Thursday, December 22, 2016

And finally a few seasonal tips for the Latinate, gerund aware older reader ...

Talk about lost times. What on earth is a pater and mater?


  1. Now I want the Molesworth series for Xmas, to be devoured in one great big nosh-up!

    Thanks for another year of writing my No.1 must-read blog; it's the lifebuoy on a rope that stops me from going out with the riptide of insanity that is laughingly called modernity.

    Wishing you all the best for every day of the year.

  2. My god, I had forgotten about all this. Best Christmas present to be reminded. Including moslesworth 2 saying, in response to the hem hem differently gendered hyphenated child's (memory fail - was it fotherington-thomas) claim that there were fairies at the bottom of his garden that "there's a dirty big rubbish heap at the bottom of mine" and zoom off after skool dog. Tickled my long ago childish fancy. Happy times.

  3. I've got 'the compleet molesworth' on kindle it is a reel treet


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