoe and foot fetishism ...

Well that cues the final bit of dashing Donner, with one of those very gay, shoe-loving, foot-entranced princes featured , though it's hard to check on the state of the body hair...

Uh huh, the correct figure.

Well at least the pond can point to research with some figures - it's on the Australian government's Department of Health page here ...

Recent research conducted by the National Centre in HIV Social Research, La Trobe University, has revealed that a significant group of young people are not heterosexual, with numbers ranging between 8 percent and 11 percent (Hillier et al. 1996, Lindsay et al., 1997).

Is it too much to ask, even in a gutter tabloid rag, for a reference, with data, and methodology, which explains how dashing Donners arrived at his "correct figure"?

Or must we remain forever in the twilight world of Trumpian alternative facts, as peddled by representatives of a Catholic University, which carries the name and brand of an institution which has routinely maligned homosexuality, while at the same time worked very hard at protecting pedophiles ...

Oh it's a rich cultural brew, alright, and there are many pleasures to be found in the alternative world of the movies ...

And the bottom line is that nobody's perfect, not even dashing Donners ... perhaps he should try what he seems to fear so much ...

And now, since the pond borrowed so heavily from Colbert, here's his routine ...

And while we're at it, here's the ending to Some Like It Hot ...

Now that was a show to see in Tamworth way back when ... back when dressing up in parental clothes seemed just a good way to fill in an idle rainy Tamworth day ...


  1. "...which explains how dashing Donners arrived at his "correct figure"?"

    Umm, well, risky speaking for the impenetrably thick, but I reckon Donners got the 1% figure from counting only same sex couples [ ]

    Trust Donners to be that irrepressibly simple minded, of course. Even Roy Morgan reckons that, particularly in some age groups, the figure is much higher just for those who identify as 'homosexual'. [ ]

    But that isn't the end of it, because what Donners actually said was "same-sex-attracted" which is generally speaking a much larger group than self-identified homosexuals (and/or bisexuals) and/or same-sex marriagers.

    Lots of people are "attracted" to some members of "the other sex" - not necessarily to the point of acting upon the attraction, but feeling it anyway. So that percentage may be as high as 20% or more, but who's counting ? Not Donners and his mindless cohort, that's for sure.

    And some people [shock, horror] even identify as asexual - and some of them are even respected members of religious organisations. Could Donners ever grasp such a perverted idea as that ?

    1. Hi GB,

      Donnelly doesn’t care about the figures it’s all about castigating the outsider, he sets out his stall early on in the piece;

      “Identity politics involves positively discriminating in favour of minority groups and demonising the vast majority of people who are normal.”

      Normal (adjective): conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

      That’s what Donnelly wants - conformity. Agree with me and my politics and my religion and my sexual outlook.


      How these right wing catholics love to hammer every square peg into a round hole. Little room for intellectual freedom at the ACU it would seem.


    2. "Donnelly doesn’t care about the figures..."

      True, DW, but DP had expressed some 'curiousity', if I may call it that, as to where Donners got his 1% figure from, and near as I can see, he got by equating it to the 1% of marriages which are 'single sex', not to the number of people who claim to be homosexual or bisexual or indeed to having at some stage been attracted to "the same sex" - which is what my quote above should have said, not "the other sex".

      Lots of us have been "attracted" to someone of "the same sex" at some point in our lives. Possibly even Donners which would account for his sullen hostility to the 'others'.

    3. That's his mistake right there DW. “Identity politics involves positively discriminating in favour of minority groups and demonising the vast majority of people who are normal.”
      Identity politics is agnostic when it comes to the treatment of people "who are normal" (what a horrible descriptor). Where the fuck does he get the idea that "normal" people are being demonised?

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Just to mark a moment I would like to highlight this;

    It's not just The Guardian, all the news organisations are putting out the very same story and all of them use the very same term that the US will be helping "local Syrian forces".

    Local Syrian Forces?

    The US are trying to pick winners here and it actually might be important to know who " local Syrian Forces" are. This will be vitally important in agreeing an end to hostilities and what the future of the Middle East looks like.

    Who are the "local Syrian forces"?


    1. Assad's forces, obviously!

  3. Donnelly espouses the glories of Western Culture and the Western Canon - and of course Christianity. But with regard to sexuality he has little to say about older men and younger men in Greek society, or about the poetry of Sappho. Sexuality seems to be the unspeakable.

    Then there is this idea of the virgin birth, which is a remarkable kind of godly intervention. The story of Adam and Eve is only partly told and does not properly explain generations after that. Did Adam have a navel? Priests are of the apostolic line, but some show an unhealthy interest in boys. Nuns are "Brides of Christ", a strange metaphor which seems rather incongruous.

    Some people of faith seem to have an deep interest in sexual sins, and actually study pornography in order to recognise the work of the Devil. Donnelly here seems obsessed and closely familiar with certain psycho-sexual interpretations of classic stories. With regard to Safe Schools he seems to be more interested in the LGBTIQ aspects of bullying than he is about preventing bullying itself.

    And as you show, pond, Donnelly seems a little short on knowledge of details in Shakespeare such as Juliet's age when she is supposed to be married. As well, we might ask what he thinks of Portia dressing as a man in order to defend Antonio - and Jessica running away dressed as a boy.

    In fact, the Christians in 'The Mercahant of Venice" seem to be rather un-Christian lot, the way they behave.

    And Donnelly, what a narrow, humorless view of the world he has.

    1. It's the lack of humour that gets the pond every time ... paranoia without humour? Now there's a missed opportunity.


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