Friday, November 25, 2016

In which the pond confuses Dow Jones with Kate O'Keeffe, and somehow there's an elephant, the Donald and the Mittster in the room ...

This is a tale of the pond being led astray ...

It started simply enough, as stories in the naked city do, with the pond being piqued by a story in the lizard Oz, heralded by that splash above ...

It was idle curiosity - after all, anything Trumpian is a bit like a wrestling match - and it seems it's all we ever talk about ...

Actually the pond voted for it's your metaphor, you feed it, but it's true it's all we ever talk about, and besides, if you look at the byline on the Oz story,  it must be a burden to carry the name Dow Jones and listen to all the feeble financial jokes, and there are, incidentally, more cartoon contests at the New Yorker here... 

Never mind, the lizard Oz story - continuing with this shaggy elephant affair - carried the gold brick paywall sign, so in another idle flourish, the pond headed off to see if it showed up in google, and came up with this ...

Now the WSJ story was just another of those bits of distraction that we've come to expect, this time featuring the Mittster ...

Nothing much to see there. 

The pond doesn't much mind if the Mittster shows he's just another deplorable politician, and completely contradicts himself by signing up to working with his Sauron overlord ... dressing it up as the usual crap about a duty to serve, even if it's in service of the buffoon Sauron.

Anyhow, the pond finished the story, and sure enough it signed off with Mitt enrolling, like the sucker he is, in Trump University ...

Now having trudged all the way through, that tag at the end seemed to refer to a certain Kate O'Keefe, and no matter how you stretched it,  KK wasn't the same as Dow Jones, butt of much financial humour and author of the Oz story.

So the pond decided to exhume that one by DJ (not the store) and have a read:

The pond began to shift uneasily in its chair. 

There were certain similarities of wording, and only this week Media Watch had carried the reptiles moaning and groaning about the Daily Mail ...

Indeed, and the Snail is indeed a loathsome beast, a grub, scum of the earth, bottom crawling, thieving, trolling click bait machine of the lowest kind. The pond never reads it, never links to it, and spits on its grave ...

And to be fair, the Dow Jones of Oz had actually done some field research and clicked on Conway's twitter feed, though you too can be an intrepid investigative reporter up there with Woodward and Bernstein by clicking here ... just like DJ (not the store):

Sterling investigative journalism of the first water, Dow Jones and a reminder that you weren't just some lackey ripping off the WSJ, which after all is a kissing cousin right wing loon rag which routinely shares opinion pieces and news stories with its down under right wing loon rag good buddie ... so what on earth would be the point of taking one of their stories and re-branding it with a new name and a little easy to dig up extra twitter gibber content?

But then things started to nag at the pond again ... 

Take a squiz at this, with the reptile logo attached, to confirm country of manufacture ....

There it is, proudly signed by Dow Jones, and now let's do a flashback to where the pond started, with that KK piece (one more and she'd be KKK) at the WSJ (and anyone who starts singing the Hair acronym song will be shot on sight):

Eerie, or what? 

Now it's not the pond's business to solve the mystery. As with the burning bush, transubstantiation, cannibalism, and the elephant in the room, the pond is always pleased by the mystery of the thing ...

But KK, please, next time you get picked up by the reptiles of Oz, could the pond boldly suggest that you pick a less comical pseudonym than Dow Jones? And perhaps you should avoid links, because some reptile down under might take this as a hint to do some investigative journalism of the first water ...

Meanwhile, as the RN overlords make ready to send the pond into a new year frenzy - damn it you bunch of wankers, leave the music alone - it seems that Sharri and DD have produced a payout of a cool million ... as you can Graudian here ...

What on earth is going on in this mixed up crazy elephantine media world down under?

And so to a cartoonist, who might do the odd homage, but is always fruitily original, and more original Rowe here, and please don't overlook his calendar ...

Could the pond politely suggest that the fruit basket be sent to Armidale?

Seeing as how that's where all the boondoggles and pork barrels are heading ...


  1. "RN... a new year frenzy - damn it you bunch of wankers, leave the music alone"

    RN eh? About time Mark Scott's mushrooming ABC Religion empire took a hit. For bad radio crazy Trump this:

    Atheist radio show hosts get replaced by round-the-clock Christmas music

    That story linked from here. That in turn is linked today on the Conservapedia front page column "In the News" (what the MSM isn't fully covering).

  2. Oo-er, Anon, what an odd website that 'Examining Atheism' is. Full of all sorts of nasty, violent, pugilistic language.

    No doubt a taste of things to come.

    1. Watch this space fill:

      This space will grow too: (106 references cited. This page began 2007!) (This page started only April this year, and 24 references already)

      Conservapedia - for real believing Conservatives, not for damned Neocons on the one side, and now with some catching up to do with the Alt-Right on another. Conservapedia - because Israel.

      Trump’s daughter Ivanka (a convert to Judaism) is married into a prominent Orthodox Jewish family with strong ties to Israel; the Trump clan is close to elements among the Israeli elite, including the uber-racist Netanyahu. These hysterical slanders against ‘Trump the Anti-Semite’ reflect the fact that the most prominent domestic Jewish power bloc, ‘the 52 Presidents of American Jewish Organization’ had invested heavily in Hillary Clinton. No matter what the cost, no matter what the land grab, no matter how many Palestinians were ‘killed or maimed by Jewish settler-vigilantes’; the State of Israel could always count on Clinton’s unconditional support. The Lobby would not need to ‘petition’ their ‘First Woman’ President; Madame Hillary would have anticipated Israel’s every desire and even embellished their rhetoric.

      In the end, … the Zionist Organization of America reprimanded the ADL for its intemperate slanders – sensing that Clinton could lose.


      Bakker pointed to a map that showed the results of the election by county and said that “if you live in the blue—any spot that’s blue—I would say, ‘Oh God, help me. Oh God forgive me.’ Because those are the ones who came against the will of God in this election.”

      “I just want to tell you, God has spoken to me, I’ve seen under the ground in California, in LA, and God spoke to me that in Los Angeles alone there is going to be such an earthquake come that literally the big buildings will be laying on their sides, all of LA is going to collapse,” he added.

  3. "Secs of State flew around the world less"?? What is it with conservatives, that they think a person in charge of foreign policy, someone whose function is to advise the President about all matters foreign, should aim to not spend time travelling to other places, but stay home and cozy up to the man in charge??

    Makes sense I suppose if you are xenophobic to start with.

  4. Listen To Steve Bannon Defending The Racist Alt-Right One Week Before Joining Trump Campaign

    Bannon then pointed to a Twitter post from former Obama strategist David Plouffe about the need to “destroy” Trump and his movement. “A big part of this movement,” Bannon said, “the philosophy underneath this populist, nationalist [movement] is this Alt-Right.”

    White Nationalist Leader ‘Disappointed’ After Trump Brushes Off Their Movement

    White nationalist leader Richard Spencer said he was “disappointed” in Donald Trump‘s decision to put some space between his platform and their movement... Spencer said that he was “disappointed” by Trump’s disavowal, but remained cautiously optimistic that the president-elect would come around.


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